Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fashion Nazis


From Pamela, at Atlas Shrugs:

Behind the seams Spring/summer for Hitler

But if the Voyage designers Rocky Mazzilli and his mother, Louise, are to be believed, the swastika is the new black.

It seems that Harry’s “Gestapo look” [???], otherwise known as the biggest fancy dress disaster since the invention of French maids, may have been the inspiration for their new collection, Year 0. And the reaction from the public was also perfectly in tune with the Prince: the designers were unceremoniously ejected from a Soho nightclub for upsetting revellers with their swastika-print garments this weekend.

“My interpretation of the swastika is of anarchy, rebellion and nonconformism. Isn’t that what London’s clubs believe in, too?” asks Rocky. Source: here.