Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Only
A Tiny Minority
Of People
Who Want
To Live
In The
Dark Ages

Check this out:

Overall, Muslim Americans have a generally positive view of the larger society. Most say their communities are excellent or good places to live.

A large majority of Muslim Americans believe that hard work pays off in this society. Fully 71% agree that most people who want to get ahead in the U.S. can make it if they are willing to work hard.

The survey shows that although many Muslims are relative newcomers to the U.S., they are highly assimilated into American society. On balance, they believe that Muslims coming to the U.S. should try and adopt American customs, rather than trying to remain distinct from the larger society. And by nearly two-to-one (63%-32%) Muslim Americans do not see a conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.

Muslim Americans reject Islamic extremism by larger margins than do Muslim minorities in Western European countries. However, there is somewhat more acceptance of Islamic extremism in some segments of the U.S. Muslim public than others. Fewer native-born African American Muslims than others completely condemn al Qaeda. In addition, younger Muslims in the U.S. are much more likely than older Muslim Americans to say that suicide bombing in the defense of Islam can be at least sometimes justified. Nonetheless, absolute levels of support for Islamic extremism among Muslim Americans are quite low, especially when compared with Muslims around the world.

A majority of Muslim Americans (53%) say it has become more difficult to be a Muslim in the U.S. since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Most also believe that the government “singles out” Muslims for increased surveillance and monitoring.

Relatively few Muslim Americans believe the U.S.-led war on terror is a sincere effort to reduce terrorism, and many doubt that Arabs were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
Just 40% of Muslim Americans say groups of Arabs carried out those attacks.

Media Spins/Spikes Disturbing Finding
That Quarter of American
Muslim Young Men Support Terrorism

From Ace of Spades:

I'd say that's the headline datum in the poll, wouldn't you?

Your very professional newsmedia knows better, however. They use their j-school expertise to find the truly important stuff in the poll.

Let's check the headlines, eh?

Poll: Most Muslims seek to adopt American lifestyle

Wow! "Most!" Awesome!

Personally, I'm a little bit more worried about the 26% of young Muslim males who want to kill me, but it's good to know that "most Muslims" seek to adopt the "American lifestyle." (Which may or may not involve killing Americans.)
Representative quote:

"This is a very positive story for the vast majority of Muslims," says Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center. "They're highly assimilated, and the largest proportion of their friends are not Muslims."


The survey "clearly shows that the American Muslim community is well integrated in our society," says Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C. "The overwhelming majority of American Muslims reject terrorism and religious extremism."

"Overwhelming majority." 26%-69% on the terrorism justified vs. never justified question amoung young Muslim American males.

Again, I was more hoping for something like a "unanimity."

I ask of Mr. Hooper: Would he feel relieved if I told him right now 69% of young non-Muslim males opposed, but 26% supported, killing you and fellow Muslims due to our anger at their foreign policy?

I don't think so. I think he'd call that "hatred" and "backlash."