Saturday, October 07, 2006

Let's Stop Whining And Win This War

I have been hearing an awful lot of pessimism and outright defeatism from people of late. These opinions are not being expressed by lefties. Lefties don't even acknowledge that we are in a war. No, instead this pessimism and defeatism is being expressed by people who understand what we are up against; a worldwide Jihad being waged by Muslim extremists.

Now, let's be honest, there are only two state actors in this war, Iran and Saudi Arabia. We may quibble and determine there are more, but, I think we can all agree, the state actors are not our concern. We are not worried that Iran is going to invade the United States, or any other Western country for that matter.

We are worried about two possibilities, 1) that Islamic terrorists are going to pull off a large scale terrorist attack (nuclear, chemical, or biological) which will cripple the West, and 2) that the West will be outbred and flooded with Muslims.

So, we are concerned that individuals (not states) are going to successfully destroy the Western world. Think about that. Think about how stupid that is. If individual idiots from the medieval world of Islamonazism have the potential to hurt the Western world badly, then why is it that we don't believe that individual infidels also have the ability to hurt the Muslim world badly?

In fact, when it comes right down to it, why is it that we don't acknowledge the fact that we, as individuals have the ability to completely obliterate the Muslim world?

The reason we don't acknowledge this fact is because we are waiting for our leaders to do it for us. And, thus far, our leaders are not showing the determination needed to actually win this war. But, how stupid is it that we are willing to live or die depending upon what our leaders decide to do for us?

The Western project (that is the history of the Western world) has been dedicated towards greater freedom and greater individuality. We have learned that we the people can determine our own will, our own lives, our own government. We are the boss.

We need to stop thinking about how others are going to take care of our problems for us. Such a mindset is not American, and it is not adult, and it is not individualist, and ultimately, it is not Western.

We need to determine what we will do to win this war, if we are left to do it ourselves.