Saturday, November 25, 2006

Milton Nascimento

This is a beautiful song. Ponta de Areia.

Milton Nascimento

Everyone needs to know about Milton Nascimento, and the joyful sadness of Brazilian music. The Longing for that which is just beyond our reach.

Watch this video. Milton is the black man with the haunting falsetto.

Misguided Angel

It's a strange story, perhaps, but this song once convinced me to break up with a woman I had gone out with for 2 1/2 years.

BBC Lies
Soccer Mob
In France

The other day there was a horrible anti-Semitic attack at a soccer game in France. A mob of 100 people set upon four Jewish men, calling them "dirty Jew", and beating them, before a policemen intervened and killed one of the pursuers.

British writer, Melanie Phillips reports that the BBC is not telling the truth of what happened in this latest incident of French anti-Semitism:

Here is how the Associated Press reported the incident:

‘They were shouting “filthy Jew” and when they saw our colleague, who comes from the Caribbean, they also yelled, “filthy black, we’re going to get you,” said a police union official, Luc Poignant. Police said the two men who were shot were members of PSG’s far-right fan base that has a notorious violent and racist history. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said some PSG fans shouted ‘Death to the Jew’ as they attacked the Hapoel fan, whom officials said was French. The police officer first responded with tear gas, but was knocked to the ground by a blow to the head and kick to the stomach, Sarkozy said. He then drew his gun and opened fire… Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin said the PSG supporters had made Nazi salutes and shouted, ‘Le Pen, president,’ a reference to Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the extreme-right National Front party.The National Front later accused the prosecutor of ‘complicity in defamation’ and warned the party would sue anyone who links it with the events.

Here is how Agence France Presse reported it:

Five fans were in police custody Friday morning and face possible charges for ‘racist and anti-Semitic insults’, police said. ‘Four young people presumably from the Jewish community were rounded on by a group of supporters of PSG. They decided to separate, and one of them Yanniv Hazout was chased by attackers … The mob grew to some 100 people,’ said state prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin… A hard core of PSG supporters — dubbed the Boulogne Kop — is known for its far-right allegiance, and several have been banned from the club’s matches.

And now here is how the BBC reported it:

A French football fan has been shot dead by a plain-clothed police officer after a European football match. The officer reportedly fired tear gas, then live ammunition in an effort to disperse a fighting crowd near Paris’ Parc des Princes football stadium. The group of 150 Paris Saint Germain supporters were surrounding a fan of the Israeli team Hapoel Tel Aviv, who had beaten PSG 4-2 in the Uefa Cup. An investigation has been launched into the shooting, police said.

Paris Saint Germain fans have a reputation for violent incidents, with the club disciplined over their behaviour several times in the past. The skirmish broke out by the Parc des Princes in the aftermath of PSG’s defeat. The police officer, who has not been identified, threw tear gas to break up a group of Paris fans surrounding the Israeli.

The officer was then chased towards a McDonald’s restaurant nearby, holding the crowd at bay with his firearm before firing at least two shots, reports said. Police union official Luc Poignant told the AFP news agency that the officer ‘had no choice but to defend himself and protect another person’. There was an atmosphere of high tension among Paris fans immediately after the game, which continued a poor run of form for the team. AFP quoted witnesses describing a climate of ‘extreme confusion’ in the streets. Police reinforcements were sent to the area in an effort to calm the violence in the moments after the Paris fan was shot.

The BBC has excised all references to the anti-black and antisemitic nature of the attack, all references to the far right and all references to the racist pedigree of the PSG fans. Wrongly identifying the Hapoel supporter as an Israeli rather than a French Jew, it gives the impression this was merely a fight between rival supporters of two nations’ football teams.


Muslim Man
Kicked Out
Of Mosque
For Writing Article
Criticizing Al Qaeda

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs.

Yes, you read that correctly. He criticized Al Qaeda, so he got kicked out of his Mosque. And, this is no small Mosque. This is the Islamic Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Go here to see the video.

Are there any Muslim organizations, media outlets, academic institutions, or governments, of any appreciable size, anywhere in the world?

The poor man said the letter was anti-Al Qaeda. He said he was disturbed by terrorists killing in the name of Islam.

He called al quaeda leaders cowards for using young Muslims to carry out attacks. So they threw him out of the mosque and he has been threatened by fellow Muslims at the mosque.

The only way he can come back to worship is if he must apologizes and "takes his article back."

Friday, November 24, 2006

Fascist Fashion And Hitler's Home

In 1938, Homes and Gardens Magazine ran a spread called Hitler's Moutain Home. We learned that there was "no pretension" to Hitler's "chalet", and that it had lovely views, in a mountain setting. Herr Hitler's life was portrayed as one of luxurious glamour in a pastoral setting.

This past month Marie Claire fashion magazine ran a spread glamorizing the Burqa/Niqab, the fascist fashion of the Islamic world which enshrouds women in a black deathwrap from head to toe,

rendering them faceless

a total eclipse of their humanity.

Marie Claire portrays this as sexy. Marie Claire apparently has a morbid fascination with the Sado-Masochistic.

The burqa is the chains of modern slavery. The burqa is a portable concentration camp for women.

In Islam, women are slaves, and their slavery is enforced through threat of violence. Koran Sura 4, verse 34:

"And (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them."

A woman who continuously disobeys her husband may be labelled un-Islamic, or an apostate. The penalty for apostasy is death by stoning. This why we have the phenomenon of "honor killings" in which a women, or girl, is murdered for having brought "dishonor" on her family, through disobedience.

The burqa is enforced through threat of physical violence, and Marie Claire believes this is sexy and glamorous.

Clearly, many women who call themselves feminists are nothing but fascists willing to exploit the masses of women for fun and profit. Marie Claire is simply feeding women through the meat grinder of the glamour process. And, women are buying it.

Ladies, your burqas are waiting for you.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Finds Hizbollah
Used Human Shields
BBC Covers It Up

From Freedom's Cost:

The BBC has managed to perfect George Orwell’s Newspeak in a way the author of Brave New World, never thought possible. In an article about a new Amnesty International report called for a UN-led probe into the conduct of Israel and Hezbollah during the conflict.

The BBC speaks almost exclusively about Israel alleged culpability, except towards the end of the article, once its one sided bias has already swayed the reader’s opinion.

The following is found in the article:

Amnesty found that Hezbollah hid Katyusha rockets among civilians and often fired them into Israel from the cover of civilian villages.

But researchers found no evidence that Hezbollah actually used civilians as human shields during the fighting.

How is it possible that Amnesty finds that “Hezbollah hid Katyusha rockets among civilians and often fired them into Israel from the cover of civilian villages,” and yet “found no evidence that Hezbollah actually used civilians as human shields during the fighting?” The Big Pharaoh comments on BBC’s story as follows:

Well, please withstand my ignorance, but, how can Amnesty say Hezbollah hid Katyusha rockets among civilians and fired them from the cover of civilian villages and then say there was no evidence that Hezbollah actually used civilians as human shields. Common sense denotes that hidding rockets among civilians and firing them from villages is a way of using civilians as human shields.

Go read the rest.

The Downfall
Of A
Beauty Queen

Normally, we Infidels would be oogling this beauty, but unfortunately, she is more like a horrendous car crash that you just can't help but look at:

Last September Halima Chehaïma, the 18-year old daughter of a Moroccan father and a Flemish mother, was elected Miss Brussels. Until next week Ms Chehaïma was also the absolute favorite of the bookmakers for the election of Miss Belgium next month. She was thought to be an excellent candidate to symbolize the multicultural paradise that Belgium has become. However, a girl’s dream was shattered.

Halima Chehaïma was a controversial candidate. Last October she stood for the Marxist-Leninist Labour Party in the local elections in Molenbeek, the predominantly Muslim Brussels borough where she lives. The party is so marginal that she did not get elected, but her declaration that Israel must be wiped off the map raised the eyebrows of the organizers of the Miss Belgium pageant. What really seems to have ruined her chances, however, is her connection with Bilal Ould Haj, a Belgian criminal of Moroccan origin.

Ould Haj, who has been convicted three times so far for armed robberies, is soon to stand trial for torturing the 84-year old Maria Reyntjes. When he broke into the latter’s home in November 2003 and found only 500 euros (650 dollars) he flew into a rage, broke the old lady’s legs with a hammer and set her hair on fire. At the time he was Chehaïma’s sweetheart, though she claims they were just friends.

Last July Ould Haj was able to escape from jail (easy in Belgium: he said he was someone else and was allowed to walk out). Meanwhile, however, Halima Chehaïma had fallen in love with an Albanian criminal. When Ould Haj encountered the Albanian last week the two men started quarrelling, whereupon the latter knifed the former twice in the neck. Ould Haj survived the assault, was taken to hospital and arrested. The police are currently investigating whether Miss Brussels had been visiting Ould Haj in his Brussels hide-out and whether she helped to keep him out of their hands.

Europe Knows Not Evil

Is it possible that the Jews have no home in Europe, even in this, our modern world?

Europe knows not evilTuesday, October 17, 2006 By: David Meyer
from The Jerusalem Post

I, a French-born rabbi, have been sitting in a small synagogue in Brussels, celebrating the High Holy Days. Almost 200 years ago to the day, Napoleon convened an assembly of Jewish leaders to help him open the door of citizenship to French Jews. It was the Enlightenment. The Jews of France prepared to receive equal rights and become full partners in the affairs of state. They could call Europe home.

Now I wonder if it was all an illusion. I and other Jews have begun moving toward the sad and frankly terrifying realization that ultimately we may have no home in Europe. It is not that I no longer identify as a European, or that somehow my sense of loyalty to the place of my birth has weakened. No, it is not me who has changed, but Europe. A conflict has emerged between this new Europe and my Jewishness, and I do not know how to resolve it.

MUCH HAS been said and written about the reemergence of anti-Semitism in Europe, but all the discussion hasn't made the phenomenon any more comprehensible to me. I suppose that after the Holocaust, no amount of anti-Semitic madness should surprise us. Yet, I am surprised - and frightened.

I am frightened not just by the anti-Semitism but by the collective European response of indifference and appeasement.

Today, Europe worships compromise. It is "fanatical" in its non-violence.

It is a Europe that, in the face of Islamist fanaticism, is ready to stay silent.

Pastorius note: I broke those three sentences out of their paragraph to highlight the fact that the things they describe are an almost exact repeat of history leading up to WWII. After the horror of WWI, Europe was also fanatical in its non-violence.Because of this Europe was willing to appease Hitler, thinking they could tame him and bring him into the fold of normal humanity.

This is the same thing Europe is attempting with the Islamofascists today.

This is the heart of the matter. By refusing to truly battle the Islamist ideology, by refusing to firmly and consistently oppose the dangers of Iranian nuclear proliferation, by refusing to support Israel in its battle against the menace of Hizbullah, Europe is saying everything is "negotiable."

MY FAITH forces me to reflect on the eventuality of having to confront radical evil. It teaches that everything is not negotiable; not everything can be compromised.

When I read in Deuteronomy that it is my religious duty to "erase the memory of Amalek from beneath the heavens," I frankly find myself frightened by the violence of the passage. How can we accept a religious commandment that necessitates us, under certain circumstances, to annihilate the Other?

This dilemma is not only mine. There's a story about an Orthodox Jew who went to Martin Buber, the great German-Jewish philosopher of the 20th century, to tell him of his profound dilemma: "How is it," he said to Buber, "that when King Saul showed mercy in his struggle against Agog, the king of the Amalekites, he was chastised by the Prophet Samuel for showing himself capable of compassion and being ready to compromise?"

Buber remained silent for a few moments before answering. "I think that Samuel was mistaken about God's intentions."

BUT RABBI Emil Fackenheim, one of the great post-Shoah thinkers, strongly criticizes Buber's reply and tells us: "Through this answer, Buber disposes of the problem of absolute evil, because if Amalek is not its incarnation, then absolute evil does not exist. Here, we are therefore better served by tradition: Amalek continues to be recognized for what he is, but [also] as a symbol.

"On the level of Jewish values, to distinguish between Amalek and evil in general is always a difficult task. To an extreme extent, one risks seeing a replica of Amalek in every enemy, while in fact the rabbis recommend trying to make a friend of every enemy.

"However, our era has shown that the opposite danger is greater: that which consists in believing or dreaming that Amalek does not exist."

This last sentence warrants further thought. The price of refusing to believe in the existence of evil and in the absolute necessity of confronting it is often very high. Indeed, the greatest danger would be to consider every enemy as a "potential Amalek." Peace is an absolute value and we must always make compromises to achieve it. But we cannot, however, escape one crucial question: If we have to make compromises, with whom? Compromise and dialogue are not values in themselves if the question "with whom?" is not asked.

I fear that my religious tradition is indeed on a collision course with Europe, which seemingly refuses, on principle, all ideas of confrontation. Has Europe not learned that one day we have to confront what frightens and terrorizes us? Or is Europe still looking for a path to the laying down of arms and the dubious compromise?

For us, the Jews of Europe, after witnessing the murder of 6 million of our own, we find ourselves today unable to see eye-to-eye with the political orientation of our old continent. And if what is happening today is not the ultimate wake-up call for Europe, it seems to me that our presence in Europe, 200 years after we were granted citizenship, is reaching its end.

Sad, but I believe, true,

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The End Of The World

Tonight is great singers night here at CUANAS. This is Chris Cornell, performing the very ironic, The End Of The World.


Tragically, Scott Weiland (lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots) can never keep himself together for more than a few months at a time. He is a stellar talent.

This song is about his struggle with the bottomless emptiness of drug addiction.

She's A Mystery To Me

The great Roy Orbison singing a song written for him by Bono.

Want To
Start A War
With Israel?

Zis iz true, we feel, how you say, threatened by zee Jews.

It really will be one of the funniest wars in history if they do. I can just see the French troops scattering like cockroaches across the Lebanese terroire. Heh:

French soldiers in Lebanon who feel threatened by aggressive Israeli overflights are permitted to shoot at IAF fighter jets, a high-ranking French military officer told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday, several days after meeting with an IDF general in Paris to discuss what he said was a “blatant violation of the cease-fire.”

Last weekend, Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan, head of the IDF Planning Directorate, traveled to Paris and met with military officials to explain why the IAF flies over Lebanon despite the UN-brokered cease-fire.

Nehushtan, new to his post and previously deputy commander of the air force, told his French counterparts that Israel was conducting the flights to collect intelligence on Hizbullah positions in southern Lebanon. According to the French officer, Nehushtan apologized for an incident on October 31 when an IAF fighter carried out a mock bombing run over a French UNIFIL position in southern Lebanon, almost prompting troops to fire anti-aircraft missiles.

“There was a reality on the ground and it was important for us to reaffirm what we had seen and explain clearly what are the orders of the French soldiers to protect themselves,” the French officer said.

The French told Nehushtan they would view further aggressive flyovers as a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. “No assurances were made to us that they [the IAF] would stop [the flights],” the French officer said. “The orders that the [French] soldiers have is that their weapons are for self-defense and if a commander will feel threatened, as it was about to happen on the 31st of October, he would have the right to use force.”

Milos Strugar, spokesman for UNIFIL, supported the French position, saying that according to the UN resolution, UNIFIL had the right to use force in self-defense, even against Israeli aircraft.

They have the right to use force against Israel, because, you know, they are convinced that Israel wants to attack France.

What a friggin' joke? Why would Israel want to attack France?

I have never heard of anything so stupid.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Has Had

From Punditarian at The Astute Bloggers:

National Public Radio's Sylvia Poggioli is broadcasting a series of reports on "Europe's Tilt to the Right," detailing growing concern about Muslim immigration and un-assimiliated non-Europeans.

The first story described Danish concerns, and profiled a young Danish sculptor living in the libertarian enclave of Christiania who discovered that Muslim violence during the Mo'toons crisis "undermined many of her convictions."The report also highlighted the courageous stance of a Danish legislator, Naser Khader:

One of parliament's most vocal opponents of Islamic radicals is Syrian-born Naser Khader, who says the integration debate is roiling among Muslims themselves.

Khader says many Muslims in Europe want to break their ties with their land of origin and declare their loyalty to their new Western homelands. "But the Islamists don't like this," he says. "They want the mullahs and imams in Muslim countries [to] decide what the Muslims in Europe should do."

Khader insists that Islam and the West are not grappling with a clash of civilizations. "It is clash between ideologies, democracy and not democracy," he says. "Between those who want democracy, modernity, respect for human rights, equality between gender, and the others who want the opposite."

There's more. Go read the rest over at the Astute Bloggers.

Why Is

From Victor Davis Hanson's blog:

We are witnessing strange things about Israel. Columnists this year wrote about it being a “mistake.” And for the first time emboldened Islamic leaders talk seriously not about restoring lost land on the West Bank and the Golan Heights, but of “wiping” it off the map entirely.

The Lebanon war saw not just slanted coverage, but outright falsification and lying from the major Western new servers—many of them served by local stringers who provide on the ground propaganda and faked photos.

And now the Holocaust has been reinvented, as the old idea of a safe haven for the survivors of the Third Reich has been transmogrified into “a one bomb state.” Mein Kampf is translated as “Jihadi” on the West Bank and sells briskly. We are seeing a venomous anti-Semitic hatred in the Arab-supported state papers that the world has not witnessed since the 1930s and 1940s.

Back home, the Left/Right split on Israel has also been turned upside down. If you wish to read sick hatred about the Jewish state go to the leftist blogs or the campuses, not the Montana badlands. Somehow the Palestinians have reinvented themselves as liberal victims of Western, white male imperialists. Thus, in the manner of Blacks, Chicanos, Gays, and Women they are deserving of the usually accorded sympathy for their oppressed status—never mind the Islamists’ gender apartheid, religious intolerance, homophobia, and fundamentalism that should be so repugnant to the liberal mind.

Now more than ever Israel is nearly all alone—and so serves as a barometer in the West of true liberal courage of conscious. It has no oil, no international terrorists, no large population, no real material advantages and no threats to be made in the most crass sense. Instead, it is a humane liberal society, an atoll of reason in a surrounding sea of autocracy. So it is the perfect litmus test for the Westerner: on the one hand is principled support for an embattled democracy; on the other, is easy appeasement that wins applause from millions, eases concerns about oil and terrorism, and offers cheap relief of elite guilt by trashing the very Western culture that rewards us all.

Tragically, most leftist elites these days fail the test. Somehow, especially in Britain, they put themselves on the side of illiberal groups like Hamas or the Palestinian Authority whose history is antithetical to very notion of tolerance.

Now we have yet again the ubiquitous Jimmy Carter. Not content with a failed Presidency, he is determined to turn his legacy into even a greater failure, lecturing us in his new book about an apartheid Israel.

Unlike blacks in his own Georgia of the 1950s, Israeli Arabs vote and enjoy civil liberties, perhaps a million of them, with another 100,000 plus as illegal aliens. In fact, they enjoy rights not found in other Arab countries, inasmuch as Jews treat Arabs inside their own country not just better than Arabs treat Jews (they ethnically cleansed 500,000 from the major Arab capitals in the 1960s), but in the sense of civil liberties better than Arabs treat Arabs.

Carterism is a new postmodern pathology in which smug piety, dressed up in evangelical new-age Christianity, pronounces from afar moral censure on the more righteous party—on the theory that acting well but not perfect is worse than acting badly. Carter reminds me of the timid parent who spanks hard the good son for the rare misdemeanor because he takes it with silence while giving a pass to the wayward son for the daily felony because he would throw a public fit if corrected.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The worst is just around the bend.

Saudi Arabia: False Imprisonment And Rape Are "Basic Muslim Behaviors"

That sounds like an extreme statement, right? But, I didn't say it.

Check this out:

On June 30 this year, a Saudi living in Arapahoe County, Colorado, was convicted of sexual abuse against his Indonesian maid. 37-year old Homaidan al-Turki (pictured, right) was studying for a linguistics doctorate at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was found guilty of 12 felony counts of unlawful sexual contact with use of force and two misdemeanors, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit false imprisonment.

He had never paid the maid the paltry $150 per month that he had promised her when her "employment" had commenced. For four years, he kept the 24-year old maid as a virtual slave in his home, confiscated her passport, and subjected to her to sexual assaults which culminated in her rape in late 2004.

His attorney, John Richilano, had argued in court that there had been misunderstood cultural differences, which he described as "cynical Islamophobia". His wife, Sarah Khonaizan, who had obviously colluded with the maltreatment of the maid, who cooked and looked after their five children, was deported. The maid now lives in Aurora.

Al-Turki's followers and family caused havoc in the courtroom when the verdict was announced. He was sentenced on August 31. Additionally, he was given a further eight years' jail for theft, where he withheld the maid's wages. Even while being sentenced, Al-Turki, who had lived in the US for 14 years, still protested that he was "framed" by the prosecutors' Islamophobia.

"The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution," Al-Turki said to the judge. If you have read our special report on a Filipino maid who was similarly kept a prisoner in a Saudi imam's home in Riyadh, and subjected to frequent rape, then perhaps this sort of "Muslim behavior" comes naturally to Saudi Arabian men.

The Saudi press has described the case as one of Islamophobic oppression, with the US judiciary expressing their bias against Muslims. Many Saudis are convinced that Al-Turki would never have been convicted in Saudi Arabia. The experiences of Flora del Mindanao, who was even accused of theft by the imam who imprisoned and raped her, would suggest that this is true.

A US government report stated:

"Foreign embassies continued to receive reports of employers abusing domestic servants. Such abuse included withholding of food, beatings and other physical abuse, and rape (see Section 5). The Government's figures for 1999 stated that 7,000 maids fled their place of employment, and the actual number presumably was higher. In 2001 the media reported additional stories of such incidents. The authorities in some cases forced such maids to return to their places of employment.

"Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to work unless they have permission from a male relative, states Human Rights Watch. They are not allowed to drive, such is their second-class status. But for the imported maids, there is little redress when they are assaulted or raped by their Saudi employers.

Go read the rest.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jews Encouraged To
"Embrace Christian
Evangelical Support"

From an artile by Schmuley Boteach, in the Jerusalem Post (with thanks to Olivia):

How can a tiny nation, often hated wherever it resides, possibly survive? This has been the paramount question governing Jewish existence for two millennia.

First, the Romans decimated and exiled the Jews from their land. Then Christianity claimed to have replaced the Jewish religion itself as the true Israel. How could a nation so displaced continue? Three solutions have traditionally been offered for the survival of the Jewish people:
  • The religious solution - Jews survive only through adherence to their tradition.
The Zionist solution - Jews can survive only with a country of their own.
  • The miraculous solution - Jewish survival is a mystery, a supra-rational sign of God's providence.

  • For the first time in history there is a fourth and highly potent medium for Jewish survival: non-Jews.

    That's right, the one group traditionally identified as the single greatest threat to our continuity is becoming one of the chief guarantors thereof. Specifically, believing Christians are taking it upon themselves to ensure the survival and prosperity of the Jewish people in general, and of Israel in particular.

    TO BETTER understand this development we must first take a look back at history.

    For thousands of years other nations have appreciated what best-selling author Thomas Cahill has referred to as The Gifts of the Jews. The Jews have been credited for contributing to civilization its most important building-blocks, including God, the Ten Commandments, the infinite worth of the human person, morality and messianism.

    But while the nations loved the ideas of the Jews, they divorced those ideas from the nation who originated them, co-opted the ideas, then claimed them as their own.

    Both Christianity and Islam, even as they based their own faiths on Jewish principles, went so far as to persecute the Jews as unworthy and hypocritical bearers of the message. The Jews, in non-Jewish opinion, were not essential to the message of ethical monotheism they initiated. It could be carried on without them, perhaps even flourish better in their absence.

    Some groups even went further, not only coopting Jewish ideas but claiming to have become the new, or real Israel in the Jews' place. Muslims claim to be the real seed of Abraham through Ishmael, as opposed to his lesser son, Isaac. Black Hebrews claim to be the original 10 lost tribes of Israel, and the Mormons espouse the idea that they are Israel, and Utah is the new Zion.

    AND WHAT of the original Jews? Well, they gave us God. Fantastic! But, like a withered older mother who has already delivered her baby, the carrier was rendered superfluous.

    In recent years Christians have been taking a new look at the Jewish people and determining that without the nation God originally chose to be the carriers of ethical monotheism the message itself is diminished. There can be no redemption that is not inspired by the inclusion of God's chosen people.

    Evangelical Christians cite biblical passages such as God's promise to Abraham: "I will bless those who bless thee," and the Psalmist's beautiful plea: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may they prosper who love you," (Psalm 122). And any functional diminishing of God's chosen people on the earth would be a functional diminishing of God's light in our world, say the evangelicals.
    Thus originated a movement of non-Jews to support, and even fund Jews in need and to rally to the call of the imperiled Jewish state, surrounded as it is by a multitude of enemies that cry daily for its destruction.

    How can Israel survive as a tiny democracy in a hostile sea of Arab tyranny? And with Jewish numbers declining throughout the world, how can Diaspora communities influence their respective governments to support Israel, or indeed even fund their local responsibilities when their donor base grows smaller each year?

    No doubt, the fact of pitifully low Jewish numbers must finally be addressed through a vastly increased Jewish birthrate. But the new answer must be Christian love and support for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

    A CASE in point is the ground-breaking work of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Thirty years ago, Rabbi Eckstein bucked the trend in Jewish organizations and started building bridges to evangelical Christians. He endured withering criticism and personal attack by those whose shortsighted vision saw in evangelical Christians enemies rather than friends.

    But today the IFCJ is one of the foremost providers for Jews in need contributing close to $100 million per year to Jewish immigration, resettlement and social welfare projects in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and abroad.

    The Fellowship has sponsored the rescue of Jews in Arab countries, Ethiopia, France and elsewhere, and has provided treatment and long-term medical care to Israeli terror victims. It was especially active in the recent war in Lebanon, initiating massive aid programs for the imperiled residents of northern Israel. Through the Fellowship, evangelical Christians are sponsoring food packages, home care and medical assistance, as well as heating and fuel for elderly Jews in Israel and abroad.

    My own life-long work of building Jewish bridges to non-Jews, especially religious Christians, has led me to join Eckstein in furthering evangelical support for Israel, and it is time others in the community overcame their skepticism of Christian support for Israel and accepted that while the two faith communities have substantial issues on which they will always disagree, on the most important issue, the survival of God's chosen people, we are in perfect harmony.

    A Piece
    For Peace

    This is one peace rally in which I will gladly participate:

    Global Orgasm against Bush
    From the desk of
    Elaib Harvey on Sun, 2006-11-19 15:56

    At last a way to stop Islamofascism, war, earthquakes and President George W Bush. The Global Orgasm is obviously the way.

    The idea seems to be if countless millions are reaching a state of sexual ecstasy simultaneously on Friday 22nd of December then world peace will break out, Bush will indeed discover that Osama is quite a cute fellow after all, and that nasty fellow Ahmedinejad in Tehran will discover that the Isrealis are utter sweethearts.

    This is the First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, leading up to the December Solstice of 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning.For pity’s sake they even have a page pretending to prove the science – hosted at Princeton University!!

    Global piece?