Friday, December 15, 2006

Do Arab Muslims
Really Care
About The Palestinians?

From The Eurabia Blog:

'Palestinians' leaving Gaza for Eurabia, Cuba

Thousands of 'Palestinians' are fleeing from Gaza to escape the constant strife and poverty there. While many of them say they are heading for Cuba, the Washington Times reports that many of those get off on the way, tear up their travel documents, and seek asylum in Europe, where the rules are quite liberal.

What I find most curious about this article is that there is not even a mention of 'Palestinians' seeking to go to Arab countries (other than to transit through Egypt), which ought to give you some indication of how much their fellow Arabs love the 'Palestinians.'

Driven by fear of civil war and increasingly bleak economic prospects, Palestinians are fleeing their violence-wracked lands in growing numbers, and travel agents report brisk demand for visas to Cuba, one of the few places that welcomes Palestinians.

Many of the emigrants are skilled and educated, who are leaving behind an increasingly impoverished and fundamentalist society.