Saturday, October 14, 2006

South Park

The latest South Park mocks 9/11 conspiracy theorists. It is totally hilarious.

You can go here to watch it.

Here's a statement from the conspiracy theorists themselves in reaction to being mocked:

The undeniable, indisputable and ugly political reality of our times is that the US intelligence apparatus simply cannot be completely separated from the networks of its supposed enemies. That is the story, and by itself it is cause for impeachment and treason trials for our top officials. But although this is “known”, and has been known for decades, this potentially explosive information has been managed and de-emphasized by the information brokers in society to the point it’s become “old news”. Its treasonous particulars have never become common knowledge among mainstream folks. This dark truth of complicity is buried in the collective unconscious of the society, just like the repressed material individuals bury because it is too painful to confront.

When questions about the 9/11 attacks get raised, the repressed material returns in the form of pointed questions by certain members of society. And while there can be reasonable disagreement about the extent of complicity, there will always be those who will not be able to even face the possibility (or figure it makes more sense to simply ridicule it for fun and profit).

South Park’s conclusion that “a bunch of pissed-off Muslims” did 9/11 ultimately says very little. The key word is “did”: if Al-Qaeda was responsible, does that mean the US could not also be? Of course not, yet nowhere is this possibility seriously considered by them or by recent critics of 9/11 skepticism.

The creators of South Park, a show I like, are now two-time offenders, as they copped out in “Team America” as well. There too, the US was depicted as a bumbling, ignorant yet well-intentioned behemoth that was ruining the world through sheer incompetence and stupidity. It was Kim Jong-Il who was truly evil, you see.

There's probably a whole 'nother episode in that statement. Can't wait to see what the Hardly Boys have to say about that.