Friday, May 18, 2007

British Comedian
Pisses Off Muslims
Oh Yes, And He Pisses Of
The MultiCulti Crowd
In Berkeley Too

My kind of guy:

"A British stand-up has been accused of spreading `racist hate speech' in California. Pat Condell has faced a barrage of criticism after links to his anti-Muslim monologue on YouTube were circulated to commissioners in the city of Berkeley.

In the five-minute video, Condell condemns Islam as a religion of war and its prophet Mohammad as `some rambling ancient desert nomad with a psychological disorder'. He attacks fundamentalist men as `primitive pigs whose only achievement in life is to be born with a penis is one hand and a Koran in the second' and accuses women who wear veils of their own will of being `mentally ill'.

....Commissioner Michael Sherman said Condell's views were `stunning' because of his `stereotyping and bigotry of the tone and the language'. And commissioner Elliot Cohen called the tape `insulting, degenerating and racist'.....Condell, an atheist, has released a number of monologues on the internet, criticising all religions. The anti-Islamic video has been seen almost 16,000 times on YouTube and more than 190,000 times on another file sharing site, LiveLeak.