Friday, May 11, 2007

The Media Attempts To Ignore The Jihad Mickey Mouse

Why is it that, so often, the cartoon stories are among the biggest when it comes to Muslims? Banning Piglet, the Danish Mohammed Cartoons, and now the Palestinian Mickey Mouse who calls for death to the Jews, and for Islam to take over the world.

Yesterday, the Palestinian government announced little Jihad Mickey would no longer be on television. Within hours, we learned that that was not at all the case.

Wow, they almost pulled a fast one on us, huh?

Here's the video, for those of you who haven't seen it yet:

The other days, Glenn Beck was set to report on the Jihad Mickey story on his CNN show. But, CNN decided to participate in a coverup.

If you don't believe that is a coverup, then check out what Pamela has to say:

In this CNN clip video, they challenge the Memri translation of what is said, based upon CNN "translators".

The context doesn't fit the CNN "translation". Mickey Hamouse asks the girl on the phone : "what do we want to do?"...and her answer is "annihilate the Jews"...which fits the context of the question.

"Mickey" asks "What do we want to do (to liberate Al Aqsa)

Girl on camera says: ahna bidna... we want to)

and the girl on the phone (off camera) answers: harad al yahood (annihilate the Jews)
I got this translation from an Arabic speaking Israeli.And as I said, CNN's translation doesn't fit the context of the question asked of the girl on the phone.

Per CNN (who does not dispute the question "Mickey" asks);

"Mickey" : What do we want to do...?Girl on phone: "Jews are killing us" ( CNN "translation")
That makes no sense.

She's absolutely right.

Today, we find the Agence French Press (which is one of the three largest news distribution outlets in the world) is attempting to spin the Jihad Mickey story. Check this out:

Defiant Hamas TV airs resistance Mickey again.
AFP makes sure to emphasize that the evil mouse told children not to cheat on their exams. See? They’re just like us!

There isn’t a single word in this article about the Islamic supremacist messages that are a huge part of this show. They’re teaching children that Islam is going to take over the whole world, and the mainstream media are covering it up.

A Hamas-run television station defied Israel and the Palestinian
government on Friday by continuing to air a controversial children’s puppet show
with a Mickey Mouse lookalike preaching resistance.

Israel and Jewish groups have slammed the Al-Aqsa programme over
calls made by the copycat mouse named Farfur and by a little girl for resistance
against Israel and the United States, and for its overtly Islamist

Complete with Islamic songs and calls for cities in Israel to
return to Palestine, Friday’s episode apparently sought to prepare children for
their end-of-year examinations — with Farfur being told that cheating is

Asked why by an Al-Aqsa television reporter, he looked left and
right to see what his friends were writing and answered: “Because the Jews
destroyed my home and I left my books and notes under the rubble.”

“I’m calling on all children to read more and more to prepare for
exams because the Jews don’t want us to learn,” Farfur then said after being
told he had failed the test.

On Thursday, the chairman of the board of Al-Aqsa television, Fathi
Hamad, refused to bow to pressure to cull the “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” programme or
to doctor its content.

“This campaign of criticism is part of a plan orchestrated by the
West and the occupying power to attack Islam on the one hand and the Palestinian cause on the other,” he said.

We must ask ourselves, why is our media so intent on ignoring the facts of this case?