Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New Dark Age Is Dawning
Why The West
May Lose WWIII

From Reliapundit, at the Astute Bloggers (note: "A New Dark Age Is Dawning" is the name of an important book by the great Mark Alexander. You can get it at Amazon):


There's a war. It involves two sides.

One is willing to commit ANY atrocity, kill any number of people using any means they have at their disposal. And they are willing to accept any number of casualties - even use suicidal attackers willing to commit genocidal murder. And, they are willing to fight for decades if not centuries. No matter the costs.

The other side is not willing to commit any unnecessary collateral damage, and even warns the other side before a counter-attack. This side has much more powerful weapons, but will not use them. And they are not willing to accept comparatively low numbers of casualties, nor accept a number of casualties which is historically low. And they don't want to fight in any one location for more than a few years. And they expect to win and then change centuries old ethos of their foes in the same period of time.

So, i a war between these two side...


The other side. The enemy. The jihadoterrorists are gonna win unless the entire West adapts its ethos of war - and decides it's gonna stop fighting this war using half-measures and GO ALL-OUT FOR VICTORY.

Half of the West has rejected war since WW1. (More on this HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.) The costs of WW1 were so high and so demoralizing that many people came to reject modernity and seek a post modern ethos - one which rejected capitalism, nationalism, and Judeo-Christian traditionalism - because they were blamed for WW1.

These people - post modernists - embraced transnational multi-lateralism, cultural and moral relativism, and pacifism. These are the people of the Left. They are Fifth Column for the enemy because they make it nearly impossible for the ENTIRE West to unite and deafeat our utterly ruthless and totally committed foes.

WW2 would have been lost except for Churchill - who unlike the rest of post modern Europe - wouldn't surrender to Nazism.

Go read the whole thing. We are in big trouble, my friends, unless we drastically change how we are fighting this battle.

Everyone's resting easy thinking our civilization can't disappear. If you don't think civilization can disappear think of what happened in New Orleans last year. It does not take much for the scales to tip into complete chaos. One nuclear weapons detonated in one of our cities could turn the citizenry completely against each other.

And, if you don't think the Jihadoterrorists would use a nuclear weapon on us, then you are living in a dream world.

Our governments had better start fighting this war or the likelihood that multiple civil wars will break out across the West will continue to increase.