Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sick Is

If anti-Semitism is evidence of a cultural illness, then, Europe is very sick indeed. This is from an interview with former German MP Ilke Schroeder:

In the ensuing months, after published reports revealed that the P.A. was directing E.U. financial aid toward the financing of terrorism, she pushed the E.U. Parliament to open an investigation into the matter. She said the only way she could get fellow legislators interested in the matter was to emphasize the P.A.’s corruption, since not many were particularly concerned about the diversion of the money for violent acts.

Eventually, she said the Parliament did convene a “working group” on the matter — on which she was not included — but that no investigation was launched because it could not be proven that the E.U.’s money went directly from their pocket to paying for suicide bombs, which Schroeder found ridiculous.

“They were asking for something impossible” to prove, she said.

Since Hamas took over the Palestinian government, the E.U. has suspended its $600 million in aid to the Palestinians, but Schroeder is not optimistic that the freeze will continue indefinitely. She believes that the eventual E.U. goal is to “challenge the U.S. position [of pre-eminent power] in the Middle East” and across the globe, and funding the Palestinians is one way to do that. ...

Schroeder estimates that as many as one-third of Europeans might believe that Israel was behind a conspiracy to commit the Sept. 11 attacks. And she says that displaying sympathy for Israel has led to accusations from fellow legislators that she is being “paid by the Mossad.”
For many, their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views fit into their anti-globalization ideology, which states that the “financial sphere” dictates how the world operates and that Jews are influential in that sphere, Schroeder said.

1/3 of Europeans believe Jews were behind the World Trade Center attacks?

I don't know what to say.

Good News
From Iraq:
Talabani Reelected

It looks like Iraq will finally have a fully-formed government:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - After months of political deadlock, Iraq's parliament convened Saturday and filled top leadership posts, starting the process of putting together a new government aimed at pulling the country out of insurgency and sectarian strife.

President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, was elected to a second term, and the post of parliament speaker went to Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, a Sunni Arab. Al-Mashhadani's two deputies were to be Khalid al-Attiyah, a Shiite, and Aref Tayfour, a Kurd.

Talabani then named Shiite politician Jawad al-Maliki prime minister-designate after his Shiite coalition nominated him Friday, breaking a deadlock that held up formation of the new government for months.

Here's what Fox News has to say:

On Friday, the Shiite alliance nominated a tough-talking Shiite politician, Jawad al-Maliki, as prime minister in a move that broke the long impasse over forming a new government.

Sunni Arab and Kurdish politicians signaled they would accept al-Maliki, clearing the way for parliament to elect top leadership positions, including the president.

Well, it appears to be good news, anyway. I just have to wonder what the "tough-talking" label means.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'll Be There
To Help Them

The Minutemen have issued an ultimatum to the President of the United States:

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- If the government doesn't build security fencing along the Mexico border, Minuteman border watch leader Chris Simcox says he and his supporters will.

Read the rest.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Italian Prime Minister
Makes It First Priority
To Talk To Hamas

Hmm, Romano Prodi. What a name. What a man:

GAZA, April 19 (Xinhua) — Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneya Wednesday held phone talks with former leader of the European Union Romano Prodi, who won the Italian parliamentary elections.

A statement issued by Haneya’s office in Gaza said that Haneya expressed to Prodi his gratitude for the Italian position on the newly-installed Palestinian cabinet.

It was Haneya’s first official telephone talks with a European country leader after his Hamas cabinet took office on March 29.

The Hamas-led government is now facing heavy financial and diplomatic pressure from the United States and Western countries since Hamas refuses to recognize Israel, renounce violence and recognize previous peace agreements.

The statement said that Haneya urged his Italian counterpart Mr. Prodi to convince the European countries to respect the democratic choice of the Palestinian people, referring to Hamas’s win in Palestinian parliamentary elections on Jan. 25.

“Prime Minister Haneya expressed to Mr. Prodi that the Palestinian government is keen on calm and settlement in the region and is interested in achieving peace that ends the occupation and brings the Palestinians their rights back,” said the statement.

I wonder if Mr. Prodi has some miraculous peace solution up his sleeve. I wonder if he believes he can surprise the whole world. I wonder if the whole world will buy it.

Peaceful State
Of Palestine
Calls On Muslims
To Murder Jews
Around The World

From Reuters, via LGF:

GAZA, April 17 (Reuters) - Palestinian militants linked to President Mahmoud Abbas’s increasingly fractured Fatah movement threatened on Monday to attack Jews overseas to force Israel to release Palestinian prisoners from its jails.

Two other main Palestinian militant groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, also said they supported violence to free more than 8,000 prisoners held by the Jewish state, but neither explicitly backed attacks on Jews outside Israel.

The call by militants of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades could heighten tension between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which has been crippled financially by the loss of Western aid, and of tax and customs revenues frozen by Israel, after Hamas’s crushing electoral win over Fatah in January. “This is an open call to all our fighters in the homeland to focus on kidnapping Israeli soldiers and civilians inside our occupied land. And if the enemy does not release our prisoners, then Zionists outside Palestine will be an easy target for our fighters,” the group said in a statement.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Beyond all space - beyond all time
Beyond all things - yours and mine
Beyond all land - beyond all sky
Beyond all need for reasons why
I long for You

Passover Lamb
You Are the Great I Am
My bread while we're apart
Is Your Word and Blood and Love on the door of my heart

Beyond all beauty - beyond all truth
Beyond all need for hope or proof
Beyond the stars - beyond the sea
Made of Love you have for me
I long for You

A Question For The ACLU, et al

Sami al-Arian has admitted guilt and will be deported.

David Horowitz has a question:

Terrorist Sami al-Arian has agreed to admit to conspiracy chages that he provided material support to a terrorist organization (he was actually its North American head) and will be deported.

Will the Academic Freedom Committee of the AAUP, Ellen Schrecker, Joan Wallach Scott, the ACLU and and the Nation magazine and other leftists including the Black Studies Department at Duke, who defended al-Arian and collaborated his organized campaigns to attack the Patriot Act and other national security measures, now apologize for aiding and abetting his homicidal war against Jews and his Fifth Column efforts in behalf of radical Islam's war against the United States?

No, they'll probably find a way to sue us for asking the question.

Take That,

Germany is opening its Holocaust records to the public. Do you think this might have anything to do with Ohmydumbjihad's insistence that the Holocaust never happened:

WASHINGTON - Germany agreed Tuesday to help clear the way for the opening of Nazi records on some 17 million Jews and enslaved laborers who were persecuted and slain by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust more than 60 years ago.

At a news conference at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries said her country would work with the United States to assure the opening of the archives held in the German town of Bad Arolsen and allow historians and survivors access to some 30 million to 50 million documents.

Until now, Germany resisted providing access to the archives, citing privacy concerns. "We always put it forward that way in meetings," Zypries said.

But in a meeting Tuesday with Sara Bloomfield, director of the museum, Zypries said Germany had changed its position and would immediately seek revision of an 11-nation accord governing the archives.

She said that should take no more than six months.


For two years I have been saying on this blog that the suicide attacks against Israel are the acts of the government of the Peaceful State of Palestine. When Fatah was in charge, many of the attacks were perpetrated by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which is part of Fatah. And, with Hamas now in charge, it should be even more obvious, expecially since Hamas comes right out and says it supports the attacks.

Well, perhaps, someone in the upper reaches of the Israeli government has been reading CUANAS (yeah right), because finally, FINALLY, theIsraelis are holding the Palestinian government responsible:

JERUSALEM - Israel said Tuesday that it holds the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority responsible for the deadliest suicide bombing in nearly two years and debated whether to target it directly as an "enemy entity" — even though the attack was carried out by a different militant group.

Israel's U.N. ambassador, Dan Gillerman, warned that the Hamas government's verbal support for the bombing, as well as recent statements by Iran and Syria, "are clear declarations of war, and I urge each and every one of you to listen carefully and take them at face value." Gillerman said a new "axis of terror" — Iran, Syria and the Hamas government — was sowing the seeds of the first world war of the 21st century.

Israeli Prime Minister-designate Ehud Olmert convened key Cabinet ministers and security chiefs Tuesday to discuss a response. One proposal was to hold the Hamas government directly responsible and declare it an "enemy entity," according to an Israeli official close to the consultations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the ministers had not yet made their decision.

Such a declaration could pave the way for direct strikes against the Palestinian Authority and its officials. Until now, an economic and political boycott had been Israel's main tools against the Hamas government.

There really should not even be a debate about this. When one nation attacks another nation, it is the responsibility of the government attacked to protect its people.

Israel must strike Hamas. In my opinion, Israel should destroy the Palestinian regime, and beat the Palestinians into submission.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Always Faithful

Song by Tyrone Wells
(Look him up on iTunes)

Wherever the wind blows
Wherever the sun may go
You have been faithful to me

Whenever the rain falls
Whenever the night calls
You have been faithful to me

Always faithful you have been
To Me

When I turn my back to run
These arrogant things I've done
Still you are faithful to me
So, Father I'm letting go
Because even a faithless heart knows
That you will be faithful to me

Always Faithful
To Me

When everything is changing around me
You alone are steadfast

Always Faithful
To Me

Lauds Tel Aviv
Suicide Bombing

Yes, you read it correctly:

An Egyptian state-controlled newspaper praised Monday’s suicide attack in Tel Aviv, which killed nine people and wounded dozens, calling it an act of sacrifice and martyrdom.

Egypt has always taken pains to condemn the violence by both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is exceptional for one of the country’s three biggest newspapers, whose editor is effectively appointed by President Hosni Mubarak, to endorse a Palestinian attack on Israeli civilians.

“It is not required of the Palestinian people that they raise their hands in surrender, accept the daily Israeli attacks and watch waves of settlers occupy their land and build settlements,” wrote Al Gomhuria in an editorial of its Tuesday edition.

“It is not required of the Palestinian people that they clap Israel and its allies while they mobilize the whole world to besiege the heroic [Palestinian] people ... because they have chosen Hamas,” the editorial said, referring to the United States and European Union’s cutting off funds to the Palestinian Authority because its Hamas government refuses to renounce violence.

“For all that, the sacrificial and martyrdom attack occurred in the heart of Tel Aviv, and there will be more later,” the daily warned. In the Islamic faith, a martyr goes to heaven.

This hatred of Jews is almost monolithic in the Arab world. The thing is, if the Palestinians have the legitimate right to send suicide bombers into Israeli restaurants to blow up civilians, then the Israeli army has the legitimate right to shoot missiles into public parks and schools.

But, does Israel ever do that?

No. And, if anyone wants to claim they do, I want to see documentation of their anti-Semitic fantasies.

None will be forthcoming, I'm sure.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies

The latest suicide bomber - "Suffer the little children to come unto Allah."

A suicide bomber killed 9 people in Tel Aviv today, and Hamas says it's a good thing:

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said on Monday that the Tel Aviv attack was part of the Palestinians' right of self-defense.

"Resisting Israeli aggression was rightful as long as it continues," Abu Zuhri said."The occupation seized money of the Palestinian people and urged the world not to assist the Palestinians, so this attack took place before those who agree with this aggressive attitude," he said.

Abu Zuhri was echoed by Wasfi Kabha, minister of Prisoners' Affairs in the Hamas-led cabinet.

Kabha told reporters that the attack came "in the framework of legitimate right for resistance against Israeli violations and crimes."

The Islamic Jihad (Holy War) and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, linked to the Fatah movement, claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing attack. A spokesman for Saraya al-Quds, the Islamic Jihad armed wing, told reporters on telephone that his group is responsible for the bombing attack in Tel Aviv.


Mark Steyn has come up with a fun game for us pissed off and cynical Infidels:

You know what’s great fun to do if you’re on, say, a flight from Chicago to New York and you’re getting a little bored? Why not play being President Ahmadinejad? Stand up and yell in a loud voice, “I’ve got a bomb!” Next thing you know the air marshal will be telling people, “It’s OK, folks. Nothing to worry about. He hasn’t got a bomb.” And then the second marshal would say, “And even if he did have a bomb it’s highly unlikely he’d ever use it.”

And then you threaten to kill the two Jews in row 12 and the stewardess says, “Relax, everyone. That’s just a harmless rhetorical flourish.” And then a group of passengers in rows 4 to 7 point out, “Yes, but it’s entirely reasonable of him to have a bomb given the threatening behavior of the marshals and the cabin crew.”

That’s how it goes with the Iranians. The more they claim they’ve gone nuclear, the more U.S. intelligence experts — oops, where are my quote marks? — the more U.S. intelligence “experts” insist no, no, it won’t be for another 10 years yet. The more they conclusively demonstrate their non-compliance with the IAEA, the more the international community warns sternly that, if it were proved that Iran were in non-compliance, that could have very grave consequences.

But, fortunately, no matter how thoroughly the Iranians non-comply it’s never quite non-compliant enough to rise to the level of grave consequences. You can’t blame Ahmadinejad for thinking “our enemies cannot do a damned thing.”

It’s not the world’s job to prove that the Iranians are bluffing. The braggadocio itself is reason enough to act, and prolonged negotiations with a regime that openly admits it’s negotiating just for the laughs only damages us further.

The perfect summation of the Iranian approach to negotiations came in this gem of a sentence from the New York Times on July 13 last year: “Iran will resume uranium enrichment if the European Union does not recognize its right to do so, two Iranian nuclear negotiators said in an interview published Thursday.”

Got that? If we don’t let Iran go nuclear, they’ll go nuclear. That position might tax even the nuanced detecting skills of John Kerry.