Saturday, February 10, 2007

Killing The Jew

My friend Olivia sent me this beautiful Christian Praise song about Jerusalem, and it's Savior Yeshua.

But, I can not post such a video, or song, without acknowledging that we Christians have let our brothers in Abraham down.

So, here, from Schindler's List, is the music

I Could Have Done More

Think, nails were driven into Christ's hands and feet, and all the sins of the millenia were dropped upon His Soul, like an atomic bomb, and He bore that for us.

And, He was a Jew.

We owe the Jews everything, and we have done nothing but let them down.

What kind of Bride are we to Christ?

With all that in mind, here is the Christian Praise Song about Jerusalem.

Pray for Peace for Jerusalem, but also pray for forgiveness for the fact that we all participated in driving the nails into Christ's hands and feet.