Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Slip Slidin' Away

I worry that the compromises we are willing to make indicate a slow slide into what is called dhimmitude. A dhimmi is a person who lives under Islam with a status of protection. The Koran and Hadith proscribe that Christians and Jews can live in Islamic territory if they agree to pay the Jizya tax, which is a tax levied only on non-Muslims. Additionally, they must remain subservient to all Muslims and what they say counts for little in a court of law, should a Muslim happen to bring suit against them.

Now, I know this sounds crazy. Why would I worry about such a thing? Well, because the first step towards dhimmitude is allowing Sharia law to govern certain sectors of society. We have actually begun to see small movement towards this happening. In Canada, they almost passed a bill which would have allowed Sharia courts to govern domestic issues for Muslims. That's a first step. Additionally, there are neighborhoods in Sweden, the Netherlands, France and England, where the police refuse to go. The residents think of the neighborhoods as Dar al-Islam (territory of Islam). In other words, they believe they have colonized those neighborhoods and as far as they are concerned Sharia rules there, and so the police have no business in their neighborhoods.

Even firemen are afraid to go into these neighborhoods. When there is a fire, residents throw rocks and molotov cocktails at the firemen. Therefore, they need police protection. And, of course, the police don't want to go there.

So, the fire burns.

In England, pre-dhimmitude is so bad that a school system has banned public display of Piglet, because Muslims hate pigs. A chain of banks has done the same thing. They will no longer do their usual promotion of giving out piggy banks to children to teach them to save.

In France, one government official actually proposed creating "millets", which is a French word for neighborhoods governed by separate laws. He did this after having met with Muslims community leaders and determining that they ought to be able to govern themselves by Sharia.

I could go on and on, and I will.

In Dearborn , Michigan they publicly blast the call to prayer for Muslims. This was ok'd by the local city council.

This year will be the largest year for immigration of Saudis EVER in the United States.

In Belgium a writer named Paul Belien is being harrased by the police and threatened with charges of inciting violence and propagating racist ideas because he runs a website (Brussels Journal) which is more moderate than this one.

In Australia a Christian pastor was jailed for calling Islam a religion of the sword (which my Pastor has done openly in our church services) and using verses from the Koran to back up his assertion. In court, he attempted to read the verses and they would not allow him to do so.

In Germany, this week, an opera house decided not to run a production of a Mozart opera (which they had done only two years ago) because it featured a scene where a character pulls Mohammed's severed head from a bag. He also pulls the heads of Jesus and the Buddha from the bag, but that did not sway the German dhimmis.

These things I am telling you only scratch the surface. I write of stuff like this everyday. I am like a policeman who sees too much of the bad side of the world. I worry about myself, but I believe that I have been called to do this.

I'll tell you one thing I have learned, and it is going to sound like an extreme thing to say, but, if you disagree with me, I challenge you to research my assertion and you will find it is true.


That is a frightening thing to ponder. If you really think about it, that means we have no partner for dialogue or negotiation. There are moderate people who happen to be Muslims, but if the organizations which represent them are to be believed, there is no such thing as moderate Islam.

And, until a sizable group of moderate Muslims organizes themselves in order to represent their viewpoint, we are fools to believe in a moderate Islam.

I think there are many in our government who already know this, but it wouldn't do much good to articulate it publicly. No use riling up the Muslims even further.

However, at this point, I see it as my job to rile up Muslims as much as possible. Because the more they show us their colors, the more Americans and Europeans will see the truth, and stop living in a PC dreamworld where all people and religions are of equal value.

There, that's my opinion.