Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It Ain't Whitey Who's On The Moon

Thanks to Q and O for making me aware of this bit of comedy, er, tragedy.

Listen to this nutbag. He says, "white people" have retina scans and DNA Banks, and that we whiteys have this stuff so that we can monitor black people in order to prevent them from committing genocide against us.

Now, listen all my friends. Come in close around me. I've got to whisper something in our secret whitey code. Okay here goes:

This guy is on to us. That means we're gonna hafta come up with even more advanced and dastardly technology so that we can keep one step ahead of smart blackfolk like this dude.

Damn, how stupid is this guy? The most insulting thing he says is that "white people" have this stuff.

Earth to Kamau Kambon: HUMANITY has these technologies. You know, all people. White people did not invent everything. Jesus Christ. You're insulting your own people, you fool.

Anyway, this all has got me in the mood for some Gil Scott Heron. Check out this old nugget.