Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Springtime For Hitler

From Atlas Shrugs:

Is it me or is the news becoming more disgusting and at lightening speed? The jihad is out of control and the West is out to lunch. AhmadJihadmidget's "advisor" is claiming Hitler's muhtuh was a Jewish whore ...hmmmm, was she a titty blogger too? Just askin. Apparently, the Jew haters have delivered their latest Jew hating fiction to the Muslim world -Adolf Hitler's parents were both Jewish and that Hitler himself was one of the founders of the State of Israel. More here.

Is all this fiery bile, Iran vows to 'humiliate' U.S. here, the preamble to the mahdi's return this Spring perhaps? Here is the Iran website heralding the 'Mahdi' by springtime .

State media: Shiite messiah to kill archenemy in Jerusalem, may arrive during next equinox. "The World toward Illumination," that the Mahdi will form an army to defeat the enemies of Islam in a series of apocalyptic battles, in which the Mahdi will overcome his archvillain in Jerusalem.

Springtime for Hitler -

Over at the MEMRI blog here

Mohammad Ali Ramin, Advisor to Iranian President Ahmadinejad: "Hitler Was Jewish"
In a December 28, 2006 interview with the Iranian website Baztab, which is affiliated with Iranian Expediency Council Secretary Mohsen Rezai, Iranian Presidential Advisor Mohammad Ali Ramin said that Hitler was Jewish, and that Hitler's policies were aimed at bringing about the establishment of a Jewish state. Ramin added that Hitler acted under the influence of his powerful Jewish associates and in cooperation with Britain, since the latter shared his desire to force the Jews out of Europe.(1)

Ramin was recently appointed secretary-general of the new "world foundation for Holocaust Studies" established at the Iranian Holocaust Denial Conference in December.(2)
The following are excerpts from the interview:(3)

Adolf Hitler... Developed an Aversion to Judaism Because His Mother Was a Jewish Whore
"The Bolshevik Soviet government in Lenin's time, and later, in Stalin's – both of whom were Jewish, though they presented themselves as Marxists and atheists... – was one of the forces that, until the Second World War, cooperated with Hitler in promoting the idea of establishing the State of Israel. A book that was published about this... – titled Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel by Hennecke Kardel, a German born in 1922 – proves that Hitler was Jewish, and that his grandmother was a Jewish prostitute. [Hitler's] father went by his mother's Jewish name until he was 40, and later changed his surname to Hitler.

"Adolf Hitler himself developed an aversion to Judaism because his mother was a Jewish whore. He first received [negative] information about the Jews in an Austrian monastery, (the book presents details and pictures of it), and from then on, he [tried] to escape his Judaism.
"Thus... Hitler simultaneously developed both feelings of solidarity with Judaism and feelings of hatred towards it, and this emotional ambivalence shaped his behavior towards the Jews.

On the one hand, his entire family, the people who shared his views, and his associates who brought him into power and stood by him to the last – including his lovers and his personal doctor – were [all] Jewish.

On the other hand, he welcomed the policy of expelling the Jews from Central Europe for two other reasons: Firstly, the establishment of a Jewish government in Palestine was an aspiration of the rich and influential Jews who surrounded him. Secondly, exiling the Jews from Europe and Germany was a general and historical demand of the Western Christian nations. With the full support of the British, and in coordination with them, Hitler addressed this general demand and [thereby] managed to gain widespread popularity in Europe. Obviously, publishing writings and information of this sort is forbidden in Germany and in the West...

"The Zionists recently... destroyed many documents and papers pertaining to the period before the war, which contained authentic statistics and figures regarding the Jews, such as how many Jews there were, where they [lived] and how they operated. One of the places that was destroyed completely and burned [to the ground] – and which... contained the most valuable documents pertaining to this matter – was the [building of] the newspaper Pravda, which had been published in Moscow for 80 years. On February 10, 2006, the building was set ablaze, and its entire archive, with all its back issues and photographs, was burned and destroyed, and not a trace of it was left. Nobody – not a single news agency anywhere in the world – investigated this historical crime or discussed it extensively..."