Monday, September 18, 2006

The Wooden
In The
Christian Church

From CaribPundit (with thanks to Olivia):

The Palestine Solidarity Movement held a meeting at Georgetown University in D.C. in which they laid out a strategy to achieve Jewish genocide (a one-state solution in which Israel folds into "Palestine" is a prescription for genocide—the acid test: look at any Arab-Muslim country and find out what you can about its Jewish or Christian community).

One of the tactics include using the churches by pretending to be Christian as a way of winning Christians to their cause; another is making the "Palestinian" cause analogous to that of American blacks striving for Civil Rights.

By drawing that deceptive analogy between the American black situation and that of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, what is left unmentioned is that the goal of American blacks was not genocide of whites, but their constitutional right to full equality under and before the law. Yet, no doubt, some, ignorant of history, will float away on a tide of emotion and assent to the Arabs' genocidal objectives.

Worse than this appeal to the darkest period of American history for blacks is the plan to obtain Christian help with genocide. Toward this end, the Muslim Arabs—read the text, it is evident they are not Christian—will strive to seem to be Christian: they will offer rosaries, "holy water," talk about the plight of Arab Christians. What they will never reveal is that the plight of Arab Christians is a result of their support for the viciously oppressive Arab Muslims.

What will remain unmentioned is that all around the globe, Muslims are slaughtering Christians because we are Christian. Now, they come to us with lies so that we can help them slaughter Jews.

The scope and extent of the intended-deception is breath-taking. What I find so extremely offensive about it is the use of the Church by people who, having achieved their genocidal aims, would then destroy the Church.

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