Sunday, December 24, 2006

Iraqi General
Who Testifies To
Saddam's Possession
Of WMD's
Is A
Born Again Christian

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Thanks to my friend Always On Watch for making me aware of this fact. General Georges Sada who has given us the most detailed account of the workings of Saddam Hussein's inner circle is a man of real faith. Sada has testified repeatedly in the full view of the American public and the media that Hussein packed the WMD's onto trucks and sent them to Syria in the months leading up to the war, and the media has ignored this fact.

God help us in living with the wall of lies which are shielding us from any chance of an encounter with reality in our world. God help us.

Read this review (from Amazon) of the Generals book, and tell me if you think this man is a liar:

Without exaggeration, I must say that this may be the most important book of the year. Why would I make such a strong claim? Read on.... Author Georges Sada was that rare honest Iraqi government insider during Saddam Hussein's reign who was tolerated despite his candor ... in fact, he even gained Saddam's trust, even though he frequently bucked the will of the iron-fisted dictator.

In General Sada's unique position, he was able to observe some of the worst of Saddam's behavior and trickery and confirms in this book not only the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but also the extraordinary lengths that Saddam went to hide these weapons. He blows the cover off of the United Nations officials and their craven and corrupt complicity in Hussein's schemes to hide his own murderous intents while lining their own pockets.

As one reads, one has the sense that General Sada is a loyal Iraqi who loves his nation and his countrymen, who writes out of a sense of grief, anger, and alarm over what Saddam perpetrated. Sada's book is a timely warning against complacency towards the terrorist insurgents who would do all they could to neuter America, enslave the Middle East, and cannibalize Iraq.

For all of those who have naively and ignorantly bleated about the "lack of WMDs" or America's "phony" reasons for going to war, this book is a real shocker ... a much-needed wake-up call ... a painful, but potentially life-saving eye-opener. I hope that Joel Stein, the LA TIMES columnist who confesses to "not supporting our troops" will read a copy of this book immediately.

Again, I cannot adequately convey the sense of urgency I feel about the importance of this book. Read it for yourself and see what I am talking about.

One interesting note: as a Christian, General Sada was in a tiny minority among Saddam's inner circle, surrounded by Iraqi leaders who cynically and callously used Islam as a mask for their own twisted and sadistic ends. Writing as a man of faith, Sada has the unique ability to draw hope and redemption out of difficult and tragic circumstances.

Far from being depressing, this book is ultimately uplifiting and hopeful.

As others have noted, there is growing evidence from many sources to verify General Sada's claims. Of particular note are tapes of more than 3,000 hours of Saddam Hussein meeting with his war cabinet and millions of pages of documents that contain vital information about Saddam's WMD program and plans for transporting the WMDs out of the country in order to dupe the weapons inspectors....

American and world citizens must demand that these tapes and documents be immediately released, translated, and analyzed in their entirety. So many politicians and media "experts" have staked their careers on a lie: "No WMDs existed." It's time for the truth to come out and for the problem to be resolved. The world will not get a second chance. Thanks, General Sada, for having the courage and integrity to write such an important, informative, and ultimately redemptive book.

I am very upset by this revelation. I know it must sound like a weird thing for me to say, but here's why. It really angers me that the media has ignored this guy.

If he were a Muslim man, with a tribal motivation for opposing Saddam, or if he were an atheist, or whatever, then it would make sense to ignore him, but damn it, the guy is, from the testimony of this book, and the people who have read it say, a man of real faith, and the media just ignores that as if it means nothing.

Because, they are, as Ann Coulter says, GODLESS.

They don't understand. They believe that faith is like a little game we play with ourselves. They don't understand that this thing we call faith is a demonstrable thing.

Yesterday, Joel Rosenberg wrote that column about the surge of new born again Christians in the Muslim world. I would bet a large amount of money that I could pick the Christians out of a crowd. I know a Christian when I meet one, because a Christian is a real thing. There is a real element of something (indefinable though it may be). The wind blows and you can't see it, but you know it's there.

But, the media, in lockstep just doesn't acknowledge this.

And, of course, the whole world is balanced on the fact that there are people who fear God present with us, and when it is taken away, as the pre-Millenialists say it will be, the whole world is going to collapse because of it.

Thanks to God that he cleansed us so that the Holy Spirit can live inside of us, and God help the media who can not see the evidence right before their face