Saturday, October 14, 2006

"It's About Life"

Lots of good stuff at Little Green Footballs today, so I'll just provide some links.

Charles wonders why there has been so much whitewashing of Islam in the American media of late. An example is how the Wall Street Journal did an article on an Islamic charity called Life for Relief and Development. The article laments that the persecution they are suffering as Muslims, but doesn't mention that their offices were just raided by the FBI a couple weeks back.

Newsweek, meanwhile, is whitewashing Islam and mocking President Bush for using the word "Caliphate." It completely eludes me why his use of the word is cause for mockery. The Caliphate was the worldwide Islamic government of the Ummah (people of Allah). There was a Caliphate in existence under the Ottoman empire, and during several other periods in history. Osama Bin Laden has expressed his intent to reestablish the Caliphate and reconquer the land of Andalusia (Spain and Portugal).

So, what is so funny? Who the eff knows, huh?

Finally, here's an excerpt from an interview with Salman Rushdie, wherein he does anything but whitewash Islam. Rushdie tells the truth as he sees it:

“If tomorrow the Israel/Palestine issue was resolved to the total happiness of all parties, it would not diminish the amount of terrorism coming out of al-Qa’ida by one jot. It’s not what they’re after,” he adds, his foot tapping against mine as he leans forward. “Yes, it’s a recruiting tool, rhetorically. Many people see there’s an injustice there, and it helps them to get people into the gang, but it’s not what they want.

What they want is to change the nature of human life on earth into the image of the Taliban. If you want the whole earth to look like Taliban Afghanistan, then you’re on the same side as them. If you don’t want that, you’re not. They do not represent the quest for human justice. That, I think, is one of the great mistakes of the left.”

Within this Talibanist morality, there is room for great slabs of delusion and hypocrisy. In Shalimar the Clown, Rushdie shows sparingly how the jihadi fighters of Afghanistan have sex with adolescent boys, and the next day chop to pieces men they have dubbed “homosexual”.

“One of the great untold stories of al-Qa’ida is that they are all these men who f-ck little boys. They all have these disciples who they’re ostensibly training in the way of the warrior, but they’re also enjoying. For a while, then they go off - and they have their wives and families at home. It’s like Classical Greece.” Does he think Osama bin Laden has done it? “I wouldn’t like to say,” he says tactfully. “He’s an Arab, he’s not an Afghan. But Mullah Omar, he’s another story...”

He senses soft racism in the refusal to see Islamic fundamentalists for what they are. When looking at the Christian fundamentalists of the United States, most people see an autonomous movement of superstitious madmen. But when they look at their Islamic equivalents, they assume they cannot mean what they say.

“One of the things that’s commonly said by Islamists is that it’s acceptable to bomb a disco, because a disco is a place where people are behaving in a disgusting way. Go away and die - that’s all bin Laden wants you to do. It’s not just about Iraq, it’s about ham sandwiches and kissing in public places and sex with girls you’re not married to.” He pauses. “It’s about life.”