Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Globalization Of Islamofascism:
A Leftist Critique Of Islamic Extremism

Ali Eteraz - a Muslim apologist/reformist who used to be a cohort of mine over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, until my fellow Infidels chased him away with their persistent belligerence - has written an interesting piece over at the leftie blog, The Huffington Post.

In this article Eteraz states his admiration for Noam Chomsky and his "theory of dissent", which as far as I can tell consists of nothing more than laying the blame for all the problems of the world squarely on the United States government. But, my disagreements with Chomsky are neither here nor there.

Instead, the reason I call your attention to this article from Eteraz is because, in it, he is calling for the left to expand their notion of dissent to include the criticism of extremist Islam. Check it out (hat tip to Pamela at Atlas Shrugs):

I am writing to say that the theory of dissent which has so long served
Professor Chomsky, and allowed him to cast such a shadow upon the world, though
still necessary, is no longer sufficient.

It is not true what his
critics say. He does not dissent too much. Rather, if Professor Chomsky will
accept a rejoinder from a meager youth: he does not dissent enough.

cannot deign to list his contributions because their importance can be assumed
by simply asserting that they exist.

Yet, the fact is that today,
globalization, which Chomsky always said was the handmaiden of neo-liberalism,
and a construction of powerful Western governments, has an equally sordid evil
twin, and this is the globalized monstrosity of extremely extreme extremist
Islam. By the way, when I talk about extremists, I am not referring to
terrorists alone. Would it were that this globalized undercurrent of violence
was merely political!

There exists
today a form of globalized lifestyle and cultural extremism galvanized and
organized and idealized by millions. This extremism, where it is not suffocating
art, scholarship, freedom and love, it is murdering, killing, and beating to
death. It must be identified and spoken out against with the same gusto reserved
for neo-imperialism and corporatism. Dissent against all three is not
inconsistent as they each mutually feed one another and leave vast numbers of
human beings without a voice, without life.

just read that in Kurdistan a Yezidi girl was
to death
with bricks to her head because she loved a Sunni boy;
meanwhile security forces watched and people made videos on cell phones. I just
read that Egyptian hardliners hold parties where the works of jurists like Abu
el Fadl - who writes about the
for Beauty in Islam
- are burnt. I just read that the Taliban "Book of
contains exhortations to kill school-teachers, which is
usually accomplished by disemboweling. I just talked to a police officer from a
Muslim country who recalled to me instances of boys raped upon stacks of Qurans
by heads of religious institutions. I spoke with small business owners in a
Muslim country who are regularly extorted by their religious leaders. I
just read that
Hezbollah is now operating in South America (quite distant from Lebanon, no?),
recruiting and drug-running like common thugs, and
have known this
since 2002. I just read of "ninjabis" in Pakistan -
veiled women who with sticks and rage
beat brothel
, music store owners and video store clerks. I just read of Iranian
police officers
who kick and beat women for daring to wear
earrings. I just read that in some places (Saudi Arabia) women are being beaten
so they will wear the veil; in other places women are being beaten (Mogadishu)
so they will
not wear the

Read the whole thing.