Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey Iran, Yo Mamma Do Me Like That

My friend Epaminondas, from the excellent blog Villagers With Torches, postulates that, perhaps, George Bush has something up his sleeve vis a vis Iran:

Is something up?

Before the speech, additional naval forces head to the gulf.

Centcom gets an admiral as chief.Bush warns the Iranians and Syrians.

We raid a building in Irbil and take away equipment and 6 Iranians, and the Iranian foreign minister goes whacko over it, two weeks after arresting 6 more Iranians in the house of Az Al Hakim, some of whom turn out to have diplomatic immunity, but found there with some unsavory items, leading to uncomfortable conclusions.

Bush announces the departure of Patriot missile where, and why?

Israel, KSA, and others in the gulf HAVE Patriots to shoot down ballistic missile attacks? Does Iraq? And there is only ONE source from which we need to protect against ballistic missile barrages.

Someone leaks an IDF plan to nuke Iranian underground nuke facilities to the Times of London, WHY?Are we about to begin a strategy to provoke Iran?

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