Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Little Green Footballs Is The Best

I'm on the road this week, without much time to post, so with my apologies stated up front, I'm just going to rip off Little Green Footballs for today.

There's just too much important stuff over there.

For instance, they have the story of The Associated Press whitewashing Hizbollah's aims. They tell us that Hizbollah is continuing it's efforts for change. What they don't tell you is:

The “change” Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has in mind is the overthrow of Lebanon’s government and the installation of a Khomeini-style radical Islamic state, ruled by shari’a law. But you won’t get that information from the AP, or their Arab writers who file thinly disguised propaganda for terrorists.

Link: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=23344_Hizballah-_Tireless_Advocates_for_Change&only

In the next story, Charles points out that the "uncovered Meat" Imam (you know, the Imam who says that women who are raped ought to be arrested and imprisoned) is reneging on his promise to step down. Oh yes, and he's taking back all of his apologies:

EMBATTLED Muslim cleric Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hialy has vowed he will not resign, complaining he is a victim of media propaganda and exaggeration.

The cleric has been under pressure to step down since he sparked outrage with his comments, in a Ramadan sermon in Sydney in September, likening immodestly dressed women to uncovered meat, and suggesting they invited sexual assault.

Asked on the Nine Network’s Sixty Minutes program tonight whether he had thought about resigning since news of his comments broke, Sheik Hilaly said: “Confronted with this campaign against me, no”.

“I accept the challenge and I’m not going to give in against any power,” he said through an interpreter.

Sheik Hilaly complained that his comments about women had been taken out of context.

“I am outspoken, and I have the courage to say the truth,” he told interviewer Ray Martin.

(Link: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=23338_Another_Islamist_Laughs_at_the_West&only )

The truth, huh? The truth is he lives in pre-Medieval times. He is a modern primitve loony. And, he ought not be allowed to enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization. We should remove all such people from society. The man is an advocate for Sharia law. Sharia is the Islamic Constitution. It is, in fact, the constitution of Saudi Arabia. As such, any person who advocates for Sharia Law in a Western Country is advocating for the overthrow of the existing constitution.

In short, he is guilty of sedition.

Next story, the media is shilling for Cat Steven (who converted to Islam about thirty years back.) His name is not Cat Stevens anymore. Instead, it is Yusuf Islam. But, that doesn't stop the media from calling him Cat Stevens. Nor does the media tell you that Yusuf supports the fatwa on Salman Rushdie, donates money to Hamas, and is apparently very cozy with the “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel-Rahman, currently serving a life sentence for plotting terror attacks in the US.

LGF has audio tape which is very condemning of the disgusting Yusuf.


Finally, in the most illuminating story of them all, we have final confirmation that when the Mainstream American Media lies about Israel, they do it on purpose. Check this out:

You’re not going to believe this one.

All our suspicions about mainstream media slanting and distorting the news from the Middle East are confirmed in a bombshell of a post by Bruno Stevens, at the Lightstalkers pro photographers’ forum: The Lebanon ‘garbage dump’ story: complete explanation. (Hat tip: Snapped Shot.)

His photograph, published by both US News and World Report and Time Magazine, had a caption describing the scene as the wreckage of an Israeli jet shot down by Hizballah. In this post, Stevens reveals that the captions he sent in with his pictures described the scene accurately—but editors at the magazines changed the captions to completely alter the story.

This caption clearly says that there is no proof that an Israeli jet had been shot down and that the objective was indeed to destroy a legitimate military target.

...A week later TIME published this image shot at the same time as the first...

They choose to caption it this way (I had NO control in this matter), they HAD my original caption: “The wreckage of a downed Israeli jet that was targeting Hizballah trucks billows smoke behind a Hizballah gunman in Kfar Chima, near Beirut. Jet fuel set the surrounding area ablaze.”

The anti-Israel bias of mainstream media has never been revealed more nakedly; the editors who selected this photograph deliberately changed the caption to convey an anti-Israel message, throwing the truth right out the window to do it.

And even more damning is the photo they chose not to publish, showing a medium range ground-to-ground missile launcher hidden in a civilian truck—on a Lebanese Army base. Stevens explains:

This is a very important piece of evidence showing probable collusion between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army, there is little doubt that the Lebanese Army was aware of the presence of at least one missile launcher and at least one large missile on their parking lot. The size of the launcher, destroyed a couple of days later from the ground by an unknown party suggest missiles 10 to 14 meters long.

There were 6 to 8 large articulated trucks parked there, making it a very legitimate target for the Israeli Air Force, quite far away from civilian houses.

As I’ve written before, mainstream media is an absolute disgrace—and this time we can’t even blame it on local stringers doing the work of Hizballah. These distortions were perpetrated by Western editors, sitting in comfortable offices, demonizing Israel and covering up evidence of Hizballah war crimes and collusion with the Lebanese Army.

As Brian at Snapped Shot notes, we owe a debt of gratitude to Bruno Stevens for telling the truth about his photos.