Saturday, January 06, 2007

France Gets It -
The Rest Of The World?
Not So Much

Ok, so the Baker Commission's Iraq Study Report insisted that solving the Middle East Conflict was the key to solving the problems in Iraq. The whole Arab world insists that the Middle East Conflict is the reason for terrorism. Much of Europe believes this. Much of America believes it too.

But, France doesn't?

Kick me in the shins, I think I'm dreaming:

An official report published recently by the French government says that resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not bring an end to the threat of global terrorism.

The report, named “Internal Security vs. Terror Threats” is an official publication of the French government. The report says that “since Europe is closer and more accessible to the Middle East than the United States, it serves as an alternative to anyone seeking to attack the “distant enemy.” Europe contains a variety of appropriate targets, some of which are connected with the United States and with Israel, and a strike on one or more of these targets would draw huge international attention.”

In addition, the report says, Europe has a large population of Muslim immigrants which creates an area where there is direct contact with the conflict areas.

The report also says that “some of the conflicts in the Middle East are mentioned extensively in the rhetoric uttered by the Islamist terrorists. However, the resolution of these conflicts would have no effect on ending global terror, which is functionally disconnected from these conflicts.”

Uh, wow!