Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Has Had

From Punditarian at The Astute Bloggers:

National Public Radio's Sylvia Poggioli is broadcasting a series of reports on "Europe's Tilt to the Right," detailing growing concern about Muslim immigration and un-assimiliated non-Europeans.

The first story described Danish concerns, and profiled a young Danish sculptor living in the libertarian enclave of Christiania who discovered that Muslim violence during the Mo'toons crisis "undermined many of her convictions."The report also highlighted the courageous stance of a Danish legislator, Naser Khader:

One of parliament's most vocal opponents of Islamic radicals is Syrian-born Naser Khader, who says the integration debate is roiling among Muslims themselves.

Khader says many Muslims in Europe want to break their ties with their land of origin and declare their loyalty to their new Western homelands. "But the Islamists don't like this," he says. "They want the mullahs and imams in Muslim countries [to] decide what the Muslims in Europe should do."

Khader insists that Islam and the West are not grappling with a clash of civilizations. "It is clash between ideologies, democracy and not democracy," he says. "Between those who want democracy, modernity, respect for human rights, equality between gender, and the others who want the opposite."

There's more. Go read the rest over at the Astute Bloggers.