Wednesday, November 08, 2006

World's Media
Said Israel Used
"Uranium-Based Munitions"
Oh, What Do You Know?
It Wasn't True

The London Independent and papers around the world published articles indicating that Israel had used some sort of vague uranium-based weapon in the Hizbollah War. I refrained from writing on the subject, not because I believed Israel had done something downright evil, but because I thought that there was an outside chance that they had chosen to use uranium-tipped bunker-busting munitions.

I figured I'd let the truth come out and then write about it.

Wise choice. The UN says it found no evidence of uranium-based munitions in Lebanon.

And yet, the world's media ran with the story, as I said, implying that some vague form of uranium-based weapon had been used. This, of course, left open the possibilty that Israel may have used a nuclear device. Major newspaper, such as the London Independent, did not refrain from publishing such crap about Israel.

Take that into consideration when you read the post directly below this post.