Monday, March 26, 2007

Condoleeza Rice Says,
The Halt of
Jewish Immigration
To Israel
Is One of Two
Key Arab
For Engaging
The Jewish State
In Peace Talks?

Is this story true? It's from Debka which is know for not being highly accurate. If it is true, what the hell right do we, the United States, or anyone, have to tell Israel who and who not to let live in their country?

DEBKAfile reports: Condoleezza Rice sells Israeli PM Ehud Olmert her Middle East initiative - The halt of Jewish immigration to Israel is one of two key Arab pre-conditions for engaging the Jewish state in peace talks

March 26, 2007, 11:27 PM (GMT+02:00)

Earlier Monday, the US secretary of state called off the Monday night press conference to launch her initiative. Instead, she held a second round of talks with Olmert to overcome his objections. He finally succumbed to the creation of a US-Arab-Israeli mechanism forace talks based on the resolutions reached at the Arab League summit convening in Riyadh March 28-29.
The summit will approve the Saudi peace plan without any of the modifications requested by Israel.

Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni, whom Rice met earlier in the day, spent hours hammering the phrasing for presenting their concession to the US secretary, without being seen to have abandoned the Middle East roadmap, which is the central plank of this Israeli government's foreign and peace policy.

They decided that Rice would term the Israel-Arab diplomatic track a preface to the roadmap's implementation. The US secretary argued that Israel has nothing to lose by engaging Arab representatives and would only improve its image. Olmert asked for the encounters to take place at the senior level of foreign ministers, in order to convince the public that his government had not been browbeaten into a concession contrary to national interests. But Rice could not make this promise. US-Israeli discussion on the framework for Israeli and Arab delegates to meet will continue.

But in Riyadh, meanwhile, the preliminary conference of Arab foreign ministers has already determined the mechanism and forum for the talks with Israel. They have opted for the UN Security Council and Middle East Quartet as sponsors, convinced that both bodies are powerful enough to impose a settlement on Israel. The US Secretary informed Olmert that she does not support this demand.

Regarding the Saudi peace plan, Israeli opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu rejected the clause calling for the return of Palestinian refugees as a threat to Israel's existence.

Arab foreign ministers drafting summit resolutions demanded the refugees' return to their pre-1948 homes and rejected any prospect of settling Palestinian refugees in any Arab state. They also demanded the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Arab sources reveal that the two conditions will be incorporated in the final resolutions approved by the Arab League summit in Riyadh on Thursday.

1. Israel must halt Jewish immigration so that the Israelis leaving the country or revoking their citizenship are not replaced by newcomers.

2. The international community must condemn Israel's High Court of Justice for authorizing targeted assassination of Palestinians in cases of security threats. Arab justice ministers will lobby international judicial bodies to elicit this condemnation.