Thursday, December 28, 2006

How Do Arab Countries Deal With Muslim Refugees?

(Thanks again to Olivia)

You hear how Israelis deal with the Palestinian "refugees" in Gaza and the West Bank (how can they be refugees, when they have their own government?), now let's take a look at how Arab governments deal with Muslim refugees:

GENEVA: Seventeen people died and 140 would-be migrants were missing at sea Thursday after Yemeni police opened fire on a group of boats attempting to smuggle 515 people from Somalia to Yemen, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)said.

Two of four boats carrying mainly Somalis and Ethiopians capsized in the Gulf of Aden late on Wednesday after Yemeni authorities spotted the vessels approaching the coastline.

Survivors said Yemeni forces opened fired as two boats offloaded passengers. Yemeni officials said the smugglers returned fire.

Now, of course, when the Israeli Defense Force accidentally kills a Palestinian civilian, while attempting to quash the terrorists who rule the streets of the Palestinian territories, the world's media goes into an uproar. But, I guarantee you, you will not hear of this incident in the mainstream media. Nope. You won't hear a word.

It would have been a tree falling in the forest if you didn't read CUANAS.

Why do you think that is?