Friday, June 01, 2007

A Cry From Venezuela

My friend Lady Vorzheva sent this along to me. I wonder what, exactly, is going on.

Subject: conversation with my friend who is at UCAB in Caracas — if anyone can help get this to int’l media, please let me know!
2:50 PM . .: Kate theres a lot of police man surrounding my university
the situation its very very tense and surreal
me: hola, Julia
. .: hello,
keep an eye on UCAB
check the news
call univision
make someone publish something
me: have been watching it as much as possible today
2:51 PM . .: the students need support
we are kidnapped
me: where are you right now?
at the univ?
. .: at my university
inside an office just near by the entrance
where everything is happen
i have my hands painted with white
me: ok, am going to see what has been posted online just now
2:52 PM . .: the people is going out
or trying i think
2:53 PM I gotta come back outside to see whats going on
me: fuck, next wk i won’t be able to check a lot bc i’ll be in mexico on business
. .: seems like they are letting the people get out
me: yes, go
i’ll be here for another few hrs
i can give you my cel phone if you need anything, am more than happy to help
. .: right now , i just need international support right now
me: believe me, am working on it
. .: i have your skype, dont worry
gotta go
me: ok, perfect
talk with you soon
cuidate, chama
2:54 PM . .: no s{e ni por que{´te hable en ingles
estioy muy tensa
me: sisas, me imagino.. pues contactate conmigo cualquier cosas que necesites
This is an alert. Please, if you value freedom, repost this alert: Venezuelan Government has kidnapped the students inside the University. No one can enter or exit -from the above link-:
A police barrier of the Military Police is forbidding the students of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) as they wanted to demosntrate in front of the National Parliament. The Military Police has said that the students should wait till a MPs Commission who will receive a document. In this moments there are more gruops of students who are getting to the area in support of the rest.
The students have announced they will demostrate today at 11 in the La India Sq. to march till the Parliament. Major Bernal has announed them they do not have any permission to do that, but they have answered they will concentrate themselves just the same in the pavements without having the traffic interrupted. Globovisión has informed jsut now that Chávez’s supporters have just now began to get to the place and they have even set up some tents, from where they want to call on others to defend the revolution. But the students have begun to march whatever the menaces and protests and the advices from the Major about being forbidden.