Tuesday, March 20, 2007

America's Thankless Job

From African Path:

The United States of America is a great country and she is doing immense positive things to people of all colours around the world. Nonetheless, America is still vilified, even by those you never expected. To refresh the memories of the many modern day Thomas, they might have seen or watch on their Television screens, from stations that cared to broadcast it, or read in papers that cared to print and publish, the sad but true stories from the north east African state of Egypt. It was the sad story of 20 Sudanese, killed some two years ago by Egyptian police men in Cairo. If those Sudanese were in the United States, the US Police won’t have treated them inhumanely as the Egyptian Police did. And yet, those calling the US all sorts of names were cherry picking the words to use to denounce the audacious atrocities of the Egyptians police force.

Interestingly or not, those Sudanese who were humiliated and 20 lost their dear lives, wanted to go to the United States, the land of freedom, equality and great expectations coated with hope. This simply means that, the US is not exactly a nightmarish country with devilish imperialist policies as Hugo Chavez, the demagogue president of Venezuela and others are portraying her to be. For if the US was reduced to only the negative things that sadly even some Americans and in chief, the Democrats are always claiming, people the world over will not be thronging to her, as it is currently the case. Even the hordes of Latin Americans who are now demonstrating on the George W. Bush tour of the region and are shamelessly and stupidly comparing him to Adolf Hitler, are in their numbers wanting to go the US.

Why is the US, in spite everything attractive? The answer is simple; it is mostly because of America’s unique charitable image abroad. But it is also this positive image of the US, which, many with malicious equanimity, wants to drag in the mud. Egyptians authorities are known to violate human rights with impunity and two years ago also, they did launched an operation code name: clear away all blacks, a discriminative policy hidden to the world by the syndicate of the dominant doom and gloom media, in part for fear of irritating a Muslim country, that is also renowned for persecuting its other minorities: the Christians.

Examples of US help to the Arabic and Islamic world

It spites all its flaws; Egypt remains a big beneficiary of American open-handedness. In genuine terms, the US offers tons of subsidised Wheat annually to the Egyptians and also bankrolled its Army to the tune of $ 1.8 billion yearly. Even so, walk down the streets of Cairo and you will cringe at the despicable things voiced out from the mouths of ordinary Egyptians against the US. However, they could be forgiven, for they are largely illiterates and thus easily manipulated. What is unacceptable though is that, the blackmail of the US also comes from the mouths of the clique despots ruling the country.

More so, the corrupt Egyptian ruling cliques are those really profiteering from American tax payer’s monies given them yearly, courtesy of the successive US governments (Democrats or Republicans). There are also some people who even go the extra mile of claiming that the US is against Muslims. A fallacy only propagated and supported by all those who want to see the back of America. To refresh their collective memories, they have to read honestly and they will discover that, if Algeria, a Muslim country located in North Africa is an independent state today, it is not because of the pressures the French received from the rag tag rebellion of the FLN (Front de liberation Nationale) also known as “Mojahedines”, it was the pressures that the US government mounted on the French government led by General Charles De Gaulle.

Any way, the records are there to proof that, the French paramilitary called the OAS and the French regular army, had by 1958 pacified Algeria and quelled the Algerian rebellion, led by the FLN. It was because of American pressure that, the French grudgingly gave up Algeria in 1962. In addition, if there is peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina today, which is a majority Muslim enclave in Eastern Europe, that the Serbs and Croats wanted crushed from 1992 , it is not because of the moribund European Union, it thanks to the US government. The country that stopped the combined Anglo-French invasion of the Suez Canal in 1956 after it was nationalised by Colonel Gamal Abdul Nasser was still that of the United States.

However, in a world and region known to give hero status to manipulators and liars and death sentences to honest people, it was no surprise that, the man who self-styled himself as leader of pan Arabism, did transform all his failures into success. Without American pressure the Israeli Defence Force in 1973, would have driven the Egyptian Army to the Sudanese and Libyan borders. The list of US aid to Muslims and Muslim nations is too long and one wonders where some people find the effrontery to disparage the US. The other beneficiary of American generosity is kingdom of Jordan; she receives annually from the sum of US $ 1 billion direct financial aids. Do all these generosities look like the US is discriminative toward Muslims?

Even the kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefits from US generosity. Yet one America’s most lethal enemy is a Saudi native. The Saudi Kingdom is what she is today not because of Islam but because of American and British support. For records, the Americans are not helping because of Oil as a certain popular notions want the world to think and believe. Some 40 thousand and 30 thousand Americans and British expatriates are in the kingdom to run her economy without their presence; Saudi Arabia will go back to her medieval past.

Flabbergasted anti-Americanism

While ignoring firmly the ranting of pleasure seeking and freelance demonstration eager youths of Western Europe, who are ready to always go down the street to vent their anger against America, it is primordial to remind them that, without the Anglo-Americans help; they would have today been speaking German and languishing under Nazi millennia rule. Western European youths would do well to instead utter and focus their anger against their incompetent leaders, who love cows more than Human beings and who are not capable to give them jobs. Although there is no small anti-Americanism as some may want to think, the most irksome aspects of American hatred are those professed by some European politicians. One is always flabbergasted at the level of anti-Americanism in some western European countries (1). It is simply shocking to hear some Europeans leaders speak.

One of them was Gerhard Schroeder alias Mobutu who identifies well with Jacques Chirac in two or three things: their love for power, their hatred for America and their management deficiencies that have ruined the economies of their collective countries. The apologists of Mobutu Schroeder may deny, but his actions will certainly contradict even his most ardent fan. He was against the campaign to drive away the butcher of Baghdad from power, under clumsy reasons and used anti-American rhetoric to win elections. This is a man who had the courage to call Vladimir Putin the dictator president of the Russian Federation a flawless democrat. In making such declarations, Mobutu Schroeder was shameless ignoring the Russian atrocities in the break away Republic of Chechnya located in the Caucasus.
Ironically Mobutu Schroeder and his friend Vladimir Putin did challenged the Iraqi war, pretending that it will cause hardship, forgetting that during the 35 years of reign of Mr Saddam Hussein Al Tikiriti, Iraq was a laboratory of human right violations. Yet that type clairvoyance from Mr Schroeder was never placed or manifested against the governments of Russia and Sudan. The reason why Schroeder pampered the current Tsar of Russia has now been made clear. Less than a month after he painfully left office was offered the post of chairman of a Russian Oil/ Gas company called North West European Gas Pipeline Company. This company is currently building a $ 4 billion pipeline between Russia and Germany (2).

Has that news made headlines or any ripples in the Press? Had it been it was the wrong kind of American, that is a Republican or any person, who even had a hand shack with Mr Bush who got the current post of the former German chancellor; it would have made an earthquake in the Press. The US makes great effort to help the world and she is only supported by a divinely given friend called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But, with the coming up stream of Eastern European countries such as Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, the US will have new reliable allies. The US and UK governments are both united to bring peace and democracy in the Greater Middle East and the world over and also give hope to the hopeless. In all these good deeds people keep on whacking the US.

An indispensable World helper

Paradoxically, when America fails to act, there is an out cry. President Bush has made it very clear that, preventive action was the only remedy to stall tyrants and rogue states from endangering their neighbours and the world. It is in this light that, the Americans were ready to stop the Iranians and their desires to have the A bomb with the sole aim to destroy Israel. However, the Europeans or three countries within the European Union decided to parley with the Mullahs in Tehran, they had forgotten the adage: “spare the rod spoil the child”. Today Iran is defiant and has vowed to continue to develop the A bomb and also to destroy Israel. The other roguish state in the region with a tyrannical rule is Syria; her targeted killing of Christians and journalists of the same faith in Lebanon goes on unabated simply because America does not want to act.

When the US went to Afghanistan to flush out the medieval government of the Taliban there were some who cried, but now America wants to reduce her troops and have asked others to take up larger share of the responsibility, but there is an out cry. More France is even withdrawing her troops in Afghanistan. The lead vocalists against America are those so-called Peace activists who are in reality merchants of illusions who privately appreciate America but publicly decry and tarnishes her noble job around the world.

Tell a Shiite or Kurdish Iraqi or even a southern Sudanese to accept those audacious and odious statements peddle around against America, he/she will have the one uttering such statements for supper, for they know and appreciates the true loving America, that is ignored and ridiculed by some Liberals (US Democrats included) and Islamists today. America is a great country and it must be made known without any fear or shame.