Saturday, February 18, 2006

Proof Positive That
We Are Winning
The War For Iraq

Good news out of Iraq today, the Senior Advisor in the Iraqi Defense Ministry says Iraq wants to join NATO (Thanks to Christine):

The senior advisor in the Iraqi defense ministry Mohammed al-Askari told the press today that the ministry is looking forward to seeing Iraq become a member of the NATO and that the minister Sa'doun al-Dulaimi, the chief of staff and the higher commanders are planning to propose this plan to the new government once it's seated.

Al-Askari told al-Hurra TV tonight that the chief commanders in the ministry had been discussing this subject with great interest for a long time and that:

If al-Dulaimi gets a second term he will be working hard to convince the parliament about the necessity of joining the NATO as this falls in Iraq's strategic interests….

the recent changes in the Middle East region and Iran's intentions to pursue nuclear weapons is encouraging us to move in this direction.

And added:

We have got to think of a suitable deterring capability to protect Iraq from aggressions and we think being part of the NATO will provide Iraq with the best protection it can get because the NATO represents the base for peace and security in the world.

When asked about a statement given by the minister some time ago about Iraq's plans to equip the new army with Russian weaponry al-Askari responded:

We had no choice but to depend on Russian weapons for the time being because our army personnel are familiar with those weapons and cannot switch to western and American weapons overnight. We have suffered from the disadvantages of Russian weapons and that's why we have plans to switch to American weapons on the mid and long term.

Thank God we still have leaders in Iraq who have a logical vision for the future and a rational understanding for the changes in our world.

What a difference between someone who wants to stand by Iran and someone who dreams of joining the NATO!

I hope we can get more of the latter and get rid of the former…

Yes, we pray that that will be so.

By the way, if you want to criticize the title of this post, note that I said "winning", not "won."


Iran Aiding
With Nuclear Program

Ahmadinejad and Chavez, best friends forever:

... another of the regime-run news agencies reported that the director of the Islamic Parliaments Assembly has announced that the Islamic regime is assisting Venezuela with its allegedly peaceful nuclear technology. On his recent trip to Venezuela, Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel announced this news and added that neither country has had the opportunity to discuss the extent and form the cooperation will take.

Hugo Chavez, the anti-American president of Venezuela, in the most recent session of the Board of Governors of the IAEA, vehemently defended the terrorist regime of the Mullahs and their right to acquire the nuclear centrifuges; Chavez also voted against the referral of the Islamic regimes nuclear dossier to the U.N. Security Council which was proposed by the Britain, France and Germany.

Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel on his way from Caracas to Havana told reporters: "We may not have as of yet worked out the specifics of the process with the Venezuelan authorities however both parties are very enthusiastic about this teamwork."

The Venezuelan government which was the worlds 5th top oil exporter in 2005, announced that it is looking forward to acquiring nuclear technology for the ostensible medical advancements and production of energy and as such is receptive to working with the governments of the Islamic regime, Brazil and Argentina.

Thus runs proliferation. What is the solution to this? To keep bombing the nuclear facilities of rogue states every year or so? What a job for America to have to handle all by itself.

And, the reality is, the more we take care of this problem (if we do), the more we will be considered a pariah.

Le Pen's National Front
Forming Alliance
With Islam

Jean-Marie Le Pen

Yes, that's right, the racist and anti-immigrant Le Pen if hooking up with the Jihad. Why? Because, though Islamits pose a very real physical threat to France, he hates Jews more than he hates Muslims:

Most people associate France's Le Pen with anti-immigration, far right politics. Wrong. A frightening piece in Friday's New York Sun.

It looks like a political oxymoron, but Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front is poised to strike an alliance with France’s large immigrant Muslim community. A generation after France’s rightwing party began its surge with a tough anti-immigration campaign tinged with both racism and anti-Semitism, three factors are coming into play that could spell a strategic realignment.

These factors, which are still little grasped outside political circles in France but will have an enormous impact, include:

• The Islamicization of France is largely a fait accompli. It is assumed that 6 to 8 million citizens or residents of France, 10% to 13% out of a global population of 62 million, are Muslim by now. And that the Muslim community, being more prolific, is much younger than the rest of the population: As much as 25% of French citizens or residents under 20 is Muslim, with the number reaching 40% or 50% in the big cities.

The National Front is surprisingly popular among Muslim immigrants or second-generation Muslim citizens. (Pastorius note: Gee, I wonder why that is?) For all its campaigning about immigration, Mr. Le Pen’s party has always extended support to Arab and Islamic causes abroad, from Saddam’s Iraq to Arafat’s or Hamas Palestine, and from Al Qaeda to Iran. And it is as firmly anti-American and anti-Jewish as the Muslim community itself tends to be.

• The attraction of the French far left, which accounts for another 20% of the national vote, toward Islam, rabid anti-Americanism, and even anti-Semitism, a phenomenon underscored by the emergence of Dieudonné, a former liberal music-hall humorist who has turned into an enormously popular French equivalent of Louis Farrakhan. Dieudonné, the son of a black Camerounese father and a white French mother, claims that Jews were the main European slave traders in the 17th and 18th centuries. He refers to civic and educational programs about the Holocaust as “memory pornography.” He has welcomed the electoral victory of Hamas in Palestine. According to the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, he is in moral terms “Le Pen’s son.”

Mr. Le Pen’s inner circle seems to have entertained such a strategy for quite a time. Back in 1999, Samuel Maréchal, one of Mr. Le Pen’s sons-inlaw, stated that France was becoming “a multiethnic and multireligious society,” and that “Islam was now France’s second religion.”

Read it all .

Atlas calls this the "final nail in the coffin." By that, I think she means that the Jews are surrounded, though they probably don't acknowledge the reality yet.

I'm not sure. I think the French recognize that the Islamists are a bigger threat than are the Jews. (But, the fact that we even have to ponder the question tells you how bad things are.) I think the French will elect Sarkozy and blows will be struck against the encroaching Islamicization of France.

However, with the increasing submission of European to the Jihadis who are angry about the Mohammed cartoons, we see that Europe is probably not yet ready to fight.

Here's what I think. I think Europe, and all of the West are just one major terrorist attack (at least 10,000 dead) from turning the Jihad around on the Jihadis. If the Jihadis make the mistake of hitting us hard, they will lose, and the methods that the fight will take will be very sad to watch, but, they will be necessary.

I believe the Jihadis will, indeed, make the mistake of overplaying their hand, thus, it is my prediction that the next few years will see the outbreak of a true worldwide war.

I think it is inevitable.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

"If I Speak
In The Arab World,
I Will Be Shot"

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, hope for the Muslim world comes in the form of people the Jihadis would like to kill:

Khaled Abu Toameh used to work for a Palestine Liberation Organization newspaper. Now he writes for the Jerusalem Post and for Mortimer Zuckerman's U.S. News & World Report, and he's so critical of the PLO that two pro-Israel advocacy groups, StandWithUs and Hasbara Fellowships, recently brought him on a speaking tour to North America.

Nonie Darwish grew up in Gaza City, where her father was the head of Egypt's armed resistance to Israel known as the fedayeen. Now she worries about the "systematic indoctrination into hate in all Arab schools" and is on a speaking tour with a retired Israel Defense Force colonel that is sponsored by another pro-Israel group, the Israel Project.

With Muslims burning down embassies over cartoons and voting to elect Islamic extremists in the West Bank and Gaza, there's a tendency among some in the West to write off pretty much the whole religion or civilization as unfit for self-government.

That'd be a mistake. If the light at the end of the tunnel in the Arab world has seemed hard to find lately, it does exist, as the cases of Mr. Abu Toameh and Ms. Darwish demonstrate. I met with them separately in New York last week.

How did their views change? Ms. Darwish, 57, said she had not met a Jew until she moved to America at age 30. As a child, she was taught, "Don't take candy from any stranger, it could be a Jew trying to poison you."

Then, ten years ago, her brother in Gaza had a stroke. A panic ensued over whether to send him to Cairo Hospital in Egypt or Hadassah Medical Center in Israel. The matter was settled by an Egyptian diplomat in Gaza: "If you want him to live, you send him right now to Hadassah." And so his life was saved.

Ms. Darwish said that while her mother was in Jerusalem taking care of her brother, she noticed that Jews who had been kicked out of Egypt by Nasser, who had confiscated their property, had rebuilt their lives in Israel. "They are not left in refugee camps like we did to the Palestinians," Ms. Darwish said.

Mr. Abu Toameh's views are shaped by what he has seen as a reporter - not so different from what the Palestinian Arabs who voted for Hamas have seen. He sees former Arafat officials like Jibril Rajoub and Mohammed Dahlan - "icons of corruption, warlords" - depicted by some Western Arabists as a "younger generation, reformists."

"The Palestinians don't buy it," Mr. Abu Toameh said. Mr. Dahlan, with no official government position, moves around Gaza in a 12-car convoy with 70 bodyguards. "People look at him and say, 'This is all the CIA money.' I think Mohammed Dahlan is one of the main reasons why people in Gaza voted for Hamas."

Much of what Mr. Abu Toameh and Ms. Darwish have to say is unconventional. "A lot of times we hear, 'Is America going to pressure Israel for peace?'" Ms. Darwish said. "I don't hear the media asking, 'When are the Arabs going to pressure the Palestinians for peace?'"

Mr. Abu Toameh said American policy in advance of the Palestinian elections can be summed up as "If you don't vote for the same thieves who have been stealing your money for ten years, we are going to punish you."

He said that the linkage between Gaza and the West Bank is more in the minds of Western diplomats and even Israelis than in the culture of the Palestinians. The West Bank feels more Jordanian, Gaza more Egyptian. They are "two separate entities," Mr. Abu Toameh said, reporting that in 1994, when Arafat tried to bring Palestinian policemen from Gaza to Ramallah, the Gazans were kicked out in five days. The dialect is different and intermarriage is extremely rare.

As for the safe passage between the West Bank and Gaza that Secretary of State Rice, among others, has fastened on as an issue for negotiation, residents of the West Bank laugh sarcastically, "Finally, we can visit Gaza! The Jabaliya refugee camp? What am I going to do?" When the safe passage does exist between Gaza and the West Bank, it is used only by VIPs. "I never heard of ordinary people using it," Mr. Abu Toameh said.

Both Ms. Darwish and Mr. Abu Toameh emphasized the limits to free speech and freedom of the press in the Middle East. "If I speak in the Arab world, I will be shot," Ms.Darwish said. Mr. Abu Toameh notes that an independent free press does not exist in the West Bank or Gaza. "They burn it down. They beat you up," he says. "The media there is controlled by the PLO."

Which explains why these sorts of voices are rarely heard in the Arab press. But doesn't explain why they are rarely heard in the American press.

Russia Warns U.S.
Striking Iran

The Godfather hugs Tataglia, while Barzini looks on.

From Breitbart:

Russia's top military chief on Thursday warned the United States against launching a military strike against Iran and a top diplomat voiced hope that close cooperation with China could help resolve the Tehran nuclear crisis.

With tension mounting over Iran's nuclear programs, Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky, the chief of Russia's general staff, warned the United States against attacking Iran.

"A military scenario can't be ruled out," Baluyevsky was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.

He said that while Iran's military potential cannot compare to the United States', "it is hard to predict how the Muslim world will respond to the use of force against Iran."

"This may stir the whole world, and it is crucial to prevent anything like that," Baluyevsky was quoted as saying.

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alekseyev, meanwhile, said that cooperation with China could help push Iran toward accepting Moscow's offer to host Iran's uranium enrichment program.

The Russian proposal has become a centerpiece of international efforts to defuse tensions over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

"We are counting on the continuation of close contacts with our Chinese colleagues and other interested countries," Alekseyev was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. He added, however, that the Iranian nuclear issue recently had become "sharper," and "it is too early to assess the effectiveness of our joint steps to resolve it."

Iran's ambassador to Moscow said Thursday that Tehran hoped Russia would be able to help resolve the international crisis surrounding the Iranian nuclear program.

"Taking into account the good relations between Russia and Iran, I hope that together we can overcome this crisis which has arisen recently," Gholamreza Ansari said at a meeting with Russian lawmakers.

For God's sake, read those parts I highlighted, and ask yourself, doesn't it sound like those lines could have been written by the Onion?

The thing is, we have no idea whether the writer of the above Breitbart article is cognizant of the irony of those quotes. And, of course, as a disinterested and objective journalist, he has no reason to be cognizant of irony, right?

An example:

"..a top diplomat voiced hope that close cooperation with China could help resolve the Tehran nuclear crisis."

might as well be

Hey, you go see my friend Frankie Three-Balls down at the corner. You tell him I sent you. He'll make sure no one knocks over your liquor store again, ok?

Like my friend Atlas Shrugs always says, Iran is the Tataglias. Russia and China are Barzini.

Yeah, you gotta know your Godfather to get it, but suffice it to say, China and Russia are playing us. Iran is their weapon of choice.

Screw this. Get the bombing over with already.

Iranian Fatwa:
Use Of Nukes Acceptable
As Counter-Measure

The leader of the religious conservatives in Iran, and mentor to President Ahmadinejad, has declared the use of nuclear weapons to be acceptable:

“The spiritual leaders of the ultra-conservatives [in Iran] have accepted the use of nuclear weapons as lawful in the eyes of the shari’a. Mohsen Gharavian, a disciple of [Ayatollah] Mesbah Yazdi [who is Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor], has spoken for the first time of using nuclear weapons as a counter-measure. He stated that ‘in terms of the shari’a, it all depends on the goal.’

“The religious leadership of the Islamic Republic [of Iran], which has until now regarded the use of nuclear weapons as opposed to the Shari’a, and has repeated this point again and again, has so far kept silent about this. In spite of the fact that, in the last few weeks, some of the senior [leaders] of the Islamic Republic have tried to reduce the pressure [exerted by] the radical [conservatives], the radicals nevertheless seem to have complete control over the [political] arena.

“[Iranian National Security Council Secretary] Ali Larijani, who is in charge of the nuclear dossier, has spoken to reporters only once since the [IAEA] Board of Governors approved its resolution – and his silence is significant.(2) But yesterday, the IraNews news agency published recent remarks by Mohsen Gharavian regarding the nuclear issue. Gharavian is a lecturer at the religious schools of Qom, and is a disciple of [Ayatollah] Mesbah Yazdi. In his recent remarks, he said for the first time that the use of nuclear weapons may not constitute a problem according to shari’a. He further said that ‘when the entire world is armed with nuclear weapons, it is permissible to use these weapons as a counter-[measure]. According to the shari’a, too, only the goal is important...’”

To what? It doesn't stipulate as a counter-measure to what. So, could it be as a counter-measure to a nuclear strike, or any military strike? Blasphemous cartoons? Looking at them wrong?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Take Anything
You Want From Me,
Any Little Thing"

The European Union gets down on its knees and begs the Islamists not to hurt them:

Maybe if I act like I'm dead, the Muslims will leave me alone.

School textbooks should be reviewed for intolerant depictions of Islam and other faiths by experts overseen by the European Union and Islamic leaders, the European Parliament was told yesterday.

The call for a special committee to examine religious education in schools came from Hans-Gert Pöttering, the German Christian Democrat, who heads the largest group of MEPs. But the proposal was immediately condemned as “appeasement” by Charles Tannock, a British Conservative MEP.

Mr Pöttering, the head of the centre-Right, but largely federalist European People’s Party, said the work of building bridges between Islam and the West had to “begin with young people”.

During a debate intended to show Europe’s unity in the face of the row over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, he said textbooks should be checked to ensure they promoted European values without propagating religious stereotypes or prejudice.

He also suggested that the EU could co-operate with the 56-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference, which has its headquarters in Saudi Arabia, to create a textbook review committee.

“They could help to choose the experts to sit on this committee,” he said.

Charles at Little Green Footballs has a bunch of info on the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Hint: They aren't a very friendly organization.

If You Are Ever
Tempted To Call Israel
An Apartheid State

... just remember that there is at least one Israeli Knesset Member who wants to establish Islamic rule in the Jewish homeland: - Ibrahim Sarsur, head of the United Arab List, which is running for Knesset jointly with Ahmed Tibi's Ta'al party, said today in a press conference that his party believes in Islamic rule over Israel, in the form of a renewed Caliphate.

"We believe in Islam, we believe in the rule of the Caliphate and we do not support a separation between state and religion," Sarsur said. As such, he stated, the UAL-Ta'al list will fight what he called "Israelization and Zionization" through the Israeli Knesset. Sarsur is also a religious leader and a head of the Islamic Association of Israel.

Jews were rioting in the street, burning buildings, raping and pillaging, shouting death to the Arab world ...

Latest Poll:
77% Of Iraqis Are Happy
We Ousted Saddam Hussein

Kurdish victims of Saddam's chemical weapons

Even if prompted by the polltakers to think about all that they have suffered as a result of the war:

In a new Iraqi opinion poll conducted in January for by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland, Iraqis were asked, among other things:

"Thinking about any hardships you might have suffered since the US-Britain invasion, do you personally think that ousting Saddam Hussein was worth it or not?" 77% say it was worth it, while 22% say it was not. Polling results should always be taken with a grain of salt, but it is worth pointing out that just about all the relevant data available from the past four years points in the same direction.

When will this be put to rest? Saddam was a murderous thug. They found mass graves holding hundreds of thousands of people. There is only one reason for mass unmarked graves; if you are trying to bury evidence.

The man ordered the murder and torture of hundreds of thousands of his people.

Why would the Iraqis want him?

Oh yeah, he was relatively nice to the Sunnis, because he is Sunni.

Does that make him a good person?

Well, apparently, the Left has to think about that a little bit more. Maybe they could ask that baby in the picture above whether she is happy that Saddam has been ousted. I wonder what her answer will be?

Second Iraqi General
Says Saddam's WMD's
Are In Syria

The first one was here. Now, here's the second one. Is the dam holding back the truth about to burst?:

A former general and friend of Saddam Hussein who defected but maintains close contact with Iraq claims the regime supported al-Qaida with intelligence, finances and munitions and believes weapons of mass destruction are hidden in Syria.

Ali Ibrahim al-Tikriti, southern regional commander for Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen militia in the late 1980s, spoke with Ryan Mauro of

Known as the "Butcher of Basra," al-Tikriti commanded units that dealt with chemical and biological weapons. He defected shortly before the Gulf War in 1991.

Last month, Saddam Hussein's No. 2 Air Force officer, Georges Sada, told the New York Sun Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were moved to Syria six weeks before the war started. Sada claimed two Iraqi Airways Boeing jets converted to cargo planes moved the weapons in a total of 56 flights. They attracted little attention, he said, because they were thought to be civilian flights providing relief from Iraq to Syria, which had suffered a flood after a dam collapse in 2002.

Discussing Saddam's support of terrorism, al-Tikriti said the dictator's regime sponsored Palestinian groups with logistical and material support.

For a time, support for al-Qaida was limited, the former general said, mainly because al-Qaida's aim was to create an Islamic empire while Saddam wanted a secular Arab nationalist empire.

"They only really came to terms in the mid '90s due to the fact that both knew they shared the same short-term enemy," the general said. "Once they came to terms on this, Saddam provided al-Qaida with intelligence support and whatever money or munitions they could provide."

Al-Tikriti said Saddam "had very long-standing contacts in the black market as well as with Moscow and would provide whatever munitions he could through these contacts."

The secular Baathists and radical Islamists certainly are able to put aside their differences to cooperate against the U.S., he insisted.

"If you look in Iraq today, you are witnessing Arab nationalist terrorist organizations and Islamist terrorist organizations working together to fight the United States."

Al-Tikriti dismissed the commonly heard claim that the U.S. helped bring Saddam to power, calling it "absolutely ludicrous."

The Baathist revolution, he said, was backed by the Soviet Union because of the shared socialist ideology.
"I was there helping with the revolution and worked on two occasions with Soviet KGB officials to help train us, much like the United States did with the Taliban during the Soviet campaign in Afghanistan," he said. "The United States never directly gave us any WMDs but rather ingredients. They were not mixed and these 'ingredients' could have been easily used for commercial use but were rather used to build low life chemical weapons."

Al-Tikriti says he knows Saddam's weapons are in Syria because of contingency plans established as far back as the late 1980s, in the event either Damascus or Baghdad were taken over.

"Not to mention, I have discussed this in-depth with various contacts of mine who have confirmed what I already knew," he said.

Saddam, after lying for so many years, knew the U.S. eventually would come for the weapons, he said, and wanted to maintain legitimacy with pan-Arab nationalists.

Also, he had "wanted since he took power to embarrass the West, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so," al-Tikriti said.

"After Saddam denied he had such weapons, why would he use them or leave them readily available to be found?" he said. "That would only legitimize President Bush, who he has a personal grudge against."

What we are witnessing now, he said, "is many who opposed the war to begin with are rallying around Saddam saying we overthrew a sovereign leader based on a lie about WMD. This is exactly what Saddam wanted and predicted."

Al-Tikriti said he turned against the Baath Party after his wife stood up to him and questioned his brutal tactics.

"This really made me think, because no one has ever even considered to question the tactics of myself or any others and lived to tell about it," he said. "This courageous move made me think deep and hard."

Al-Tikriti said he still maintains good sources inside and outside of Iraq.

"Some of Saddam's key scientists are personal friends of mine, as well as other key leaders in the former Iraqi military," he said. "I have helped draw information since my defecting to the United States government voluntarily and with the permission of these contacts. The only difference between many of them and I, is that I had the opportunity to defect and they didn't."

Do you think this story is true? The previous story sounded true. This guy sounds like he might just be telling us what we want to hear.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Of Birds

A Song
by the
Innocence Mission

We keep our hands above the water
We know that, someday, we will fly away

With all the wonder of birds
With all the wonder of birds

We keep our voices as guarded secrets
Wait for awhile
And we will surely sing

With all the wonder of birds
With all the wonder of birds

We make a sky where we may be
We build a home with windows to fly through
Windows to fly through

We learn to dance with broomstick partners
Grace will be ours
When we will grow our wings

With all the wonders of birds
With all the wonders of birds


Victor Davis Hanson postulates that Bush, frustrated by Europe's attempts to trangulate America by currying favor with the Arab world governments, has turned the tables on them by letting them deal with the Jihadis as well:

... by letting the Europeans take the lead with the Iranian negotiations, and keeping nearly silent about the cartoon hysteria, the United States essentially has told the Europeans, “Here is the sort of restrained sober and judicious global diplomacy that you so welcome.”

Because of slated troop withdrawals from European bases, and a new American weariness with the old anti-Americanism, some Europeans are beginning to recoil at the idea that they might well be on their own—and in a war against fanatical enemies that they have appeased and without rational friends that they have estranged.

In response, we may see less of the anti-American rhetoric and a return to the Cold War slogans of a “strong Atlantic Alliance” and “an essential Nato,” as nuclear jihadists replace the fear of 300 Soviet divisions.

So now Europe is being thrust right into the middle of the so-called war against Islamic fascism. Once threatened, it will either react with a newly acquired Churchillian maturity to protect its civilization, or cave, in hopes that even more Chamberlain-type appeasement will satisfy the Islamists.

It should be a fascinating spring ahead.

Interesting theory. If Bush really strategized that ahead of time, and carried it out, I have to applaud him.

Actually, there seems little other explanation for his willingness to stay out of the Iran negotiations.

Iran Begins The Process
Of Uranium Enrichment

For peaceful purposes?

VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has begun feeding uranium hexafluoride gas into centrifuges at its pilot nuclear fuel enrichment facility at Natanz, an official close to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said on Tuesday.

He said International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors observed Iranian scientists putting UF-6 gas into a "very small number" of centrifuges, machines that turn uranium into fuel for nuclear reactors or, if enriched to high levels, atomic bombs.

Of course, we'll never know for sure, until that blinding light, and the intense heat of the nuclear wind gives us the wakeup call.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies:
Palestinian Good Cop/Bad Cop Strategy Edition

We've always known the Palestinians play Good Cop/Bad Cop. Fatah is the "peaceful" ruling party, while Al-Aqsa is the "military wing." The Palestinian Authority is the moderate party, while Hamas are the extremists.

Well, the mask is off now. Watch, as the Palestinians try to now pass off Hamas (they of the "Kill the Jews" charter) as the peace-seekers, while Fatah and Islamic Jihad are now the extremists. Watch as this becomes the new meme in the media.

But, you would have to be a fool (or an EU official) to believe it:

With Hamas now in power, the long-ruling Fatah party and its "military wing" Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades forced into the opposition, and Israel announcing it will soon withdraw from the West Bank, Palestinian terror leaders tell WorldNetDaily recent events here are leading them to launch what they call a third intifada – or violent confrontation – against Israel consisting of suicide bombings, rocket attacks against Jewish communities and "a few new surprises in our arsenal."

Some terror leaders, particularly from the Al Aqsa Brigades, whose associated Fatah party scored poorly in last month's parliamentary elections, say they are planning massive violence against Israeli civilians mostly to revolt against the new Hamas-controlled Palestinian government.

"The new intifada is only a question of time and this will be the hardest and the most dangerous one. It's just about timing until the order to blow up a new wave of attacks will be given," Abu Nasser, a senior Al Aqsa Brigades leader from the Balata refugee camp in northern Samaria told WorldNetDaily in an interview.

In the last 10 days Israeli forces intercepted 12 potential suicide bombers and have stopped several dozen bombings the past few months, prompting fears of "a new and worrisome wave of terror," said Yuval Diskin, head of Israel's Shin Bet security services.

The Al Aqsa Brigades was formed in 2000 by then-PLO leader Yasser Arafat as a military offshoot of the Fatah party.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas signed a cease fire with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last February, to which the Brigades was party – but the terror group continued carrying out attacks. Al Aqsa's Abu Nasser claims Israel put Hamas in power, and says his group is preparing a new terror onslaught as a result.

"For the last 10 months we respected a cease fire expecting to see changes in the lives of the Palestinian people, but we received from the Israeli side more assassinations ... and above all we received the Hamas victory, which seems to be the result of an Israeli and international conspiracy. They believe that Hamas will give up easier our lands and rights. I think that they are right, but we will not allow this to happen. We will fight and we will blow up the new intifada," Abu Nasser told WND.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal over the weekend said his group might sign a long-term cease fire with Israel, but told reporters he will not ask other Palestinian group to stop attacks.

Abu Nasser told WND the Brigades will not respect any cease fire agreed to by Hamas and will not halt attacks at Hamas' request. "I am sure Hamas will start arresting us, but it will not be that easy [for them]," said Abu Nasser. "We are preparing ourselves for the worst scenario."

You see what I mean? This is the same talk that we've always heard, only now the roles are reversed.

Man, you gotta love your enemies when they tell you the truth. Thanks, idiots.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ahmadinejad Says:
"Don't Make Us
Lose Our Patience"

Is it me, or is Ahmadinejad starting to look and sound more evil all the time. At first when he came to the fore I thought he looked like your average slob. While I was cognizant of the great threat that he was, he also, at the same time, seemed like a small fish in a big pond.

But, something seems to be changing. I don't know how to articulate it. It could be a purely subjective impression. What does everyone else think?

Anyway, today comes another series of threats and outlandish statements, as if he's campaigning for dictator of the world:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: The affront to the honor of the Prophet of Islam it is in fact an affront to the worship of God, and to the seeking of truth and justice, and an affront to all the prophets of God. Obviously, all those who harm the honor of the prophet of Islam...

Crowd: Death to Denmark. Death to Denmark. Death to Denmark. Death to Denmark.

Ahmadinejad: As the representative of the great Iranian people, I call upon all free people of the world – Christians and Jews – to rise together with the Muslims and not to let a handful of shameless Zionists, who have been defeated in Palestine, to harm the sanctity of the prophets.

I call upon them not to let a few weak governments - which owe their rise to power to the support of the Zionists - support them in this ugly manner.

As I have said before, as far as several aggressive European governments are concerned, and as far as the Great Satan [the U.S.] is concerned, it is permissible to harm the honor of the divine prophets, but it is a crime to ask questions about the myth of the Holocaust, and about how the false regime occupying Palestine came into being.

On the basis of this myth, the pillaging Zionist regime has managed, for 60 years, to extort all Western governments and to justify its crimes in the occupied lands – killing women and children, demolishing homes, and turning defenseless people into refugees.

When we protest to the [Europeans], they say: “There is freedom in our country.” They are lying when they claim they have freedom. They are hostages in the hands of the Zionists. The people of Europe and America are the ones that should be paying the heavy price of this hostage-taking.

How come it is allowed to harm the honor of the prophets in your country, but it is forbidden to research the myth of the Holocaust? You are a bunch of tyrants, who are dependent upon the Zionists and who are held hostage by them.

We proposed the following: If you are not lying, allow a group of neutral, honest researchers to come to Europe, and to talk to people, examine documents, and let people know the findings of their research about the Holocaust myth. You have even prevented your own scholars from researching this issue. They are allowed to study anything except for the Holocaust myth. Are these not medieval methods?

You should be grateful that our people has acted nobly towards you so far, and has been patient. We want to remain patient. Don't make us lose our patience. The peoples have awakened. The world of Islam has awakened. Do not make us reconsider our policies.

Little Green Footballs has video.

Islamic "Martyrs"
Are Ready To
"Burn Down"
U.S. Interests


Thanks to Christine for sending me this, from Iran Focus:

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 13 – A senior commander of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) vowed that following the printing of insulting cartoons of Islam’s prophet Muhammad in European dailies, the Islamic Republic’s suicide volunteers abroad were being placed on readiness alert to attack Unites States and Israeli interests.

Mohammad-Reza Jaafari, the commander of Iran’s “Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison” and a Brigadier General in the IRGC, said, “Now that America is after gaining allies against the righteous Islamic Republic and wants to attack our sanctities, members of the martyrdom-seeking garrisons across the world have been put on alert so that if the Islamic Republic of Iran receives the smallest threat, the American and Israeli strategic interests will be burnt down everywhere”.

“The only tool against the enemy that we have with which we can become victorious are martyrdom-seeking operations and, God willing, our possession of faithful, brave, trained and zealous persons will give us the upper hand in the battlefield”, he said.“America and any other power cannot win in the unbalanced war against us”.

“Upon receiving their orders, our martyrdom-seeking forces will be uncontrollable and a guerrilla war may go on in various places for years to come”, Jaafari said.“We tell the American people that tomorrow’s actions are based on the stance and adventurism of their president [George W. Bush]. So it will be a lot less costly for the American people to contain Bush than to wage a war, which will definitely cost them a great deal”.

He added that several military divisions of the “Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison” had already been established in several of Iran’s provinces and others were presently being formed to “confront threats by America and Israel”.

Interesting that these threats don't sound as threatening as other recent threats from Iran. Maybe this guy just didn't have the energy to work up a full apocalypse today. Who knows?

And Burns

Is Ann Coulter having a public breakdown? It would seem so:

There is much buzz this weekend about comments that conservative author/columnist Ann Coulter made at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, a speech which I missed due to a book signing at the same event.

Ann used the term "raghead" when describing what our homeland security policies should be: "I think our motto should be post-9-11, 'raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'"

Get her off the stage. Now. This woman is now using racist language. More than likely, the language she is using represents the way she thinks.

There is no room for racism in a just society. She needs to go.

And The
Nuclear Option

Last year, Congressman Tom Tancredo answered a question put to him on a radio show. The question was, if the United States is attacked by terrorists, with multiple nuclear weapons, in multiple cities, should we retaliate with nuclear weapons against the states suspected of harboring the terrorists.

Congressman Tancredo's response was that we ought to consider nuking Mecca, the holiest site in Islam.

For this statement, he was roundly chastised by, among others, Hugh Hewitt and Captain Ed Morrissey.I've never been able to figure out why, considering nuking Mecca, being that it is just one city, would be a moderate approach compared to the "just war" tactic of turning an equivalent amount of cities to dust.

Eyes All Around wrote to Congressman Tancredo and received this response:

Thank you for your recent letter regarding my comments regarding how best to deter future terrorist attacks. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Without question, my comments have prompted strong reactions from many quarters, but they have also served to start a national dialogue about what options we have to deter al-Qaeda and other would-be Islamic terrorists.

Many critics of my statements have characterized them as “offensive,” and indeed they may have offended some. But in this battle against fundamentalist Islam, I am hardly preoccupied with political correctness, or who may or may not be offended. Indeed, al-Qaeda cares little if the Western world is “offended” by televised images of hostages beheaded in Iraq, subway bombings in London, train attacks in Madrid, or Americans jumping to their death from the Twin Towers as they collapsed.

Few can argue that our current approach to this war has deterred fundamentalists from killing Westerners – nor has it prompted moderate Muslims and leaders of Muslim countries to do what is necessary to crack down on the extremists in their midst who perpetuate these grisly crimes.

People have accused me of creating more terrorism by making these statements. Indeed, we often hear that Western governments bring these attacks on themselves. Just days after the London subway attacks two weeks ago, for example, Tariq Ali, a prominent British Muslim activist, was quick to suggest that London residents “paid the price” for British support in the Iraq campaign. A professor in Lebanon, Dr. George Hajjar, went even further, proclaiming, “I hope that every patriotic and Islamic Arab will participate in this war, and will shift the war not only to America, but to… wherever America may be.” Hajjar went on to say that “there are no innocent people,” and referred to the victims of the attack as “collateral casualties.”

While I realize that some people around the world may be offended by my comments, I do not believe that the U.S. should take any option or target off the table, regardless of the circumstances. It is my hope that my comments may help to dissuade fundamentalist Muslims extremists from planning or carrying out terrorist attacks against the Western world.

The aforementioned statements by the influential Muslim leaders I outlined above are fairly “offensive” statements, to be sure. Unfortunately, however, the kinds of sentiments expressed by Ali and Hajjar are sadly commonplace in the Muslim world, where justification for terrorist attacks like the ones that rocked London, New York and Washington is never in short supply.

Fundamentalist Muslims have advocated the destruction of the West since long before the attacks of Sept. 11, long before the Madrid, London and Bali attacks, long before the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, long before the attack on the USS Cole and the 19093 WTC bombing. In many respects, the decision of the Islamic world to acquiesce to these actions and even provide tacit justification for them is just as damaging to global safety and security as the attacks themselves.

Until Islam can bring itself to stop rationalizing terrorist attacks and start repudiating and purging people like Ali and Hajjar from its ranks who do, this war will continue. And as long as this war goes on, being “offended” should be the least of anyone’s worries.

Tancredo may well be the President of the United States one of these days. But, he's going to need a better photo.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

British Cleric
London Bombers

Thanks to Christine for sending this over to me. From the London Times:

A LEADING imam in the mosque where the July 7 bombers worshipped has hailed their terrorist attack on London as a “good” act in a secretly taped conversation with an undercover reporter.

Hamid Ali, spiritual leader of the mosque in West Yorkshire, said it had forced people to take notice when peaceful meetings and conferences had no impact.

He also praised the bombers as the “children” of Abdullah al-Faisal, a firebrand Muslim cleric, who was convicted of inciting murder and racial hatred in 2003.

Ali revealed that the leader of the London suicide bombers had attended sermons in Yorkshire by al-Faisal and tapes of al-Faisal’s teachings were still circulating within his mosque.

Al-Faisal, who has branded non-Muslims as “cockroaches” ripe for extermination, is serving a seven-year prison sentence but is eligible for early release next week.

Evidence of continuing extremism and terrorist sympathisers in the bombers’ community has been exposed by a six-week investigation by The Sunday Times. It contrasts with the public statements of condemnation by community leaders — including Ali — in the immediate aftermath of the July 7 attacks.

The disclosures come as a Sunday Times-YouGov poll today shows that people are gloomy about the prospects of living in peaceful coexistence with Britain’s Muslim community. Nearly two-thirds, 63%, think that tensions will rise and only 17% are optimistic about the outlook. By 10 to one, 52% to 5%, people say that recent events have made them less tolerant of other religions.

Brits may be gloomy about the prospects of living with Muslims, but what other prospects are there? Especially for a people who won't even arrest an Imam who praises suicide bombers.

Doesn't it seem like we hear stories like this coming out of Britain all the time? This or that Imam stands up on a crowded street and says, "Yes, we hail the martyrs who slayed the infidels. The Infidel no longer live under the pact of protection. All infidels are subject to the laws of Islam. Islam will reign supreme."

And the Brits just stand around say, "Oh, it looks like the Muzzies are getting a tad steamed, doesn't it? Oh well, let them be then. It sure is bitter cold."

Hey Brits, wake the fuck up.

Why is it we never read stories like this out of France?

Because the French are mean. They are very mean to the Jihadis among them. We Americans could learn some lessons from the French.

Throw this idiot out of your country. Even if he is a citizen, he doesn't want to be a citizen of your country. Put him on a boat that sails perpetually around the world if you have to.

It's enough already. Really, all of us have to wake up. Americans too.

If people don't want to live under our Constitution, if they hate freedom and Democracy, if they want to set up Sharia as law in the middle of Dar al-Harb, then they shouldn't be here. Even if they are citizens. They should leave. And, if they continue to agitate for a law system that runs counter to our Bill of Rights, then we ought to arrest them and try them for crimes against America.

What else are we going to do?

These "gloomy" polls are just going to get gloomier and gloomier, if we don't start taking some action. The humane and sane action would be to proceed according to law. It is a crime to agitate for the overthrow of our government. If people would wake up and recognize that Sharia is the opposite of our Bill of Rights, then it would be easy to shut these idiots down and keep them from recruiting a new wave of martyrs.

We need to have the courage of our convictions. We need to decide whether we really believe in our own Constitution. We in the West need to decide whether we really believe in human rights or not.

If we do, then we need to stop all this Jihadi nonesense. If we don't then just hand them the key to Europe and be done with it.