Saturday, May 12, 2007

If This Is Peace Who Needs Jihad?

It is my opinion that many Muslims and organizations, media outlets, and academic institutions which represent the Islamic community are not peaceful, though they almost always insist they are. Instead, they are very skilled at adopting the rhethoric of "peace and justice" which has been developed by the Western left.

Here's an example of a Muslim for whom the adoption of such rhetoric didn't go so well in a time of need. In fact, he was on trial on terrorism charges:

When he began testifying at his own trial this week, a Florida doctor accused of pledging to support al-Qaida hoped to convince a jury that the FBI had it all wrong: He was a man of peace.

If that was the plan, then Rafiq Abdus Sabir had a disastrous day on the witness stand Friday.
Under cross examination, the Columbia University-trained physician was forced to acknowledge a history of family violence, a fascination with weapons and a belief that good Muslims should engage in armed jihad, or holy war.

U.S. Attorney Victor Hou asked Sabir about an audio tape, found at his house, in which a religious lecturer said God would “destroy the disbelievers.”

“That’s God’s word. I have to believe in it,” Sabir said.

They also discussed passages from religious books. One said Jews should be expelled from the Arabian peninsula. Another said Muslims are obligated to obey an imam who declares war against nonbelievers. Hou asked Sabir whether he agreed with both passages, and he said yes but added that Muslims are only required to follow such instructions from a legitimate religious authority.

Hou pressed him further: “You believe that you must participate in armed jihad, if you get a chance to?”

“Yes,” Sabir answered, but said only in a legitimate conflict.

Everyone take note, because this is the same thing that CAIR (the Council of American-Islamic Relations) does. It is the same thing Hamas, Fatah, Hizbollah, and the Muslim Council of Britain do as well.

Indeed, it is the same thing all Muslim governments do. Oh yes, and all Muslim media outlets, political organizations, and academic institutions of any appreciable size.

Like Sabir said, when asked if he believed God would destroy the unbelievers:

"That's what God said."

God said it, Muslims, in general, believe it, and that settles it.