Saturday, November 04, 2006

Or, We
Could Spend
A Romantic
Weekend In
The South Of France

I'm gonna outright steal a post from my friend Pamela, at Atlas Shrugs. I don't think she'll mind, because I know that, like me, she only wants to make sure the word gets out on stuff like this:

A reader of mine has family in France. He previously wrote of his worry concerning his niece in Marseille and I posted about it in the comments section on the VIOLENCE IN FRANCE thread here (emphasis mine);

I follow the situation in France with personal interest and I thank you for covering it. I have a niece who lives in Marseille who has been beaten and robbed by "youths" twice, the last time when she was 7 months pregnant with twins. The French media couldn't care less about the daily stories of horror. The "youths" were yelling "Juif" at her and her mother, who they also attacked. All you have to do is "look" Jewish. My family there are of Corsican descent and are Catholic. Of course the gangs have weapons that the law abiding citizens are forbidden to possess.The upshot is my niece can no longer venture out without adult male escort because lone women are targets throughout Marseille. She insists she will never leave. The Marseille French are some damn stubborn m*****f*****s. My blood boils.

Today he wrote me again with this most distrubing email. Most disturbing.

Pamela, this is just another heads-up about what's going on in the south of France. I wrote to you a while back about my niece in Marseille. "Incidental evidence," as some apoligetic schmuck on the comment board termed it, after you posted my letter there. What follows here is the lastest "incident" to my isolated family in that huge city. Go figure the statistical odds that such "incidents" keep happening to one family. Yes, that's sarcasm. My niece had just this day taken off for a short vacation with her two women friends to Venice. They took the train from Marseille to Nice, and were about to leave there for Venice. Kevin is her oldest son (he's 12) ... My niece's English is very French, but I'm sure you'll get it ...

The translation from French was a bit awkward so I tweaked just a bit (grammatical);

This morning I am not well in my heart: Kevin is in a hospital because he beat 2 Arabic hooligans only to defend oneself because these hooligans wanted to steal his personal stereo. But Kevin is very tall and he practices judo so can defend himself very well, his father wasn't with him but in a shop not far but when he left the shop he made a rush to defend his son ( if someone touch his son....... He's a very calm man but he loves loves very much his children.)

Me, I was on the train when I had a call to my house to say that I would be very well to speak with my children..... And my mother have explained it to me.... ( when I set off , I phone for my childrens every days ) when I am arrive in Nice : I have take a taxi for to come back towards my son ( here is the mother that I am ) I was sad to leave my friends but I AM A MOTHER AND IN MY HEART MY CHILDRENS ARE THE MOST ( OR MORE ?) IMPORTANT. My friends have understood very very well because they are mothers too..... I was worried about Kevin ( Laure took me in her arms before that I take the taxi because she would want a smile on my lips but it was impossible for me : only my son was important at this present moment ).

I am arrive in Marseille 3 hours later and I am go immediatly in the hospital to see my son. I had so much harm in my heart. When I saw Kevin: I have seen in his eyes he was happy for me to be near of him. I stayed with him all the night, my mother arrived this morning because I had again my suitcase with me !!!! Now I have take a shower, change of my clothes and I go in the police station for to lodge a complaint against this two hooligan and ARABIC !!! ( a lot of pople have called the Police and I have a lots of witness who have accepted to testify against thes2 Arabics !! If I have a gun at this present moment: my hate: I shoot without jur ( or demand or warning ?) sorry Bill but it's MY SON !! But in France it's interdict : if you have a gun in the street : you can be under arrest and to go in prison !! If you have a authorization for a gun : you must leave it in your house ONLY !!!.

Kevin returned home today and I must be with him. He is my heart Bill !! but all the mothers are the same !!! You understand better now the word "heart" in French ??? Without explanation......

This is what the French are living with. This is anti-civilization. It's tribal It's savage.