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Joe Citizen is a great photographer. He works tirelessly to capture the ineffable in light, color, and shape.

You owe it to yourself to check out his beautiful work every few days.

Yeshua Meshiach
King Of The Jews

From Eyes All Around:

Hebrew letters are more than an alphabet to Jewish people. Each letter carries significant numeric value and also interpretive meaning. The first letter of each of the major words in a phrase was dropped down one space and capitalized, which means those four major letters in the phrase “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” would be dropped down one space and capitalized.

The Hebrew letters that were used in this fashion were YHWH.

This was the reason for the anger of the Jews as they gazed at the superscription above the head of Christ.

"Unlocking the Prophecy Code" by Bryan Cutshall, p118

UPDATED: Reliapundit says this whole thing is bogus. It seems like he's correct:

the yhvh/inri connection in the post is bogus: based on a bad undestaning of hebrew, it would have readYeshua Ha-notzri Moshiach Yisrael.

y-h-m-y. not yhvy.

this theory from the original post is as tru as the davinci code.

IOW: bogus.

The Verdict:

Hamas says they will implement Sharia in Gaza (from the Astute Blogger, with thanks to Islamophobic):

A senior Hamas official told Canada's Globe and Mail on Friday that the new government the group will form will make sharia, or Islamic law, a source of law in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

He said the government will modify the existing Palestinian education system to institute a more Islamic curriculum, and will separate boys and girls.

The Astute Blogger asks what the world will do when Hamas bans Christians from entering Gaza, making pilgrimages to Bethlehem impossible.

Good question, huh? What if they blow up the Church of the Nativity, the way the Taliban blew up the Buddhist temples?

In Our

Yesiree, my knees are a-knockin' and my spurs are a-jinglin'. Iran says they will retaliate with missiles, if we attack them:

TEHERAN - Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief warned the United States and Britain on Saturday that Iran would retaliate with missiles if attacked, state-run television reported....

“The world knows Iran has a ballistic missile power with a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,300 miles),” Safavi said on state-run television. Israel is within that range.

“We have no intention to invade any country. We will take effective defence measures if attacked,” he said.

What will we do?

"If It Became
I Would
Die For
The USA,
And Israel"

The above quote is from Steven Spielberg, spoken in an interview with the German paper, Der Spiegel.

What Spielberg, and many on the Left, don't seem to get is that it has already become necessary for many people to have died for America and Israel, because terrorist organizations, supported by state-sponsors, have declared war on us.

Read the labyrinthine nuance, if you dare.

Good God.

The Beast

Thomas The Wraith, one of the finest writers in the blogosphere, writes of his deep concern that we are losing this war:

Things are bad. Very bad. Hamas. Iran. Suicide threats against Denmark. Riots and assaults in Australia. The inevitability of an attack in Italy. A Syrian puppet of a near-nuclear Persia.

And Europe ... poor sad Europe. If America is the progeny of European culture, then we have reached a point where Europe is our invalid grandparent, bedridden and incapacitated.

I don't know any more than you do. This is a purely emotional post, not based on evidence or logic or anything tangible I can point to or use as a basis for an argument. But I feel that we are due for bad things. We here in the US have had four and a half years without a domestic attack. I'm sure that some of that is due to our security services but let's be honest, we've gotten lucky. The Enemy is patient and thorough. They are working, planning, preparing. We are overdue and unready.

But it isn't the domestic threat that disturbs me. I'm not worried by the situation here or there or in any one particular place. What haunts me is the big picture; the global impression that the Enemy is on the move while we stick our fingers in our ears and lie to ourselves that islam means peace and that it's been hijacked by an extremist fringe; the general sense that Western civilization is brittle; that we will earn our redemption only through unimagined suffering; that we will defeat the Enemy only by losing a part of what we cherish.

I think many of us are probably feeling this way these days. I know that I am.

We are surrounded on all sides; militarily, economically, and ideologically. And yes, we are sticking our fingers in our ears and closing our eyes. But, here's the thing, there are only two ways we can lose this war;

1) through a slow process of gradual dhimmification


2) if the terrorists are able to aquire many, many small nukes AND manage to smuggle them into the America.

I honestly don't think the enemy is wise enough to sit back and slowly dhimmify us. I think that as always happens with evil people, they will get greedy, and they will jump the gun.

So, the question is, can our enemies aquire enough small nukes to completely annihilate America, and cause us to not retaliate with nukes on the entire Middle East?

Because, you can be assured that there is a military plan in place on our part that, if we are attacked in such a way that the result will be the proverbial "Middle-East turned to glass." And, you can be assured that there are many American generals who are willing to do it.

Human nature does not change. Ethnic and cultural nature, being expressions of human nature, do not change very quickly. The appearence of change is due to ideological fads. Underneath our exterior of human rights and Democracy, the West is just as animalistic as it always has been. We are barbaric people. We will tear these peoples skulls from their bodies with our bare hands, if we have to.

So, the question becomes, are we going to allow the beast of depression to eat us from the inside, or, are we going to manifest the beast within us, and eat the hearts out of the chests of our enemies. We certainly have enough to fight for.

Keep up the fight, and don't let the bastards get you down. Because, it is your choice.

Hamas Gets It

Sharon's policy of disengagement is brilliant, in my opinion, because it forces the Palestinians to become a state and take care of themselves. Truth is, up to now, they have not accepted that responsibility. However, it seems that Hamas gets it:

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - The Islamic militant group Hamas was ready to merge armed factions including its military wing to form an army to defend the Palestinian people, a senior Hamas leader said on Saturday.

"We are willing to form an army like every country ... an army to defend our people against aggression," Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal told a news conference in Damascus after the group swept Palestinian parliamentary elections.

I'm sure you thought the title to this post was ironic. Well, in a way, it is. However, I really do mean it at the same time. (How's that for irony?)

Hamas has declared Gaza a Palestinian state.

After all, that's what it is.

Fatah never got that. Fatah kept saying we need this. We need that. And, yes, I am sure the Palestinians need many things, but they need to learn to provide those things for themselves. Just like they will provide themsevles, apparently, with their own army.

Good, build an army. Build some roads. Build some hospitals and schools. Build a friggin' country, damn it.

Hamas is the government of the Palestinian state. It's their responsibility.

Now, what happens when one state declares war on another state, and attacks them with their military? What happens when the military of the state declaring war is hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned by the state it is declaring war against?

The answer is, they lose.

One of the things Hamas will have to learn, either through acceptance of reality, or the hard way, is they can not beat the Israeli army.

And, as Olmert plans to give them more land, it seems to me, Hamas ought to, for now, simply concentrate on building their country.

Let's hope they see it that way.

(Thanks to J, from Justify This, for sending this over to me.)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Take It Back Y'all
Take It Back
Take It Back
Take It Back Y'all
Come on

Yeah, the movement's in motion with mass militant poetry
Now check this out...uggh!
In the right light, study becomes insight
But the system that dissed us
Teaches us to read and right
So called facts are fraud
They want us to allege and pledge
And bow down to their God
Lost the culture, the culture lost
Spun our minds and through time
Ignorance has taken over
Yo, we gotta take the power back!

Europeans are beginning to fight against the radicalized Muslims who are attempting to ruin their culture. Dag has the goods:

Take Back the Culture. That is roughly what we're beginning to see in some parts of Europe recently. From France to Norway, citizens and residents are this winter expressing their discontent with the governments, media, and public intellectuals who pander to and appoligise for Muslim madness in the nations of Europe, pretending that Islam is important, demanding, even threatening that the locals must bend and bow and scrape in order to prove their moral and social enlightenment by appeasing every whim of the Muslim minorities, violence and mayhemn not withstanding. Now there is a line drawn by artists in the proverbial sand, cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims world-wide, cartoons resulting in Mulsim boycotts of Danish goods. Death threats. Riots. The wide-spread reaction one has come to expect from the religion of peace on any and all ocassions. Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, French, Belgian, they've had enough in some cases, and the cases are growing. Include the Austrians. Perhaps even the Australian. Include me, include yourself. Enough is enough. Below we see what the Danes and their fellows in the frozen far north are thinking ...

Last week a couple of Norwegian papers decided to publish the cartoons in support of the Danish paper while in Denmark moderate Muslims, encouraged by the government's refusal to be intimidated by the radicals, have distanced themselves from the imams. The latter announced on Friday that they no longer demand apologies from Jyllands-Posten for the publication. Instead they said they just want two things: a guarantee from the Danish authorities that Muslims can freely practice their religion without being "provoked and discriminated."

Honestly, it doesn't sound like those moderate Muslims get it. They need to get used to be provoked and intimidated. That's part of living in a democracy. Christians are provoked and discriminated against all the time. Here's just one example.

Here's the way it works in a Democracy. People who don't like an idea, will criticize it, because they believe they are helping to effect change. The people who ascribe to the idea criticized can choose to ignore the criticism, or address it with their own criticism, or, in some cases, agreement. We may try to shout each other down, but there is no legal recourse, unless the criticism involves slander.

Criticism is healthy. The Christian church got rid of the practice of paying for forgiveness of sins, because Martin Luther criticized the Church. Everytime any injustice has been righted, the process was begun by someone who dared to criticize the idea which supported the injustice.

So, the message to our moderate Muslim friends is, I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to get used to it. This is the way it works.

Fuck Yeah:
Poll Says

All the Dems horses and all the Dems men(?), just can't seem to bring George Bush toppling down. No matter what they do, the public still understands the war better than the very sophisticated Democrats. And, this is very good news:

WASHINGTON — Despite persistent disillusionment with the war in Iraq, a majority of Americans supports taking military action against Iran if that country continues to produce material that can be used to develop nuclear weapons, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found.

The poll, conducted Sunday through Wednesday, found that 57% of Americans favor military intervention if Iran’s Islamic government pursues a program that could enable it to build nuclear arms.
Support for military action against Tehran has increased over the last year, the poll found ...

I've been getting very depressed lately, thinking our country just didn't have the will needed to do what we need to do. I underestimated the American people, and I am sorry for that.

Before anyone gets angry at me for gratuitous profanity, the title is a reference to a song in the movie Team America. Here are the lyrics:

America, FUCK YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,
America, FUCK YEAH!
Freedom is the only way yeah,

Terrorist your game is through
cause now you have to answer too,

America, FUCK YEAH!
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,
America, FUCK YEAH!

See? Now that I've clarified that, I'm sure no one will be angry.


Hamas Charter

Hamas soldier does Nazi salute

I'm going to join Little Green Footballs in posting the Hamas Charter today. Please keep in mind that the last paragraph here is straight from the Koran; the Holy Book of the Religion of Peace:

"Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious...The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported by more and more squadrons from this vast Arab and Islamic world, until the enemy is vanquished and Allah’s victory is realised...

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement in modern times...

It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine, for under the wing of Islam followers of all religions can coexist in security and safety where their lives, possessions and rights are concerned...

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the links in the chain of the struggle against the Zionist invaders. It goes back to 1939, to the emergence of the martyr Izz al-Din al Kassam and his brethren the fighters, members of Muslim Brotherhood. It goes on to reach out and become one with another chain that includes the struggle of the Palestinians and Muslim Brotherhood in the 1948 war and the Jihad operations of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1968 and after...

The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: ‘The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him...’

I would ask that everybody post this today. Please.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

On The

President Bush: I don't see how you can be a partner in peace if you advocate the destruction of a country as part of your platform. And I know you can't be a partner in peace if your party has an armed wing...I will continue to remind people about what I just said...I've talked to Condi twice this morning. She called President Abbas...

The United States does not support political parties that want to destroy our ally, Israel...

From here.

Let me be clear, my opinion is, we should never stand idly by when one people is calling for the destruction of another people. It is a blight on our souls that we are doing nothing about the situation in the Sudan.

But, at the same time, we need to make sure that none of these Jihadis is allowed to carry out their plans against Israel

Hamas Wins

Hamas soldier

The Palestinians have elected a terrorist organization, whose stated aim is to kill "Jews", to represent them as a government:

GAZA (Reuters) - The Islamic militant Hamas group swept to victory over the long-dominant Fatah party on Thursday in Palestinian parliamentary polls, a political earthquake that could bury any hope for reviving peace talks with Israel soon.

The shock outcome, acknowledged by Fatah ahead of official results, does not automatically unseat President Mahmoud Abbas, a moderate elected last year after Yasser Arafat's death. But he has said he might resign if unable to pursue a peace policy.

Of course, that's Reuters news service lying again. Abbas is not a moderate. He is a Jew-hater, who wrote his doctoral thesis on how the Jews conspired with Hitler to create the Holocaust so that they could engender sympathy for their people.

Does that sound like a "moderate" view?

But, that's beside the point today. The point is, Hamas say, quite openly, that they want to kill Jews, and the Palestinians elected them.

Gee, why would they do that?

And, why doesn't Reuters, or the world's other major media report it?

The photo is from here.

Islam Is
Of Reform

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Father Fessio had said the Pope believed that Islam was, indeed, incapable of reforming itself, and joining the modern world.

In response, I did a post on this subject, where I questioned whether the Pope had said what Father Fessio had indicated he said. My point was that, having read much of the Pope's work, I believe he is a man who knows that all things are possible with God.

It looks like I was probably correct. Father Fessio is backtracking, er, clarifying his statement:

I think it is important for me to give context to and clarify the remarks I made recently in a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, reported in Diana West's column in The Washington Times ("Silence that speaks volumes," Op-Ed, Friday). The most important clarification is that the Holy Father did not say, nor did I, that "Islam is incapable of reform."

Go read the whole thing. Father Fessio's clarification contains several important distinctions.

As does, the following from George Weigel, Pope Benedict official biographer:

“I think that Pope Benedict understands that one root of the problems that one form of Islam is presenting to the world today is theological, and you can’t get around that,” the official biographer of Pope John Paul II and a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, George Weigel, said. “And that has to be faced. If you are going to have real inter-religious dialogue, it has to begin with those differences that make all the difference.”

Wow, what do you know? And, I'm not even Catholic.

Iraq's WMD
To Syria

This information comes directly from the mouth of a Saddam-era General in the Iraqi military.

Atlas has all the info.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran Threatens
To Put
In A
"Terminal Coma"

A photograph which perfectly embodies the insanity of our times.

I hate reading shit like this, and I hate posting on it. I'm sick of everyday, turning on my computer and seeing another manifestion of malevolence emanating from Iran. The times we are living in are very dark, and the only thing that is going to save us is drastic and massive military action by the United States or Israel. Check out the latest:

Iran threatens again: Iran's Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Wednesday that the country and its allies could put Israel "in an eternal coma," like that of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, if Israel attempts to attack the Muslim republic.

"Israel does not have the courage to attack Iran, and if it commits such a big mistake, the defenders of Islamic Iran will put Israel in an eternal coma like Sharon," he said in a television appearance.

Najjar, who branded the United States and Israel as "the great and little Satan, who are using psychological war to intimidate Iran," was responding to recent statements by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who said Israel may attack Iran if diplomatic measures to neutralize its nuclear armaments efforts fail.

Sadly, the other day, I was talking to an a young woman from my church who converted to Christianity from Islam. I asked her what she thought of what was going on in her country, fully expecting to hear her condemn Ahmadinejad. Instead of an outright condemnation, she said he was being stupid for challenging America.

Instead, she saved her condemnation for George Bush who she implied was a fascist and a hypocritical Christian, and America, which she called a "terrorist state."

Am I the only person who is becoming increasingly depressed by all the lies, and the idiocy of the left, coupled with the very real danger out there in the real world?


The State of Bahrain likes having this guy around, so I guess that means they are in favor of cross-dressing:

MANAMA, Bahrain - Michael Jackson visited a mall in Bahrain’s capital Wednesday, covering himself in a black abaya robe traditionally worn by conservative Bahraini women and a veil hiding his face.

The 47-year-old pop star was accompanied by three children, apparently his, whose faces were covered with dark scarves. They wore yellow shirts and sweat pants or khakis, without robes.

Jackson, who seems to be settling in the Persian Gulf, was seen leaving Marina Mall holding a young child by the hand. On the way out through a back door, he shook hands with security guards.

What can one say?

UK Boosting
Levels In

Thanks to Islamophobic for sending this over to me:

The UK is expected to send 3,500 extra troops to Afghanistan in April or May, bringing the total number there to more than 4,000, the BBC has learned.

Defence Secretary John Reid is to address MPs on the matter on Thursday.

The UK takes control of Nato forces in Afghanistan in May, with soldiers due to oversee reconstruction efforts.
There are currently about 850 British troops operating in Afghanistan.

Why would they be doing this? The stated reason is to put down the Taliban in a particularly dangerous reason. That might be, but, could it be that the Brits are, perhaps, planning for Iran?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In Austria
Want All
To Wear

This is a pathetic translation from Google News, but everyone needs to know about this. We already know that some Muslims want to import their abuse of women into Europe, but now they want to subject European women to it, as well as their own. What a frickin' joke:

Three Muslim fathers demanded a head cloth obligation for teachers in an elementary school in Linz. The indignation about it is large: Upper-Austrian national school advice president Fritz Enzenhofer spoke of “insanity” and reported that one had directly acted. FPOe Secretary-General Herbert Kickl demanded in response a “head cloth prohibition” in schools. BZOe speaker Uwe Scheuch called the demands of the Muslims “inakzeptabel”.

The “VS 12” - designated after the social-democratic Schulreformer petrol Gloeckl - is considered as integration elementary school. Three quarters of the 178 children do not have German as native language. A teacher sent a letter to the personalvertretung, in which she weighted about three fanatische Muslim fathers - two Bosnier and a Tschetschene in the name of her colleagues. They would have required that the directress and all teachers wore head cloths.

The children might not be admonished further by their teachers publicly. They refused besides the teachers the “Sie” address, because they did not earn this as women.

In addition their pupils of children should not participate in singing appearances, that are “prostitution”. And no teacher has to ask, why the daughter does not go swimming, has a father required. The teachers should are glad to have so many Islamic children otherwise the school would have to zusperren.

Don't you wish you knew what “inakzeptabel” means. It sounds like some ancient for an evil spirit that lives in a rock, or something.

Are such ideas are consensus in the Muslim community? Think about this, they don't want teachers to publicly admonish their pupils, because it is an insult to them as Muslims. Female teachers don't deserve respectful language, because they are inferior women.

What ought to be done about these men?

The Sun Is

Since we've all been feeling a bit apocalyptic lately, because of the whole Iranian nuke situation, why not go all out. It seem that the sun is going out:

After dropping for about 15 years, the amount of sunlight Earth reflects back into space, called albedo, has increased since 2000, a new study concludes.

That means less energy is reaching the surface. Yet global temperatures have not cooled during the period.
cloud cover seems to be the reason, but there must also be some other change in the clouds that's not yet understood.

"The data also reveal that from 2000 to now the clouds have changed so that the Earth may continue warming, even with declining sunlight," said study leader Philip R. Goode of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. "These large and peculiar variabilities of the clouds, coupled with a resulting increasing albedo, presents a fundamental, unmet challenge for all scientists who wish to understand and predict the Earth's climate."

Earth's albedo is measured by noting how much reflected sunlight in turn bounces off the Moon, something scientists call earthshine. The observations were made at the Big Bear Solar Observatory in California.

The findings will be published Jan. 24 in Eos, a weekly newspaper of the American Geophysical Union.

On any given day, about half of Earth is covered by clouds, which reflect more sunlight than land and water. Clouds keep Earth cool by reflecting sunlight, but they can also serve as blankets to trap warmth.

High thin clouds are better blankets, while low thick clouds make better coolers.

Separately, satellite data recently showed that while the difference between high and low clouds had long been steady at 7-8 percent, in the past five years, for some unknown reason, the difference has jumped to 13 percent. High, warming clouds have increased while low clouds have decreased.

What about global warming?

Earth's albedo appears to have experienced a similar reversal during a period running from the 1960s to the mid-1980s.

Goode's team says there may be a large, unexplained variation in sunlight reaching the Earth that changes over the course of two decades or so, as well as a large effect of clouds re-arranging by altitude.

How do the findings play into arguments about global warming and the apparent contribution by industrial emissions? That's entirely unclear.

"No doubt greenhouse gases are increasing," Goode said in a telephone interview. "No doubt that will cause a warming. The question is, 'Are there other things going on?'"

What is clear is that scientists don't understand clouds very well, as a trio of studies last year also showed.
"Clouds are even more uncertain than we thought," Goode said.

I've seen clouds from both sides now
From up and down,
And still somehow,
It's clouds illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all.

Hope that makes my Canadian readers happy, even though I'm sure this is all America's fault in some way.


Give Up
More Land

Well, Ehud Olmert obviously has balls of steel to make this his first major policy statement as interim Prime Minister. I'm sure he feels he has to carry out Sharon's plans, which means keeping the momentum going towards forcing the Palestinians to accept responsibility for themselves. Check this out:

HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) - Interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel had to give up parts of the occupied West Bank and quickly set a border with the Palestinians in his first policy speech since taking Ariel Sharon's powers.

"In order to ensure the existence of a Jewish national home, we will not be able to continue ruling over the territories in which the majority of the Palestinian population lives," he said on Tuesday.

Olmert's comments were in line with what Sharon had said before he was incapacitated by a stroke on January 4 as he campaigned for re-election on the strength of last year's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Hinting that Israel would act alone to set a border if talks failed, Olmert said he hoped Wednesday's Palestinian election would deliver a government ready to follow a U.S.-backed peace road map.

"The most dramatic and important step we face is shaping the permanent borders of the state of Israel," Olmert said.

"We would prefer an agreement. If our expected partners in the negotiations in the framework of the road map do not uphold their commitments, we will preserve the Israeli interest at all costs," Olmert said.

Palestinians reacted warily to the suggestion of Israel acting alone while Jewish ultranationalists were furious at the prospect of giving up land they see as a biblical birthright.

As the acting leader of the centrist Kadima party that Sharon founded weeks before he collapsed, Olmert is expected to win a March 28 general election, defeating leftist Labor and Sharon's former party, the right-wing Likud.

He also urged the Palestinians to disarm militants under the plan, a process which they have not begun.

Hopes that Israel's Gaza withdrawal would spur progress on the road map have been knocked by violence. Both Israel and the Palestinians are also caught up in electioneering.

My opinion? Israel is doing the right thing. Actually, I see no need to go further than they already have, but, if, as Olmert says, they are doing it for security purposes, then they are right.

If they have to pull out of more territory, then they should. As it is, the Palestinians have their state. I think that Israel should consider any attack by Hamas or Al-Aqsa (which is part of Fatah) to be an attack by one state upon another. As such, they should retaliate with all they have, and destroy the Palestinian regime.

What other state in the world would not do the same, if they were attacked by another nations army?

Put Decline
Birth Rate
At The Top Of

Germany looks like it will be the first country in Europe to start facing this problem. However, as with Germany's problem with Muslim immigration, the hard part is getting over the ghosts of its past in order to find ways to deal with its current challenges :

BERLIN (Reuters) - Are Germans an endangered species?

Stunning as it may seem, a steep decline in the German population since 1972 and fears the trend will gain pace have led demographers to warn of unsettling consequences.

The number of Germans has declined by 3.2 million -- the population of Berlin -- over the last 30 years but demographers' concerns have mostly been ignored until now in a country scarred by the Nazis' nefarious procreation pressures.

German leaders have now lifted the birth rate to the top of the political agenda for the first time since the Nazi era, and the two ruling parties are trying to outdo each other with pro-family measures.

"Germans are at risk of dying out if the trend continues," said Harald Michel, managing director of the Institute for Applied Demography. He fears the German population could shrink from 75 million to 50 million by 2050 and further after that.

"The birth rates have been below the replacement rate for 35 years -- a lethal development," he added. "Germans could become an 'endangered people.' It's hypothetical now but we may have to think about 'the last German' at some point. The problem is compounded each generation. Children not born 30 years ago obviously aren't there to have children now."

Low birth rates plague other nations like Italy, Russia and Japan where the Yomiuri daily said last month that the average number of children a woman bears in her lifetime fell to a record low in 2005.

But demographers say Germany is worse off because the problem has been ignored for so long. In other leading industrial nations like the United States, Britain and France, birth rates are much closer to the replacement rate.

"Why did we show so little interest the last 40 years as we went from a republic rich with children to one with a children shortage?" ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder asked last year.

Now, interest has revived. Chancellor Angela Merkel's government -- formed late last year -- recently agreed to give new mothers generous one-year wage replacement subsidies. Plans to eliminate fees for kindergarten are also being floated.

"It's the first time since 1945 that a German government has come out of the closet about population policy," wrote the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. "Family policy is suddenly chic."

"It's an extremely complex issue," said Walter. "It's a delicate topic and it's going to remain sensitive in Germany where it can't be handled as it might in a normal country."

Although it was 60 years ago, Nazi methods to encourage women to have children to bolster Hitler's future armies weigh on the collective consciousness.

The Nazis gave women a "Mutterkreuz," or "mother's cross of honor," and a certificate signed by Hitler thanking them "in the name of the German people."

A bronze "Mutterkreuz" went to women with four to five children, silver for six to seven and gold for eight or more.

"That history is still playing a role in Germany," said Michel. "Population policy was long a taboo topic."

Michel said he did not believe the sudden talk of greater state support for child care or a host of other state plans to boost the birth rate will change very much.

"We're on a downward trend; it can't be stopped," he said. "We should come to terms with a shrinking German population."

That guy has just the attitude Germany will need ... to kill itself.

I'm sure we can find a lot of strapping young American men who will be willing to go over and show the German men how to fix the problem.

Will Not

Man, every morning we wake up to find that it seems we are moving one step closer to some sort of dramatic confrontation:

US President George W. Bush will not accept a nuclear Iran, John Bolton, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said Monday.

Bolton, speaking from New York via video hook-up to the Interdisciplinary Center's Herzliya Conference, said that Bush was determined to pursue the issue through peaceful and diplomatic means, "but has made clear that a nuclear Iran is not acceptable."

According to Bolton, Bush worries that a nuclear-equipped Iran under its current leadership could well engage in a nuclear holocaust, "and that is just not something he is going to accept."

Bolton said that if the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) referred the Iranian nuclear issue to the UN Security Council in early February, it would still be unlikely for the UN to immediately slap sanctions on Teheran.

"In the first instance I suspect that if it comes to the Security Council in a few weeks we would look for a statement that essentially calls on Iran to comply with the existing IAEA resolutions," Bolton said. "I think that would be a gut check for the Iranians, and if they don't heed that warning we would have to consider what to do next."

Bolton said that referring the issue to the Security Council was a form of pressure on Iran to convince them to make the same strategic decision Libya made in 2004 - that their national interests would be better served, and they would be safer in giving up the purist of nuclear weapons, than in continuing that pursuit.

Monday, January 23, 2006

For Failure

When something is wrong with a business, a winning strategy is to figure out what you are doing wrong, and fix it. A losing strategy is to cut down the size of your business, and start paying your best contributors less money.

So, what is Hollywood doing?

Cutting the number of movies they will make over the next year.

Paying their stars less.

Heh. Idiots.

Why don't they just start making more movies like The Incredibles, The End of The Spear, Chronicles of Narnia, and The Passion of The Christ?

The formula is pretty simple. But, Hollywood hates America more than they love money.

That's admirable, in a sick and twisted way.

To Israel,
Is A
The World

John Bolton is a morally clearthinking man:

An IAEA crisis meeting has been called for Feb. 2, but director Elbaradai wants it postponed by a month for his report.

In a recorded speech to the Herzliya conference, American UN ambassador John Bolton said Monday the threat to wipe Israel off the map is a threat against the world.

And, once again, we see that Mohammed El-Baradei is doint exactly what the Iranians would want him to do, by rallying to postpone the meeting. Is El-Baradei working for the Iranians? We can't know for sure, but it sure does seem that way.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Halts All
With Iran
And Syria

Thanks to Islamophobic for sending this over to me:

Swiss banking giant UBS AG said Sunday it has stopped doing business with Iran because of the company's economic and risk analysis of the situation in the country.

UBS will no longer deal with individuals, companies or state institutions such as Iran's central bank, company spokesman Serge Steiner said. A similar policy is also being implemented in the case of Syria, he said.

All existing business with customers in Iran will be canceled, but Iranians in exile are not affected by the decision, Steiner said, confirming an article in Swiss weekly SonntagsZeitung.

"It is a carefully prepared measure that has been under consideration since last fall," Steiner said. Iran is under increasing international pressure over its nuclear program and mindful of the freezing of its U.S. assets after the 1979 seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran.

The nation has an estimated $50 billion in European banks and Iran's Central Bank governor said over the weekend that it will move its reserves quickly if it deems it necessary to do so. Steiner declined to specify the volume of business affected by the bank's decision.

Switzerland has not exactly been on the side of good over the years. Too often, there "neutrality" has merely been a marketing niche, which puts them in the right place at the right time to profit off of evil.

Pamela is also suspicious.

Iran Gives
$100 Million

Hizbollah troops rallying. For what? Any guesses?

The other day, Ahmadinejad visited leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad in Syria. Now, we know a little bit about what he was doing. According to Pamela, at Atlas Shrugs, he was making some sort of down-payment. Over a $100 million dollars worth.

Iran To Test
First Nuke
By March?

The Foundation for Democracy says so (Hat tip to Always on Watch for sending this over to me.):

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- Tehran is planning a nuclear weapons test before the Iranian New Year on March 20, 2006 says a group opposed to the regime in Tehran.
The Foundation for Democracy citing sources in the U.S and Iran offered no further information.
The FDI quotes sources in Iran that the high command of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force have issued new orders to Shahab-3 missile units, ordering them to move mobile missile launchers every 24 hours in view of a potential pre-emptive strike by the U.S. or Israel. The order was issued Tuesday, Jan. 16.

The group says the launchers move only at night, and have been instructed to change their positions "in a radius of 30 to 35 kilometers." Prior to the new orders the Shahab-3 units changed position on a weekly basis. Advance Shahab-3 units have been positioned in Kermanshah and Hamadan province, within striking distance of Israel. Reserve mobile launchers have been moved to Esfahan and Fars province.