Monday, December 25, 2006

Great Moments In The History Of Pacifism

The Archbishop of Canterbury seems to have completely lost all ability to make any moral distinctions whatsoever:

“As soon as we try to sort out which we give the advantage to we shall be deciding to some extent who we’re against; and that will undoubtedly create another round of poverty and anger and bitterness...

”Both deserve the best. And the best we can give them in such circumstances is at least the assurance of friendship.

“Go and see, go and listen; let them know, Israelis and Palestinians alike, that they will be heard and not forgotten,” he told the congregation at Canterbury Cathedral in southeast England.

And, not only are we not to make an effort to decide who is in the right on any particular issue, but also, we are not to defend ourselves if we happen to be attacked, because it is "deeply wrong in the human heart."

“Every wall we build to defend ourselves and keep out what may destroy us is also a wall that keeps us in and that will change us in ways we did not choose or want.

“Every human solution to fears and threats generates a new set of fears and threats.”

Williams said whether it was Israel’s controversial security barrier in the West Bank, Britain’s planned renewal of its Trident missile nuclear deterrent system or tactics to protect oneself against harm, defences were destructive.

“Defences do something terrible to us as well as to our real and imagined enemies,” he said.
Williams’s sermon comes after a visit to the West Bank town of Bethlehem — a place of pilgrimage for Christians because of its significance as the birthplace of Jesus — to see at firsthand the lives of ordinary Palestinians.

During the trip, he described the Israeli-built security barrier that surrounds the town as symbolising what was “deeply wrong in the human heart”.

Such ideological pacifism is dangerous. These kinds of Pacifists are radicals who would rather watch the decent die, and organized civilization crumble, than to see anyone offer up even the least in military resistance.

If it is true that all that needs to happen for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, then it is also true that the more ideological Pacifists we have in the world, the more evil will triumph.