Friday, March 23, 2007


From my friend, the great Eavesdropper at Maverick News Media:

If the passengers on Flight 93 had somehow been able to take control of the plane and kept it from crashing, I suspect CAIR would have considered suing them.

I suspect CAIR would have claimed that the passengers were not allowing the muslims onboard to conduct their freedoms of religion. I suppose they would have said the passengers were overreacting and a bunch of Islamophobes.

CAIR would have said the muslim passengers were exemplary and energetic members of their communities who were being humiliated and victimized.

CAIR would probably have said that these good muslim were models of interfaith and ethnic understanding, that they were peaceful and wanted only to educate the general public about Islam and that they represented the very best of Islamic and American values.

And all the passengers that fought and said, "Let's Roll" would have been called racists and bullies and accused of stopping decent young muslims from pursuing their dreams.

A CAIR lawyer would probably say it pains him tremendously to see these muslims being smeared and he would wonder how the passengers could have such a misconception about these "bridge-builders".

He would probably say how much work is still needed to overcome the fear and hate mongering that have been heaped on "groups of US citizens" (muslims) simply because of race, religion, or national origin.

The lawyer would ask us to join CAIR and reach out across the divides to strengthen the ties of human friendship and equality.

In the meantime, six imams are walking around carefree and easy while our fellow citizens, heroes really, are being sued for reporting suspicious terrorist activity.

Yes, CAIR's suit is intended to stop the heroic passengers on Flight 93. To make them wait for the authorities, or the military, and if they had, the terrorists and their plane would have hit it's intended target of the White House or the Capital.