Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who Murders
More Muslims,
Other Muslims?

ANSWER: Muslims.

Saddam killed many. Now Hamas and Fatah are killing each other in DROVES. And Iraqi Shias and Iraqi Sunnis are committing "mutual genocide" (Tm).

So, er... um.... why don't as**oles like Carter and Baker and Annan demand that these other Muslim-on-Muslim wars end!? If they were REAL humanists, then they would. And they would also demand an end to the Muslim on Hindi violence in Kashmir, and the Muslim on Buddhist violence in Thailand.

But they don't. Because they are not real humanists. They're just anti-Semites, and anti-Americans who'd rather appease jihadists them fight them.

NOTE: The photo is of the bombed-out Golden Mosque. This mosque - the holiest one for Shias - was destroyed by Sunnis, NOT JOOOOZE. So why don't Dhimmi Carter and James Baker and Kofi Annan demand that of these Iraqi Muslim groups stop the violence?! Why don't they volunteer to negotiate a settlement between these two Muslim groups!?

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