Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh Yeah

Song by Roxy Music

Some expression in your eyes
Overtook me by surprise
Where was I
How was I to know?

How we can drive to a movie show
When the music is here in my car?

There's a band playing on the radio
With a rhythm of rhyming guitars
They're playing - "Oh yeah" - on the radio

And so it came to be our song
And so on through all summer long
Day and night
Drifting into love

Driving you home from a movie show
So in tune to the sounds in my car

There's a band playing on the radio
With a rhythm of rhyming guitars
They're playing - "Oh yeah" - on the radio

It's some time since we said goodbye
And now we lead our seperate lives
But where am I
Where can I go?

Driving alone to a movie show
So I turn to the sounds in my car

There's a band playing on the radio
With a rhythm of rhyming guitars
There's a band playing on the radio
And it's drowning the sound of my tears
They're playing - "Oh yeah" - on the radio

French Pressure
On Peace Treaty
Then Back Out
On Commitment
To Provide
Peacekeeping Troops

The French have beat their own record. This time they have surrendered before they even fielded a force. From the French-American writer Nidra Poller, at Atlas Shrugs:

What is the role of French diplomacy in the Lebanese conflict? President Chirac packaged it as a “humanitarian crisis”…only two days after the outbreak of hostilities. MFA Douste-Blazy inadvertently admitted that France has been calling for a cease fire…since the very beginning.

Is France a secret ally of Hizbullah? Or simply a well-behaved dhimmi state? A dhimmi does not need to be told how to react to this or that incident, he just has to grasp the underlying concept of jihad conquest: jihadis can attack infidels, infidels do not have the right to strike back.

If the conquering jihadis are in a position of supreme power, they decimate the conquered population and erect their version of the monument to the war dead-- a mountain of severed heads. But when the jihadis are fighting an uphill battle, as is the case in Lebanon today, their main line of defense is civilian suffering. The plight of the refugees, the dead and the injured, widows and orphans, the destruction of Lebanon--a coherent strategy designed to engage the international community in a concerted effort to force Israel to stop fighting and submit to Hizbullah’s demands.

Don’t apologize. Don’t apologize to European countries all dolled up with plaques and memorials to the Shoah and now mobilized to facilitate another extermination project. Don’t fall into European traps. Here in Europe local jihadis attack, then fall back and complain that Muslims are being persecuted. Don’t bow your head when Europeans shake their fingers. At the height of the conflict, and smack between two Ahmadinejad Jew-killing declarations, the French foreign minister shamelessly caressed Iran’s rump with one hand and fondled domestic Jew-hating immigrants with the other.

Don’t apologize because there is no one on earth to apologize to. You can’t apologize to people who are sitting on the sidelines enjoying life while Israeli civilians suffocate in bunkers and Israeli soldiers courageously face death, fighting Hizbullah that is fighting for Iran that is fighting to destroy us all, Israelis, Americans, Europeans, Japanese, Indians…

Don’t apologize. Stand up to them the way you stand up to katyushas, and fight back against this lethal narrative jihad with equal valor and intelligence. No ordinary PR efforts can counter it. New methods are necessary, far more severe, far less defensive.

Your critics do not care what you are fighting for or how nobly you are fighting; they run for cover, side with the villains, hide behind the killers. They have to declare Israel guilty because they are terrified at confronting the real force that is bearing down on them.

You can’t reassure them by saying how good you are, how careful not to make tragic mistakes. Apologies feed their anguish, and their anguish is turned against us, against Jews. How dare we be so humane when subject to such vile aggression?

The injustice is beyond belief: the small nation of Israel has to fight against Iran, and as if that’s not enough, gets stabbed in the back while engaged in fierce battle

The Humiliation

This really hurts. And, in a way, I guess I'd rather not mention it. But, sometimes an embarrassing situation is best brought out into the open, so I will let you in on it.

It appears my idol may be making fun of me.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Practical
Uses Of

TruePeers, of the blog YARGB, has written a visionary essay on the pragmatic uses of anti-Semitism:

We all have spent too much time talking about the widespread anti-Semitism in the Muslim world and discovering, to our surprise, that many in the West actually share this feeling, while many more couldn’t really care less. This is a mistaken approach.

Instead of trying to understand “why they hate us” and why they (and many others) hate the Jews (something I hope we’ll be discussing for several generations), what we have to understand right now is: what is anti-Semitism good for? What are the uses of anti-Semitism?

Whether those who manipulate anti-Semitism are themselves anti-Semites (or anti-Zionists or whatever), whether they personally share the hatred, all that is irrelevant right now. The historical roots of the hatred, its psychology and so on are not questions we have the time to analyse, dissect, discuss endlessly nowadays. (And we’re still debating the Holocaust, how and why it happened etc., 62 years after the end of WW2, without having reached anything resembling consensual answers.)

We are spending precious time getting surprised or scared, wondering about the hatred itself, its depth and extension. That’s important, but not what’s most important right now. What we need to understand is that this hatred is being once again used cynically to obtain certain results.

Besides being anti-Semitic themselves, the Nazis used anti-Semitism brilliantly to subvert other countries and societies. Though Nazism was (among other things) a form of German expansionism, wherever there were anti-Semites the Germans would also find collaborators. Anti-Semitism was used by the Germans to undermine from the inside countries, societies and armies that could or would stand up to them.

The Nazis managed to convince millions and millions of Frenchmen and Poles, Belgians, Norwegians etc. and, yes, Brits and Americans that, since they were fighting a common enemy, the Jews, they weren’t really the mortal enemies of France and Poland and Belgium and Norway and England and the US. Untold millions were eager to believe that Germany wasn’t really threatening them and their countries, that the Germans didn’t really want to conquer, exploit and kill them.


Because they either thought that they could make a common cause with the Nazis against the Jews, or remained indifferent, neutral and defenseless because, being indifferent to the fate of the Jews, they believed it was none of their problem. Many of them even turned against those in their own countries who wanted to fight the Nazis and blamed them for putting everyone else in danger just to “protect the Jews”.

In short: if the Jews were used in the beginning as scapegoats, their main use throughout the war was as a tool to “divide and conquer”. Thanks to their sincere or opportunistic ant-Semitism the Germans were able to paralyse important forces in the countries and societies they wanted to defeat and submit.

That’s just what is happening once again before our very eyes. Though the Jihadists have their own clear, even megalomaniac goals, and while they kill thousands in the US or fight for Shari’a in Europe, while they complain about East Timor or fight for Kashmir, it is enough for them to involve the Jews, particularly Israel, in their struggle or their declared agenda to get the active support or at least the indifference of those in Europe, the US and elsewhere who would like to believe that their complaints, grievances and goals are restricted to or only motivated by Israel. Of course, they also declare they’re fighting against America, but then, for those who hate America anyway (and often the Jews and/or Israel too), the same logic works perfectly.

The Jihadists have shown us how brilliantly they can manipulate for their own purposes something as irrelevant as half-a-dozen cartoons in a Danish newspaper. Thus, it is rather unimportant whether Israel’s destruction is or isn’t their main goal (it isn’t). They seem to have discovered through trial and error that the hatred of Jews is alive and well in the West and, as the Nazis did before, they are using it not only to further their own different goals, but to recruit collaborators and to paralyze whole countries and societies as well.

It goes without saying how terrible this is for the Jews themselves, but it is at least as dangerous to the rest of the West that is allowing anti-Semitism to be used against itself. Hatred of the Jews and of Israel is the loaded weapon the Jihadis are putting in the hands of a civilization that’s willing (again) to commit suicide.

I think TruePeers thoughts are useful. However, it is a little known truth that Hitler ascribed almost supernatural power to the killing of Jews. Somehow, he believed against all reason, that if he was able to kill the relatively few Jews in Europe this would open a door for him to control the world.

I believe that Ahmadinejad thinks similarly. Yes, he wants to spread Sharia (rough equivalent of Aryanism), but somehow, the very first thing on the agenda, the thing that will open the door, is to kill the Jews.

I believe we are all left the poorer for refusing to comprehend the truth of this. But then, the truth of it is supremely hard to comprehend, because it does not belong to the world of the rational, but instead belongs to the mystical. And, what are we to do with that?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hey Jews, Go Back To Europe

Hi, I am on the road this week, and I am using a MacIntosh laptop which does not work with Blogger very well, so my posts look bad and don't have links, bolding or italics.

Sorry for the bad quality, but here's some info I thought you might want to look at: | A columnist in The Washington Post has figured out the big problem in the Middle East: the state of Israel.

Yep, it should never have opened for business. It's an historic mistake. To quote Richard Cohen:

"The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself."

For the full column, see The Washington Post, Tuesday, July 18, 2006. You've got to read it to believe it.

What a pity time travel is still only theoretical. Because it would be interesting to take Brother Cohen gently by the hand, as one would a small child or an amnesiac patient, and lead him back to the founding of Israel in 1948 as another war was raging in the Mideast.

He could tell all those Jewish refugees disembarking in Haifa — after years in a DP camp in Europe, or maybe behind barbed wire in a British detention camp on Cyprus — that they were making a big mistake.

He could tell them they needed to turn back and go to . . . well, come to think, there was no other place that much wanted them, was there?

Or we could transport Mr. Cohen to a beach outside Tel Aviv some moonless night in, say, 1938 to greet a boatload of Jewish refugees who had just run the British blockade. He could urge them to go back to warm, friendly gemutlich Germany. Or head for some other place in charming, continental Europe, which was about to become one big Jewish cemetery. Only without the formality of tombstones.

Bless his heart, Richard Cohen also seems unaware of the Jews from Arab countries, not just Europe, and from darkest Africa, too, who have had to take refuge in Israel over the years — and helped build the Middle East's only functioning democracy, embattled as it is.

Nor does Mr. Cohen seem aware that Israel's roots in that part of the world go back not just a century or so but millennia; Israel is actually the third Jewish commonwealth to spring up on that much disputed parcel of land. If it's a mistake, it's one history keeps repeating. You'd almost think it was fate. Or even Providence.

Columnist Cohen is right about one thing: History has been giving Israel a hard time ever since there was such a thing as history.

The Babylonians ended the first Jewish state, the Romans the second. Both Babylon and Rome were great powers in their day, but somehow they're no longer with us. Israel is. Who would've thought? What a stubborn, stiff-necked people — as every one of its leaders has discovered.

If there really were any rational laws of history, laws that predetermined the rise and fall of successive civilizations, as Professor Toynbee kept telling us in all his wisdom, the Israelites should have disappeared along with the Canaanites and Jebusites and Amalekites and all those other -ites. But they're still hanging around, as if they were some kind of sign.

Talk about historic mistakes, what about the Jewish presence in Europe? Look at how it turned out after only a couple of thousand years. Why, oh why, did the Jews let a bunch of Romans drag us up there? Maybe because the captives had no choice?

And if ancient accounts can be believed, it seemed to take old Pharaoh near forever to decide whether he wanted the Israelites to leave Egypt or to stay, to keep them as slaves or tell them to get the heck out for G-d's sake, at least after all those plagues hit.

Maybe the Israelites should have stuck it out in Egypt with all its fleshpots. Instead they opted for the wilderness — with nothing to eat but manna and nothing to do but get in trouble. But what choice did they have? The story is they were following some kind of divine imperative, and there's no questioning the mythical. It's as futile as second-guessing history.

Then, when you think of all the other problems the very creation of the world has led to . . . well, the Almighty has a lot to answer for to Mr. Richard Cohen.

UPDATE: I received the following in an email from a reader:

can you imagine the outrage by everyone if anyone proposed wiping blacks or others off the face of the earth...or shipping all blacks to Africa...or denying slavery happened or on the scale reported...or suggesting blacks were the cause of historical social and moral ills?

As a black person I marvel at the anti-Semitism ...but I recognize that it's spiritual ...all unredeemed mankind, for the most part, hates Jews because of the Spiritual significance of the people and the Nation...

I agree. There is just no other explanation for the fact that the entire world seems willing to drop all rationality at any second when it comes to the Jews.

Explosives Found In Bottle Of Liquid At Tri-State Airport

Explosive Substances Found at Tri-State Airport.

Tri-State Airport in Wayne County has been evacuated. A perimeter has been set up, and evacuees are being asked to stand back 350 feet from the airport.

The Transportation Security Administration reports that a passenger’s water bottle screened positive for an explosive material around 9:15 this morning. A second test was confirmed at 11:25.

NBC News reports that federal screeners found four containers of liquids inside a woman’s carry-on bag during the screening process this morning. Larry Salyers, Tri-State Airport Director, tells WSAZ the woman is of Pakistani origin, lived in Jackson, Michigan and most recently lived in the Huntington area. She is being detained for questioning.

FBI officials are on scene.

This news if from WSAZ radio in Wayned County via Little Green Footballs.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Spotless
History Of
Islamic Civilization

Recently, George Bush called the terrorists who sought to blow up 10 planes above the Atlantic Ocean, Islamofascists. I use this term quite often as well. I do so because I think it is a way of differentiating between normal Muslims and those who would wage Jihad against the Infidel.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia produced17 of the 19 Sept. 11th terrorists. Wahabbi Islam is the official religion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its austere take on Islam is the root ideology behind most terrorism today. Saudi Arabia funds Mosques in the U.S. and worldwide and thereby exports the Wahabbi ideology which teaches that it is the duty of all Muslims to wage jihad gainst the Infidel.

Knowing this, it sure is interesting to see how the government of Saudi Arabia has reacted to the fact that George Bush referred to the terrorists who intended to blow up planes over the Atlantic at "Islamic fascists".

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (AFP) - Saudi Arabia warned against accusing Muslims of terrorism and fascism, in an apparent reference to US President George W. Bush’s claim that the United States is at war with “Islamic fascists”.

The Saudi government “called on everyone to realize that terrorism has no religion or nationality”, said a cabinet statement carried by the official SPA news agency.

It “warned against hurling charges of terrorism and fascism at Muslims without regard to the spotless history of Islamic civilization”, the statement said.

“What Islam is being accused of today, like fascism, is primarily a Western cultural product,” it added, calling for close international cooperation to combat terrorism.

The eternal sunshine of the spotless world of Islam. Yes, yes, yes. I've got it.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rally In
San Francisco

Go see Zombie's whole photo-essay.

Murdering Gays In Iraq?

The other day I ran a post called "Murdering Gays In Iraq." I was outrage by an article I had come across at Clarity and Resolve which indicated that Iraqi law allowed for honor killings against homosexuals. Apparently, it is not clear that this is the case.

Click on over to that link and read the post at Classical Values.