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Song by Tears for Fears

You better love loving and you better behave
You better love loving and you better behave
Woman in chains
Woman in chains

Well I feel lying and waiting is a poor mans deal
And I feel hopelessly weighed down by your eyes of steel

Its a world gone crazy
Keeps woman in chains

Trades her soul as skin and bones
Sells the only thing she owns
Woman in chains
Woman in chains

Its a world gone crazy
Keeps woman in chains
So free her
So free her

The World
In Their Beer

The end of the day is a tough time for journalists these days. What to do? What to do? Best blame others:

NEW YORK - Headline by headline, a trickle of news leaks on Iraq and the antiterror campaign has grown into a steady stream of revelations, and from Pennsylvania Avenue to Downing Street, Copenhagen to Canberra, governments are responding with pressure and prosecutions.

The latest target is The New York Times. But the unfolding story begins as far back as 2003, when British weapons expert David Kelly was "outed" as the source of a story casting doubt on his government's arguments for invading Iraq, and he committed suicide.

And it will roll on this fall, when Danish journalists face trial for reporting their government knew there was no evidence of banned weapons in Iraq.

In London's Central Criminal Court, too, accused leakers will be in the dock this fall, for allegedly disclosing President Bush talked of bombing al-Jazeera, the Arab television station. The British government threatens to prosecute newspapers that write any more about that leaked document.

Media advocates are alarmed at what they see as a mounting assault on press freedom in country after country, arguing it is potentially chilling the pursuit of truth as U.S. and European leaders pursue wars on terror and in Iraq.

"It's grotesque that at a time when political rhetoric is full of notions of democracy and liberty that we should have this fundamental right of journalists to investigate and report on public interest matters called into question," Aidan White, general-secretary of the Belgium-based International Federation of Journalists, told The Associated Press.

Keep blaming others, guys. I'm sure you find some compassionate ears among your friends. Meanwhile, your stock just keeps going down and down and down.

The people are taking over. Blogs are the new reality of the media world. Citizen journalists are democratizing the flow of information. It is the second American revolution, but this time it is spread across the globe.

And Yet More On
The Disgusting
Mainstream Islam

We have often heard it said that Muslims are offended by the decadence and immorality of the West, specifically America. But, the reality is, it is the Islamic world which is decadent and immoral.

Slavery imported to America from Egypt, where it is common:

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - An Egyptian couple living in southern California have pleaded guilty to slavery charges involving a now-16 year old girl they forcibly kept working in their home for two years, according to US attorneys Friday.

Abdelnasser Eid Youssef Ibrahim, 45 and his ex-wife, Amal Ahmed Ewis-abd Motelib, 43, are accused of harboring an illegal alien, obtaining labor by force, and conspiracy.

The girl worked as nanny and housekeeper for a family of seven up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

"She had to work all day long," Assistant US Attorney Robert Keenan said. "They used unlawful forms of coersion such as hitting and slapping, and threats of arrest by the police if she ever went outside on her own."

The girl began working for the couple as a domestic servant in Egypt in 1999, and the couple brought her into the United States in 2000 where her forced servitude continued for two years.
The couple kept the girl in an unfurnished, unventilated, and unlighted garage that building inspectors deemed "deplorable."

In America, she has legal recourse, as the couple is ordered to pay her over $100K in restitution:

The slaveholders, who pleaded guilty Thursday, are expected to be sentenced to three years in prison and required to pay the girl 101,516 dollars in restitution.

But, in the Islamic world this is a common practice:

The case shed light on a common though illegal practice in Egypt in which children from poor families are sent to work for the well-to-do. The servants, known as Khadamah, usually range in age from 9 to 18 and often are forced to sleep in kitchens.

Two of the girl’s older sisters had worked in Ibrahim’s home in Egypt before he moved to Irvine in 2000. Ibrahim caught one of the sisters stealing, prosecutors said. He threatened to have her charged with theft unless the girl’s impoverished parents sent their 10-year-old daughter to work as his family maid in the United States. The girl’s parents signed a document offering her for a “10-year sponsorship” with the family in exchange for about $30 a month, Keenan said.

“It works out well for everyone except the girl. Her parents are happy, the defendants are happy, and she has 10 years of her life flushed away,” Keenan said.

This article says slavery is illegal in Egypt, and yet it is common. Well, it may be illegal, but it is certainly permitted by Islam

Check this out.

And this.

And this.

Islam, as it is practiced, is decadent and immoral.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Free Soldier
Or Your
Prime Minister

In yet another move I applaud, Israel has raised the stakes, assuring Mahmoud Abbas that they will assassinate the Hamas-affiliated Prime Minister if the Palestinians do not free the Israeli soldier they hold:

ISRAEL last night threatened to assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh if Hamas militants did not release a captured Israeli soldier unharmed.

The unprecedented warning was delivered to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a letter as Israel debated a deal offered by Hamas to free Corporal Gilad Shalit.

It came as Israeli military officials readied a second invasion force for a huge offensive into Gaza.
Hamas's Gaza-based political leaders, including Mr Haniyeh, had already gone into hiding.
But last night's direct threat to kill Mr Haniyeh, a democratically elected head of state, sharply raised the stakes.

Can You Get
Any More

We have often heard it said that Muslims are disgusted by the decadence of the West.Don't believe it.

What is more disgusting than the fact that many Pakistani Muslims think it is ok to sell their 13 year old daughters into marriage?

Well, how about the fact that, in Pakistan, families will give their daughters hand in marriage when they are as young as one-year old:

We have covered extensively the Pakistani custom of "vani" marriages, where girls are given away in marriage as a form of "compensation", where a male relative has committed a crime. Vani marriage became illegal at the start of last year, along with honour killings. The case which had provoked the law to be changed occurred in 2004, where a three year old girl was given in marriage to a sixty year old man.

We have covered cases of girls as young as one years old, and marriages of girls who have not even been born. Earlier this month, a case in Sindh province involved two girls aged six and eight, who were given away in vani marriage in exchange for the loss of payment for three buffaloes.

Go read the whole thing at Western Resistance.

The Disgusting
Decadence Of
Mainstream Islam

Indonesia's Vice President praises Islamic prositution:

INDONESIA'S vice-president has said he sees nothing wrong in Arab men paying local women to marry, then divorcing them days or hours later, and suggested the practice - dismissed by critics as legalised prostitution - could boost tourism.

Jusuf Kalla made the off-the-cuff remarks at a travel industry seminar on how to attract more Arab visitors to Indonesia.

Kalla said many Arab tourists travelled to the hill town of Puncak, near Jakarta, to enter into short-term marriage contracts with Indonesian women.[...]

These short-term marriages are called Mu'ta marriages, and they are approved by Islamic law.

This is the mainstream of Indonesian Islam, my friends. The Vice-President said it. He is no marginal voice.

Islam is decadent and immoral.


Hamas and al-Aqsa/Fatah are not terrorists. They are the duly elected government of the Palestinians. Therefore, when they send men out to hunt down and kill Israelis, or shoot off rockets, those men are not terrorists, they are the armed forces of the Peaceful State Of Palestine:

Israel is well within their rights to destroy the Palestinian regime. It seems that they have made the decision to do so, and I am glad:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel destroyed the office of the Palestinian interior minister in a series of airstrikes Friday, increasing the pressure on the Hamas government to release a kidnapped soldier a day after it delayed a broad ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.

Also Friday, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that Israel's offensive in Gaza was part of a premeditated plan to bring down the Hamas-led government.

Israel's air force has struck more than 30 targets in Gaza — including the Palestinian Interior Ministry — in response to the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants on Sunday.

Haniyeh said the military offensive was not only about rescuing the soldier, but also crippling Hamas, which has refused to renounce violence since being swept to power in January parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, Israel's air force struck more than 30 targets in Gaza over 24 hours, hitting roads, bridges and power plants. The army also fired hundreds of artillery shells in the offensive to force Hamas-linked militants to release Cpl. Gilad Shalit, 19. He was captured Sunday when Gaza militants tunneled under the border, attacking an Israeli outpost and killing two other soldiers.

While thousands of troops massed along both sides of the Israel-Gaza border waiting for the go-ahead for an invasion, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said militants had agreed to Shalit's conditional release, but that Israel had not accepted the terms. Mubarak did not specify the terms.

Israeli officials said they did not know of such an offer. But a senior government official, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the secrecy of the diplomacy, said a planned ground offensive had been delayed due to a request by Egypt that mediators be given a chance to resolve the crisis.

Other officials, however, denied the delay was due to Egypt, saying it reflected Israel's overall management of the crisis, which they said required withholding force when necessary.

"The prime minister is managing the campaign while seeing all the balances, including the diplomatic one," said Tzahi Hanegbi, head of the Israeli parliament's foreign affairs and defense committee. "He needs to see the big picture, and the big picture is that there is a meaning to sometimes waiting a half a day, or a day. You need to exhaust all options."

The pre-dawn missile attack on the Interior Ministry scored a direct hit on Interior Minister Said Siyam's fourth floor office, which went up in flames. The ground floor office of Siyam's bodyguard was also destroyed, while the first, second and third floors of the buildings — where passports and ID cards are printed — were not damaged. Nobody was hurt.

In a separate airstrike, three Israeli missiles hit the office of hard-line Interior Ministry official Khaled Abu Ilal, who heads a pro-Hamas militia.

The army said it also attacked a cell that attempted to fire an anti-tank missile at Israeli forces in southern Gaza. Mohammed Abdel Al, 25, a local leader of the Islamic Jihad militant group, died early Friday of wounds he suffered in the strike. His death was the first in Israel's three-day-old offensive.

In a gunbattle in the Jebaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, three Fatah-affiliated gunmen were wounded in what they said was a fight against undercover Israeli forces. Israel denied it had any ground forces in the area.

Israeli ground troops have entered southern Gaza but have not yet penetrated the north.

The Interior Ministry is nominally in charge of the Palestinian security forces, but President Mahmoud Abbas has stripped it of much of its authority in a power struggle with Hamas. The Israeli military said it targeted the ministry because it was "a meeting place to plan and direct terror activity."

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz called for leaders with influence over the Hamas government to pressure them to release Shalit.

"The quicker this is done the better it will be. If the soldier will be returned and the Qassam fire will be halted we will also return our soldiers to their bases," Peretz was quoted as saying in the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot on Friday. He was referring to rockets militants have fired at Israel from Gaza.

Palestinian Foreign Ministry spokesman Taher al-Nunu said the Palestinian government was still seeking a "diplomatic solution to end the crisis."

There has been no word on Shalit's condition since his abduction. The Popular Resistance Committees, one of the groups holding him, insisted Thursday on swapping him for Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, but Israel rejected that demand.

Palestinian police and members of the Hamas militia guarding the Foreign Ministry fled after the attack on the nearby Interior Ministry, fearing their building would be next, witnesses said. The office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Abbas' house are less than half a mile from the Interior Ministry.

Haniyeh and nearly all the members his Hamas-led Cabinet have not been seen since Shalit's kidnapping, fearing they could be killed or arrested. Israel arrested 64 Hamas officials in the West Bank on Thursday, including eight Cabinet members.

In an unprecedented punishment Friday, the Israeli interior ministry also revoked the Jerusalem residency rights of four senior Hamas officials, officials said. The measure takes away their right to live in the holy city and travel within Israel freely.

Decoy convoys have been sent out ahead of any trips by Haniyeh, Siyam and Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar, who apparently fear Israel's air force will target and kill them as it did Hamas leaders Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi in 2004.

About 2,500 people attended a Hamas rally in Gaza City on Thursday evening, denouncing Israel and calling for more abductions.

Palestinian militants launched homemade rockets Thursday night, and four landed inside Israel, causing no damage or injuries, the army said. Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a militant group affiliated with Abbas' Fatah, claimed responsibility.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Toronto Sun:
"We Choose Israel"

Breaking news; media outlet has moral compass:

The Toronto conference of the United Church yesterday joined the Ontario division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in calling for economic sanctions against Israel and a boycott of the Jewish state to protest its policies in the Palestinian territories.

Basically, both are calling on Canadians to choose sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Fair enough. We choose Israel, which cannot be expected to negotiate with a Palestinian government led by Hamas, a terrorist group whose founding charter calls not only for the destruction of Israel, but for the annihilation of the Jewish people.

Further, we urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to continue Canada’s sensible policy of refusing to recognize Hamas and denying it foreign aid until it unequivocally recognizes Israel’s right to exist and renounces terrorism.

Falls Over
Hirsi Ali

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende will hand his resignation to the Queen:

THE centre-right Dutch Government unexpectedly collapsed last night after growing tensions over its notoriously tough immigration minister, “Iron Rita” Verdonk. Jan Peter Balkenende, the Prime Minister, announced that he would hand his resignation to Queen Beatrix today after he failed to heal rifts in his coalition over Ms Verdonk’s decision to strip Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born MP and world-renowned critic of Islam, of her passport.

The announcement, which will almost certainly lead to early elections, came moments after three ministers from the tiny D-66 party quit the Cabinet, demanding the resignation of Ms Verdonk.

They wanted to force her out of government for precipitously stripping Ms Hirsi Ali of her Dutch citizenship last month after a television documentary detailed how the Somali-born feminist lied about her family name when she applied for asylum in the Netherlands.

Ms Hirsi Ali, 36, resigned as an MP and announced that she was moving to the US to work for a right-wing think-tank.

On Tuesday Ms Verdonk reversed her decision, restoring Ms Hirsi Ali’s citizenship but leaving her own political credibility in tatters.

The Rot At the Heart Of Western Court Systems

Today, the courts of the two major players in the War on Terror, the US and the UK, dealt horrific blows to our ability to hunt down those who would destroy us.

In the United States of course,
the Supreme Court has ruled that George Bush may not use military tribunals to prosecute the terrorists kept at Guantanamo Bay:

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court delivered a blow to the Bush administration's anti-terror policies Thursday when it ruled that the president was out of line when he ordered military war-crimes trials for some Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the opinion, which said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and Geneva conventions.

A huge question in this case. Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, et al, was whether the Geneva Conventions applied to prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay. The Bush administration argued that these detainees were not prisoners of war and therefore, not eligible to treatment under the Geneva agreement.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a strongly worded dissent, saying the court's decision would "sorely hamper the president's ability to confront and defeat a new and deadly enemy."

The court's willingness, Thomas said, "to second-guess the determination of the political branches that these conspirators must be brought to justice is both unprecedented and dangerous."[...]

At this point, it looks as if the Terrorists who are making war on us are to be tried in criminal courts.

This brings up the question, if the United States Armed Forces were to locate Osama Bin Laden's closest confidantes, and they listened in on their private conversations ( say, from outside a window), would the evidence thus collected stand in a court of law, or would it be thrown out for having been collected without a bench warrant?

It sounds like I am trying to be funny, doesn't it?

But, I think, perhaps, it is a reasonable question at this point.

George Bush, for his part, is undeterred.
He, apparently, plans to bring a bill before Congress:

While acknowledging that he has not yet had time to fully review the decision, Bush told reporters Thursday that he will take the court's decision "very seriously" and will work with Congress to determine whether passing legislation setting up military tribunals is a valid option.

"The American people need to know this ruling, as I understand it, won't cause killers to be put out on the street," Bush said during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi "I was told this was not going to be the case … one thing I'm not going to do is jeopardize the safety of the American people."

Bush continued: "I want to find a way forward. I have told the people I would like there to be a way to return people from Guantanamo to their home countries but some of the people need to be tried in our courts."

Breyer said the ruling applies only to Hamdan and the possibility of his appearing before a military commission for trial, and 'nothing' in it prevents the president from approaching Congress to seek the authority he thinks is necessary to set up such courts.

Senior administration officials repeatedly said Thursday that Breyer's words were an "invitation" to the administration to approach Congress in search of revised legislative language that would make commissions at Guantanamo legally acceptable, and they pointed out that all of the constititional issues raised by Hamdan and his lawyers were roundly rejected by the court.

"The court recognized that military commisions would be appropriate as long as procedures would be consistent with [Thursday's] decision," one official said.

Meanwhile, in the UK,
High Court Justice Sullivan handed down a ruling which will almost certainly free men currently being held as terrorists. Read this, you won't believe the rot which passes as a judge in the Britain:

The man shown at left is Mr Justice Sullivan, a High Court judge, who today has effectively sabotaged one of the main planks of Britain's anti-terror laws, by claiming that the rights of those detained in effective house arrest under the government's "control orders", are being denied. As a result, individuals currently subject to such restrictions on their liberty will almost certainly be set free. Sullivan argued that to detain a person without trial is a breach of their human rights, as defined in Article 5 of the
European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

This is not the first time that Sullivan has put the rights of potential terrorists above the rights of the public, by invoking his own interpretations of the ECHR. On
May 16, Sullivan ruled that nine Afghan terrorists, who had hijacked a plane in Kabul, containing 173 passengers, and flown it to Britain in February 2000, were free to stay in Britain indefinitely.

The nine Afghan terrorists had been jailed for five years for hijacking, possessing guns and explosives and false imprisonment of the plane's staff and passengers. The men had threatened to kill hostages, in a four day standoff at Stansted Airport, Essex.

Sullivan was not content to merely allow the men to stay in Britain, but stated that the government "deliberately delayed" acting upon a ruling by an appeals court, which said that the men could not be returned to Afghanistan where their lives would be "at risk". Consequently, he ordered that the Home Office should pay the legal costs at the highest rate, to demonstrate his "disquiet and concern." Sullivan said: "It is difficult to conceive of a clearer case of 'conspicuous unfairness amounting to an abuse of power."

On the case of the nine Afghans, Sullivan had invoked the context of Article 3 of the ECHR, to state that the men may, if returned to Afghanistan, be "put at risk". Article 3 of the ECHR states: No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment..

If such men continue to be allowed to abuse the law from the benches of Western courts, we are doomed. The Justice system of both the United States and the UK are infested with men and women who have a hatred for the systems of the West, and thus, it is not hard to find a judge who will strike down almost any decision, no matter how just.

It seems the more important the case, the harder it is to get justice. While it is true that we were successful in getting a conviction against Zacarias Moussaoui here in the US, we did so at the cost of having Mr. Moussaoui make a mockery of our system. And, of course, we were not able to put him to death, as would be just.

I sense the American public is, at this juncture, fed up with such rulings. While George Bush has the attention of the citizenry he needs to seize the momentum and get Congress to pass a bill which will allow him to go forward with military tribunals.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Freedom Tower

A new design for the Freedom Tower, which is to be erected at the site of the World Trade Center:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The redesigned Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, planned to become America's tallest building, will be a monolithic glass structure reflecting the sky and topped by a sculpted antenna, the architects said on Wednesday.

Symbolic of the Declaration of Independence, the reworked 1,776-foot (541-meter) centerpiece of the World Trade Center site unveiled by architect David Childs will have a 186-foot tall (57 meter) base sheathed with rolled, heat-treated glass over concrete.

The tower is planned as a symbol of New York's revitalization after the September 11 attacks in 2001, which claimed more than 2,700 lives at the World Trade Center.

Rebuilding has been dogged by almost five years of acrimony over designs, security, insurance and control of the 16-acre (6.5-hectare) site at Ground Zero.

Developer Larry Silverstein, who leased the World Trade Center shortly before September 11, told reporters that if everything now goes according to plan, "By 2012 we should have a completely rebuilt World Trade Center more magnificent, more spectacular than it ever was."

The new Freedom Tower design uses a high-tech laminated safety glass, which if attacked by a truck bomb would shatter into falling pebbles, not break into flying shards.

The previous design featured a 200-foot (61-meter) metal and concrete base, added after New York police said the building would be vulnerable to truck bombing. The design was also criticized for looking too bunker-like.

Childs noted there had been fears that security concerns would result in a stone building "with very small windows." But he said the new glass base would create an entirely different feeling.
"You will see that light fracture, bounce back out at you, giving you a wonderful, light artistic space, giving you a warm, friendly space," he said.

The new plan for the building -- construction began in April -- was made after consulting New York police counterterrorism experts as well as state and city officials.

"They've reviewed it and have given it their blessing," Childs said. "This is the finished design."

The exterior glass's triangular rib motif will be echoed throughout the building and on the antenna.

The tower will be surrounded by groups of steps leading to four entrances, serving as a public plaza and buffer zone.

A series of thigh-high rectangular slabs on the site's perimeter -- resembling tombstones in an artist's rendering -- will guard against truck bombs.

The antenna, to be used by radio and television broadcasters, has been given a more sculptural feel by Kenneth Snelson, a sculptor best-known for his Needle Tower, installed in New York's Bryant Park in 1968.

The antenna raises the building from 1,368 feet (410 meters) -- the height of the original World Trade Center's 110-story twin towers -- to the full 1,776 feet.

Unlike most other glass-clad office buildings, the Freedom Tower will appear clear because they will remove the iron, which tints glass green, Kenneth Lewis of architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill said.

"We've tried to make it more monolithic," he said. "It's reflecting the sky and the changing light's character as the day goes on."

The architects have drastically rethought Daniel Libeskind's original twisting design for the Freedom Tower because it would have been too hard to build and too vulnerable to attack.

Hamas Just Dug Themselves A Deep Hole

Israel is saying they have found the body of the young Israeli man who was kidnapped:

The body of an Israeli settler kidnapped at the weekend by Palestinian militants was recovered overnight by Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Palestinian security sources said, without providing further details.

If this is true, you can expect the government of the Palestinian territories to be overthrown.


Everyone take note that this morning Associated Press reported that Israel had cut off the water supply in Gaza.

This evening the wording of such claims is being changed. No longer is it claimed that the residents of Gaza are without a water supply.

Note that I said I didn't think Israel would do such a thing.

Note that I said I condemned their action if they had done such a thing.

Note that no other pro-Israel blogger went so far as to take note that Israel had been accused of such an atrocity, and no other pro-Israel blogger expressed reservations over the supposed incident.

That's what you call fairmindedness, my friends. That's what you get here at CUANAS, believe it or not.

Though I make many statements which sound extreme, I attempt to operate from my understanding of the Judeo-Christian moral system. I hope that I do good work.

In this case I am patting myself on the back. Hopefully, you will tolerate my pride.

An Official WTF?

The news this morning is that Israel has cut the water supply to Gaza. This does not sound like something Israel would do, and the Associated Press article is written by Ibrahim Barzak, who has been responsible for much anti-Israel bullshit in the past. So, I don't know whether to believe this story or not.

I will say this, however, if the story is true, and if the Israel Defense Force made a conscious decision to cut the water supply to the 1.3 million residents of the Gaza area, then I condemn that decision.

However, if Israel has absolute control over the flow of water into the Gaza area, and they are using that control as a strategic advantage in their offensive, then I say, good for them. If, for instance, they will supply water to the residents of Gaza through a strict system of distribution which causes Gaza residents to have to comply with Israel's demands, then that would seem to be a reasonable and proportionate way of dealing with this problem.

We do know, from having lived through the Jenin situation, that the world's media is quick to jump at any opportunity to accuse Israel of committing genocide. Therefore, I will withold my final judgement here.

We shall see.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Two-State Solution":
The Guardian
Lies Again

The Guardian claims Hamas are working towards a "two-state solution":

Hamas lost a crucial power struggle over recognition of Israel yesterday by agreeing to surrender control of the Palestinian government in favour of a powersharing administration committed to a negotiated two-state settlement.

Here is Hamas' statement with regards to the agreement they have made:

Hamas insisted it was sticking to its “agenda of resistance” against Israel. “The document included a clear clause referring to the non-recognition of the legitimacy of the Occupation,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said, using the Islamist group’s term for Israel. ...

Officials close to the negotiations said Abbas, of Fatah, and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, of Hamas, drafted a platform accepting a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, areas captured by Israel in a 1967 war.

Such a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be in line with Fatah’s recognition of Israel.

But Hamas legislator Salah al-Bardaweel told Reuters: “We said we accept a state (in territory occupied) in 1967 — but we did not say we accept two states.”

I am a schlub. I am a Marketing guy for a small company. I have a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy. I am hardly a heavyweight in this world.

Do you really believe that I know shit the people at the Guardian don't know?

Come on, don't let them fool you. They know the truth. They know Hamas is bent on the destruction of Israel. They know the Hamas' Charter calls for killing Jews. They know that Hamas has never renounced that Charter.

The truth is, the Guardian "implicitly" recognizes the Palestinian right to destroy Israel.

Pushes Ahead
Despite "No" Vote
Of Electorate

From Brussels Journal:

One year after the “no” votes, the leaders of the EU have decided to make the text binding by 2009. The new Italian government says it interprets the “no” votes as “a demand for more Europe, not less”.

The Belgian Prime Minister
Guy Verhofstadt suggests changing the rules so that the European Constitution may be adopted by a qualified majority vote.

The Austrian Chancellor
Wolfgang Schuessel says that ratification should be completed in 2007.

Angela Merkel says the text is “vital to German interests”.

The European Commission plans to push ahead with as much of the constitution as it can, with or without formal approval.

In a Democracy government is "for the people, by the people, and of the people." The EU is trying to subvery the authority of the people.

What do you call it when a group of people try to take over power from those who are in power without resorting to a Democratic election?

It's called a Coup d' Etat.

That's what is going on in Europe.

News Media
"Implicitly" Recognizes
Palestinian Right
To Destroy Israel

This morning Associated Press is carrying the story "Hamas-Fatah To Implicitly Recognize Israel." Isn't it interesting that they are not outright recognizing Israel's right to exist? No. Instead, they are "implicitly" recognizing Israel.

In fact, they are not even implicitly recognizing Israel. If you read
the document which is the foundation of this agreement, it does not at all recognize Israel. Instead it expresses that the Palestinian people;

1) have a right to resistance (which "implicitly" means terrorism)

2) have a right to Jerusalem (al-Quds) as the capital of their homeland, and

3) have the right of return, which means they have the right to bring millions of Palestinians into Israel from all parts of the territories, Jordan, and Egypt.

This, of course, would mean the Jewish people would no longer be a majority within their homeland, which means they would be at the mercy of the Palestinian people.

Considering the Palestinian people do not allow Jews to live in their land now, what do you think would happen to the Jewish people were the Palestinians to achieve the right of return?

But, the news media is telling us the Palestinians are "implicitly" recognizing Israel's right to exist. Why would the news media lie like this? Is it because they want to see peace so badly that they are willing to lie to themselves? I suspect this is true. But, the reality is, this "implicitly" they are willing to sacrifice the Jewish homeland in order to achieve "peace."

That is some tradeoff. You know, Hitler believed the German people could have lived in peace, if only they could have gotten rid of the Jews. But, so much for history.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Belly Dancer

Israel Will
Ensure Hamas
Is Toppled
If Hostage
Is Killed

Finally, it looks as if Israel will do the right thing. When the elected government of one nation attacks another sovereign nation, it is incumbent upon the government of the nation attacked to protect its people by disarming the attacking government. The way to do that is by defeating their army.

In the case of the Palestinian territories, there is no distinction between Hamas the government, and Hamas the terrorist organization. Therefore, Israel must effect regime change. And now, it looks like they will:

Israel will work to ensure the Hamas-led government falls if a soldier kidnapped by Palestinian militants is not released alive, a high-ranking security official said.

"We will make sure that the Hamas government ceases to operate if the kidnapped soldier is not returned to us alive," the source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Yuval Diskin, the head of Israel's Shin Beth homeland security agency, made the threat in talks with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas late Sunday, the source said.

Infidel In Islam
Proud Of It

This guy was a demonstrator outside the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, CA last Friday. Protesters gathered to make a statement against terrorism. Though the protest took place outside of a busy Mosque, not one Muslim joined in to show their solidarity against Islamofascism.

Surprise, surprise.

See the whole photoessay here.