Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Advertisement
For The Obliteration
Of Western Civilization

A relative of mine, who lives in Europe, sent this ad to me, because he thought it was funny.

The message of this ad isn't, "Be a better parent." Instead, it is, "Take the easy way out, don't have children."

Too bad our European brothers and sisters no longer understand the blessings of life.

There is no major Western European country that is producing enough children to replace the current population. Instead, they are replacing their population with Muslim immigrants.

Here are the birthrates per couple in various European countries:

Remember the birthrate for a population that is neither increasing nor declining is 2.1 babies per woman of childbearing age.

Ireland - 1.87
Germany - 1.3
Austria - 1.3
Italy - 1.2
Russia - 1.2
Spain - 1.1.

At a replacement rate of 1.1, Spain is at half the stable population replacement rate. This means Spain's population is halving every generation. The magnitude of the numbers is difficult to comprehend. In 2000, the total population of Europe was 728 million. By 2050 at the present rate of births, it will be less than 600 million, a loss of a staggering 125 million Europeans.

Are children really just a pain in the ass, or are they hope for a future?