Sunday, September 10, 2006


Oh, all the things that make Muslims angry. What are we to do about it. We know they hate Piglet. Well, we could ban Winnie the Pooh. They hate the British flag. What are you gonna do, ban the flag?

Muslims hate dogs too. So, what are we gonna do, ban Paris Hilton?

They don't like a lot of things that we do like here in the West. And, sometimes yes the things they don't like are funny and ought to be dealth with with ridicule and/or gentle humor. But, sometimes the things that get Muslims mad are truly frightening. As is the case in this example, where a moderate Muslim Member of Parliament in Denmark says we ought never condemn Sharia law:

Centre Democrat Ben Haddou, a member of Copenhagen’s City Council, has stated: “It’s impossible to condemn sharia. And any secular Muslim who claims he can is lying. Sharia also encompasses lifestyle, inheritance law, fasting and bathing. Demanding that Muslims swear off sharia is a form of warfare against them.”

Read that statement again, and read it carefully. Muslims in the West consider it “a form of warfare against them” if they have to live by our secular laws, not their religious laws. Will they then also react in violent ways to this “warfare” if they don’t get their will? Moreover, since sharia laws ultimately require the subjugation of non-Muslims, doesn’t “freedom of religion” for Muslims essentially entail the freedom to make non-Muslims second-rate citizens in their own countries?

How do we dialogue with such people?