Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nuclear Bunkers
In Their

In April of 2003, I formed an organization called the Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism (CUANAS). Our purpose, initially, was to inform Pastors of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in our post-9/11 world. The first plan of action was to meet with Pastors and inform them events which depicted the new Jew-hatred.

Our words fell on something akin to deaf ears. Yes, we were told, they could see that there is a problem with anti-Semitism. However, it is tangled up in the politics of the Middle East, and, as Pastors of churches, they did not feel it was their place to speak out on political issues.

Ah, right.

So, three years later, I must say, I hope my words are burning in their brains, because now we have a Hitlerian madman running a nation (Iran) which is about to complete the process of creating its first nuclear weapon, and, at the same time, he is threatening to "wipe Israel off the map."

That would be 5 1/2 million Jews dead. Sounds a bit like the first Holocaust, doesn't it? And yet, the Christian church refuses to speak out on the issue.

If Ahmadinejad accomplishes what he promises to do, the track record of the Christian church will be even worse than it was with regard to the first Holocaust. Congratulations, my fellow Christians. You really are sheep, aren't you?

Meanwhile, the Jews of Israel are taking the words of the Iranian President seriously, as they must. They are building elaborate nuclear bunkers in their backyards (From the London Times):

Israelis put nuclear bunkers in gardensUzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv
AMID mounting fears that Iran is planning to obliterate their country, wealthy Israelis are shelling out on underground nuclear shelters in the gardens of their luxury homes.

Firms specialising in the manufacture of such shelters are booming. Ahim Torati is a company producing parts for atomic shelters. “We supply components for decontaminated air, fortified doors and walls,” said Menahem Torati, its owner. “If in a regular shelter the door should withstand a five-ton blast, the door of an atomic shelter should absorb 250-270 tons.”

Seeking to allay public fears, the government insists that the population has little to fear. “We are aware of all these panicky people building atomic shelters. They’re wasting their money,” said a security source. “Israel will not allow Iran to build an atomic bomb, and even if it did, the Iranians know very well that we’ll bomb them back to the Stone Age before they’ve launched a single missile.”

However, the government is quietly updating its preparations for a possible nuclear strike. Ephraim Sneh, the deputy defence minister, confirmed that a £300m nuclear shelter is being constructed in the Jerusalem hills for the Israeli war cabinet. “This will be a command and control centre that will be able to run the state of Israel during a war, even after a nuclear strike,” he said.