Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Seething And Gnashing Of Teeth
Islam Confronts The Modern World

Heaven forbid, someone threw a paperback copy of the Koran in a toilet at a college in Manhattan. Of course, that means the whole world comes to a crashing halt, and everyone looks around, breatlessly, wondering if and when Muslims are going to starting rioting and burning things to the ground.

CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations, what relations, by the way?) is hopping mad:

NEW YORK (AP) - A lower Manhattan college is investigating how a paperback copy of the Quran from the campus library ended up in a public toilet, school officials said Tuesday.
The discovery at Pace University was among three separate incidents in the past two weeks involving vandalism with racial or religious overtones. In the other two, racial slurs were scrawled on a student’s car parked at a satellite campus in Westchester County and on a bathroom wall at the downtown campus.

University President David A. Caputo said the incidents did not appear to be related. But he called them “deeply disturbing” and invited faculty and students to discuss them Tuesday afternoon at a meeting.

“One of our university’s greatest strengths is its diversity,” Caputo wrote in a letter describing the incidents. “However, when speech is hurtful towards a class of people or incites violence, we must condemn it and take measures to stop it.” The school’s security force was trying to identify the vandals so they could be disciplined, Caputo said.

Charles, at Little Green Footballs, notes:

The Council on American Islamic Relations, before any facts are known, is already screaming “Islamophobia!” and demanding that the incident be treated as a crime.

Here's the CAIR press release:

(NEW YORK, NY, 10/3/06) - On Tuesday, October 3, the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) will participate in a town hall meeting at Pace University to discuss a recent incident in which a Quran, Islam’s revealed text, was found in the toilet in a campus men’s room. CAIR-NY is calling on the university to treat the incident as a possible hate crime.

WHAT: Town Hall Meeting at Pace University WHEN: Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 3:30 p.m. WHERE: Schimmel Center, Pace University (NYC campus)
CAIR-NY sees this incident as evidence of the growing phenomenon of Islamophobia in the United States and will encourage Pace University to hold more town hall meetings for the student population in order to create a better understanding of Islam.
CONTACT: Afsheen Shamsi, CAIR-NY Communications Director

So, some uncowed Infidel wrote CAIR a letter telling them what he thinks of their "Town Hall Meeting"

This has got to be some kind of satire.

You’re actually organizing a town hall meeting to discuss this incident?

You guys are waaaay too thin-skinned. Only pinheads, dhimmis and your acolytes will attend this meeting voluntarily.

Wait a minute, I take that back. I would attend for the entertainment value alone! The whining and moaning and seething and gnashing of teeth should be well worth the price of admission!!

Someone say “Hey” to Doug for me.

Michael James
South Forty, Texas

An Atlas reader has a point about CAIR's agenda:

I am starting to believe, and you may keep an eye on this, that CAIR is using these events to proselytize, preach, and deliver Islam to the public. They are using these events to become the Jehovah's Witnesses of ‘diversity.’ The may even be creating the events, who knows.

Everytime something happens CAIR is there to condemn, and then say we need to come into and on campus, school, workforce and teach ‘diversity’ and let people be aware of what ‘Islam’ is.

Their ‘diversity’ training has nothing about diversity in it.

This is the PC way of preaching for Islam. I pointed out recently CAIRS Islamic sermon called ‘Educators Guide, Understanding Your Muslim Student’ here. It is a sermon and is being delivered everywhere, after every time CAIR has it's feelings hurt. If someone went through this same ‘Guide’ and substituted the words ‘Jesus’ instead of Mohammed the ACLU would be all over it.

Yeah, and that's a sermon I don't need, and honestly, I don't think we need anymore Muslims in the world than we already have. If you think about it, there isn't an Islamic country in the world that has freedom of religion, or a real idea of freedom of speech. Non-Islamic countries run the gamut from being free and productive to totalitarian and abusive. But, there is no variance when it comes to Islamic countries. They are all abusive.

The Economist discusses the United Nations Human Devolopment Report on the Arab World:

The barrier to better Arab performance is not a lack of resources, concludes the report, but the lamentable shortage of three essentials: freedom, knowledge and womanpower. Not having enough of these amounts to what the authors call the region's three “deficits”. It is these deficits, they argue, that hold the frustrated Arabs back from reaching their potential—and allow the rest of the world both to despise and to fear a deadly combination of wealth and backwardness.

•Freedom. This deficit, in the UNDP's interpretation, explains many of the fundamental things that are wrong with the Arab world: the survival of absolute autocracies; the holding of bogus elections; confusion between the executive and the judiciary (the report points out the close linguistic link between the two in Arabic); constraints on the media and on civil society; and a patriarchal, intolerant, sometimes suffocating social environment.

The area is rich in all the outward trappings of democracy. Elections are held and human-rights conventions are signed. But the great wave of democratisation that has opened up so much of the world over the past 15 years seems to have left the Arabs untouched. Democracy is occasionally offered, but as a concession, not as a right.

Freedom of expression and freedom of association are both sharply limited. The report quotes Freedom House, an American-based monitor of political and civil rights, in recording that no Arab country has genuinely free media, and only three have “partly free”. The rest are not free.

The most delicate issue of all, again carefully skirted by the authors of the report, is the part that Islam plays in delaying and impeding the Arab world's advance towards the ever-receding renaissance that its intellectuals crave. One of the report's signed articles explains Islam's support for justice, peace, tolerance, equilibrium and all good things besides. But most secularists believe that the pervasive Islamisation of society, which in several Arab countries has largely replaced the frightening militancy of the 1980s and early 1990s, has played a significant part in stifling constructive Arab thought.

From their schooldays onwards, Arabs are instructed that they should not defy tradition, that they should respect authority, that truth should be sought in the text and not in experience. Fear of fawda (chaos) and fitna (schism) are deeply engrained in much Arab-Islamic teaching. “The role of thought”, wrote a Syrian intellectual “is to explain and transmit...and not to search and question.”

Why would we want more of such in our world. We need to work to lesson the influence of Islam wherever it is found.