Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Britain Orders Up
Less Christianity
More Islam

I know that when I write a headline like that it will seem like I'm sensationalizing a story, but that headline is true:

A new religious syllabus for schools has caused a fury among church groups and politicians after recommending teachers cut down on education about Christianity while increasing lessons in Islam and Hinduism.

Teachers in Buckinghamshire were directed to spend 40 per cent of religious education on Christianity, while giving Islam and Hinduism equal play at 20 per cent each.

Just ten percent was then to be devoted to other religions - including Judaism - with a final ten per cent on "general concepts".

Christianity is the official religion of the state of Britain. The Queen, or King, swear an oath to protect and defend the Church when they are coronated. But none of that matters much anymore, does it?

God save the queen. We mean it, man.