Friday, January 26, 2007

UN Approves
A Resolution

This is an appropriate response to Iran's Holocaust Denial Conference. In my opinion, a person, organization, or government who participates in such nonesense ought to be condemned, not brought up on charges. They ought to be shouted down, derided and laughed out of decent socieyt, but not thrown in jail.

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech.

Anyway, here's the article from Little Green Footballs:

The United Nations General Assembly has unanimously approved a resolution condemning Holocaust denial.

Unanimously except for Iran, of course. (Although I’d wager that several other OIC countries would have objected too, if they thought they could avoid the political fallout.)

The UN General Assembly approved unanimously a bill to condemn Holocaust denial, with only Iran rejecting it as an attempt by the United States and Israel to exploit the atrocity for their political interests.

The bill was proposed by the US delegation to the UN. No vote was taken on the bill as no objection by any member of the UN was registered in the council.

“Only by studying objectively what happened in the past, can we ensure that such crimes will never be repeated again,” said Iranian delegate Hossein Gharibi. “The seriousness and sincerity of this endeavor would be indeed undermined by rendering political judgments on such events and closing the door to any inquiry on their characteristics, scope and extent.”

The Israeli delegate to the UN Dan Gillerman responded to the Iranian delegate’s comments, saying that Iran was in the process of acquiring weapons of mass destruction at the same time the rest of the world was concerned that events like the Holocaust would not reoccur.

“While the nations of the world gather here to affirm the historicity of the Holocaust with the intent of never again allowing genocide, a member of this assembly is acquiring the capabilities of carrying out its own,” said Gillerman. “The president of Iran is in fact saying, ‘There really was no Holocaust, but just in case, we shall finish the job.”’