Friday, October 13, 2006

Hollywood Discovers The "Faith-Based Community"

And while the mainline Christian churches are forgetting about their faith (see the post below), Twentieth Century Fox films seems to be discovering the faithful:

LOS ANGELES - Cecil B. DeMille would be proud. After all, this is the legendary showman who once said, "Give me any two pages of the Bible and I'll give you a picture." This week, 20th Century Fox launched a new "faith-based division," called FoxFaith. It's first film, "One Night with the King," is pure DeMille: Love! Adventure! Palace intrigue! And, by the way, also Holy Writ. The film, opening Friday, is based on a novel about Queen Esther, who saves the Jews of Persia and marries King Xerxes.

This may be just another step in Hollywood's new dance with the "faith-based" community, but given that Fox executives estimate that audience at more than 80 million, the rest of Tinseltown is paying close attention.

Fox's new division, housed under the home entertainment department, is targeting both theatrical and DVD releases at the Christian audience. But it is not a production house, says senior vice president Steve Feldstein and, taking a page from the DeMille bible, neither is FoxFaith in business to teach theology. "We are not here to proselytize, we are making entertainment."

Go read the whole thing.