Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Kyoto

Why did George Bush refuse to sign the Kyoto Protocols? You will remember he was called everything from evil to stupid for his refusal. Well, check this out:

Europe's latest folly, the purchase of Kyoto Credits from Putin's Russia.

The mystery deepens. Turning the newspaper page, we find that, under demented Kyoto arrangements, Germany’s Dresdner Bank is now brokering an arrangement by which European companies will pay 15 billion euros to the corrupt and autocratic Russian state monopoly, Gazprom, in return for “carbon credits” to continue selling oil and gas to European customers on the open market.

This money in turn will help Russia’s dark, authoritarian regime to invest further in its ability to hold Europeans who depend on Russian heating oil through the winter to ransom when it has political demands.

... here's some more information about this ridiculous situation.European nations agreed to the "Kyoto" process, and have set carbon emissions limits for themselves. In order to exceed those limits, they are going to buy "credits" from Russia.

The "credits" are a fictional device. The Europeans are buying permission to pollute -- from Russia, the most polluted country in Europe.

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