Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why Western
Art Is Unique,
And Why
Muslim Immigration
Threatens It

From Fjordman at the Brussels Journal:

I’d like to dwell on one aspect of Western culture that tends to be downplayed, but is quite important: We are the only culture in the history of mankind to develop realistic, faithful depictions of beings and matter in our
paintings and sculptures, rather than merely stylized depictions. We are also the only culture to invent a way to depict three-dimensional subjects in a two-dimensional format. A similar perspective was lacking in all other types of early art, be that Chinese or Japanese, Indian, Mesoamerican, African or Middle Eastern. This could conceivably be because the Western man has perceived space and spatial relationships in a different way than other men. Westerners are different, from a very long time back.

What does this mean for our civilization? We need to understand why
the West is so different from all other human cultures, and why it has produced
so many different results.

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