Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jews Are Being
Attacked Daily
In Berlin

The demonic wildfire of anti-Semitism is raging across Europe, and nowhere more fiercely than in the cradle of modern Jew-hatred, Germany. From the European Jewish Press:

BERLIN (EJP)--- The head of Berlin's Jewish community has said that attacks on Jews are becoming a daily ritual on the streets of the German capital. “We have been getting reports from school children about them having been at the centre of verbal and physical attacks,” Gideon Joffe told the DDP news agency.

“Almost every day, we have been witnessing that the word ‘Jew’ is being used as a sexual and racist explicative… and that the children are beginning to think of this as something totally normal,” he said.

Joffe was reacting to a physical attack by a group of Arab youths, last Friday, against a 14 year old Jewish girl in Berlin’s mainly Muslim Kreuzberg district.

According to a police report, the girl had often been at the centre of verbal attacks by Arab youths. The taunting began during the Israeli-Lebanon war, this summer. During one of the girl’s walks to school, she and a friend were even chased.

Last Friday, the taunts and the chasing ended in blows to the girl’s head and back.

“This is a new dimension, which anti-Semitism has been taking,” Joffe said.

He stressed, however, that many of the reports of anti-Semitic taunts did not only stem from Muslims. Such attacks have come from across every religious and cultural group,” he said. However, according to police reports, most attacks have been verbal and have come from segments of society made up primarily of migrants, usually Arabs.

Unreported attacks

The Berlin police told EJP that most physical attacks are not reported to them because there are no physical injuries. Thus they have not been able to put together a statistic of conclusive numbers to work with at this time.

“Nevertheless, we should not underestimate the mental scars that can be left behind,” one officer said, adding that he believes even verbal attacks should not go unreported. Joffe is concerned that potential attacks keep Jews from living out their traditions.

“Stars of David, hanging around the necks of kids or the wearing of Kippas (scullcaps) have almost totally disappeared from the Berlin landscape,”