Thursday, May 03, 2007

A New Definition
Of Death And
The End Of

Read this short news article from Science Daily and really think about the implications of the information it is presenting. (Thanks to Joe Citizen for sending this over).

PHILADELPHIA, May 1 (UPI) -- New evidence is emerging that clinical death doesn't begin a few minutes after a human heart stops pumping and can take as long as hours to occur.

Dr. Lance Becker, an authority on emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and also the director of the school's new Center for Resuscitation Science, told Newsday in its April 7 edition current resuscitation attempts to keep oxygenated blood moving to the brain could actually make death irreversible.

He said biologists are learning cells don't begin dying as quickly as thought but suspend themselves for hours. Worse for current treatment, flooding them with oxygen kills them, the report said.

Among tests being done are lowering the body temperature of a heart attack victim, deliberately suspending heart activity and using a heart-lung machine to keep the brain supplied with oxygen, he said.

A study at four hospitals, published last year by the University of California, showed 80 percent of just 34 heart attack patients who got such new treatment regimens left the hospital alive, the report said.

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Ok, if I am not mistaken, what is going on here is that Doctors have found that they are able to bring patients back to life after their brain waves have shut off.

Think about that! That means that when the brain shuts off it is like a computer which can be turned back on.

If I am not mistaken, the common scientific assumption has been that brain death occurs when brain waves cease to be active. This new study seems to refute that idea. If that is true that means that the information which we call our personality, or our mind, or our spirit, or soul, is actually in our brain software and only needs brain waves to flow through the body's nervous system.

The information (soul/spirit) is in the brain.

In my opinion, this would mean the beginning of the end of the idea of the duality of the mind and body.

It also would imply that that information could likely be reacessed and downloaded into another system (body or computer).

What is the future of death?