Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Piece
For Peace

This is one peace rally in which I will gladly participate:

Global Orgasm against Bush
From the desk of
Elaib Harvey on Sun, 2006-11-19 15:56

At last a way to stop Islamofascism, war, earthquakes and President George W Bush. The Global Orgasm is obviously the way.

The idea seems to be if countless millions are reaching a state of sexual ecstasy simultaneously on Friday 22nd of December then world peace will break out, Bush will indeed discover that Osama is quite a cute fellow after all, and that nasty fellow Ahmedinejad in Tehran will discover that the Isrealis are utter sweethearts.

This is the First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, leading up to the December Solstice of 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning.For pity’s sake they even have a page pretending to prove the science – hosted at Princeton University!!

Global piece?