Friday, April 20, 2007

Was The Virginia Tech Killer A Jihadi?

I think it is very likely he believed himself to be doing the work of a Jihadi (from Atlas Shrugs):

I know everyone is dismissing the glaring Ismail Ax angle of the massacre and calling the depraved murderer Cho, but it seems to me that if this savage wrote (or tattooed, still unclear) Ismail Ax on his arm, signed his suicide note Ismail Ax , sent an overnight package from A Ishmail, made sure he had no other ID on his person after he martyred himself , you can be damn sure he wanted to be remembered as Ismail Ax. Shaving his head and from what I can see in his pictures and martyr video- his body, must have added to law enforcement's suspicions which is why it so curious that they would say so early on that horrible day that "it was not tied to terrorism."

It also seems pretty obvious that law enforcement delayed releasing his name because they did not want to release "Ismail" even though that was all they had for the better part of the day and that was their very first clue . But they wouldn't release it. They waited a full day, an entire day, to release his name.

Everyone is quick to jump on the link to James Fenimore Cooper's novel "The Prairie " meme where Ishmael Bush is known as an outcast and outlawed warrior. It's the drug of choice and most everyone is comfortable with that link. Moby Dick has been bantered about y as well. But mentioning the thirde rail, the Quran or Islam, and they'll cut your throat (metaphorically.) If you saw the level of vitriol and hate directed at me when I merely asked what Ismail Ax meant, it would stun you - hence the comment moderation.

It reminds me of CAIR's lawsuit against the Jane and John Does in the Flying Imam debacle. It's not the lawsuit. The objective is to shut people up. CAIR has been noticeably quiet in the Ismail Ax affair.

There is much we don't know and won't know. I would love to hear what Ismail Cho was about to say when he declared "brothers and sisters!" before NBC edited that tape ................ and while I don't think he had serious affiliations, there is clearly a sort of punk jihad thing happening. The title of his file were telling;

Now, check this out, here are the titles he chose for his various video files:

Their titles are varied and hard to match with their content: “all of You”, “am al qaeda”, “anti terror”, “as time appr”, “blood of inno”, “congrad”, “could b victim”. The rambling comments are those of an angry young man who felt persecuted, who felt that the world is against him, who felt he was a victim of personal terrorism.

More here.

The Islamists are already claiming him as one of their own.

James Lewis has an excellent source of Ismail angst over at The American Thinker: "Was Cho taught to hate?"

And Charles had this;

VT Killer: A Neo-Nazi Connection

One of the pictures received by NBC News from the Virginia Tech mass murderer suggests a neo-Nazi connection; with the heading, “The number of the Anti-Terrorist,” Cho drew the number “88”—a well-known neo-Nazi reference to the phrase “Heil Hitler.” (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.)

Cho also used the number 88 as .
Cho also used the number 88 as
the return address for the package he sent to NBC News.