Monday, December 18, 2006

Perhaps Vampire
Is A
Bit Strong ...

But, I really do not like James Baker, and I must admit, I will be happy to see him come apart at the wrinkles (thanks to Deb at Wal-Mart Apologists):

Maariv journalist Ben Caspit reports that he has obtained documentation which shows that the law firm in which former American secretary of state James Baker is senior partner used an Israeli agent to bypass the US sanctions on business dealings with Iraq.

Houston-based Baker Botts, with extensive dealings in the Arab world, earned tens of millions of dollars in fees from a deal it brokered between the Korean Hyundai concern and the Iraqi government at the peak of the sanctions imposed on the government of Saddam Hussein, according to Israeli businessman Nir Gouaz, who has been asked in 1998 by Baker's office to mediate in the deal.

Now Gouaz wants to come clean and spill the beans to show Baker's hypocrisy and conflicts of interest.

"I read all the essays about Baker's vision, about the Baker Report, about the man whom the United States placed at the head of the committee that is to decide on the future of the Middle East, and I decided that there is a limit to chutzpah. The time has come to tell the story," Gouaz told Ma'ariv.

Go read the whole thing.